Saturday, March 31, 2007


If you haven't seen Bloodz vs. Wolvez, or Wolvez vs. Bloodz, you are missing out. A great movie about how gang wars get started between vampires and werewolves, some fantastic lines and an actually semi decent actor who looks a lot like Method Man.
The movie really makes you wanna party like a Rock Star.

Da Shop Boyz - Rock Star [alt link]

You know who has got a really fucking hot album out? 8Ball and MJG do. We already posted Cruisin', but this track might even be hotter.

8Ball and MJG feat. Al Kapone - Memphis [alt link]

And on the non rap tip, PB&J.

Peter, Bjorn and John - Teen Love [alt link]

Friday, March 30, 2007


"Recieve a brain transplant every time you let yourself radiate approval without reining conditions all over it. Maybe you like your favorite entertainer because you never worry about what s/he thinks of you."
-the Biofeed

It's here.

Battles - Atlas (DJ Koze Remix) [alt link]

Battlespace (buy the new album)
Koze Bonus: The last cut off Cereal/Killers 02, Koze vs. Sid LeRock

DJ Koze vs. Sid LeRock - Keep it Simple, Stupid
[alt link]

All patterns lead to chaos, the last minute of this track floors me. Headed over to the Lava Room to catch DTL, hoping to bass out just one more time before I bite off this semester.

More Than Music

Dip Dip, Set Set. Everybody's favorite byrd gang seems like they all back on their shit. To be honest, I thought the movement was slipping for a little while, but with the C.U.R.T.I.S. fire in them, they seem back on track like they was a year and a half ago. While this is no Crunk Music, this track bangs

Duke Da God, Juelz Santana, JR Writer, Hell Rell - More Than Music [alt link]

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pop One, Pop Two, Two Halves, That's Three

One of TRP's favorites, Curtis Vodka remixed the hell out of Gucci Mane's Pillz, turning it into a hot electro banger, what some of you might call "rave," and what we jokingly refer to as "blog rave." Hot jam from the Alaskan.

Gucci Mane - Pillz (Curtis Vodka 3d Monsters Remix) [alt link]

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

cRisis and the cadamite

They've given up. The words 'fuck yeah' come to mind...

In other news, 90% of my friends are officially out of their gourds. If only they had that slurp slurp... the thunder generation has issues with positivity. Hang in there Pop Rawkus, keep listening to them are twenties and telling yourself how much you're the shit. Readers: give my boy some love, here or there, he might need it.

Caught Juiceboxxx, Dre Skull, and The Rub last night at dinky ass Webster Hall. What is up with that place? The ground was littered with Dunnys, hipster keychains, dayglo cardboard installations, and a very tall person in a 5 foot wide mutant rabbit costume. Then there was an open bar, but all they were serving was this, caffeinated P.I.N.K. vodka, its like a Red Bull + Vodka, but just in the vodka. What's funny is how many people continued to get Red Bulls and Vodka, even tho the Vodka was already essentially Red Bull. But hey, it was free, so slurp slurp.

"Anyone who's seen me live can tell you.... its ridiculous"
-Juiceboxxx, "Thunder Jam #1"

The manchild from Milwaukee held to his word. He spent the majority of his fantastic set in the arms of the crowd or with his feet firmly off the ground. I enjoyed myself a lot, the Boxxx, he actually has a lot of skill on the mic when the smoke clears from all the gimmicks. And Dre Skull is a fantastic DJ. Support them and buy this lovely 12" and be the coolest kid in skool.

Juiceboxxx - Thunder Jam #3
Juiceboxxx - Righteous Rage

I really want to up a vinyl rip of the Technics remix of Sweat, but alas, my LPs are 1000 miles away from me. Maybe next week. You should just buy the 12". 4 bangers and beautiful art.

Anyway, the dude only spit it for like 25 minutes, then came Ayres and Cosmo Baker, and- though I have INFINITE RESPECT for both of these DJs, and know that they are some of the best in the game right now- it was enough top forty rap to make me throw a d on the evening and peace the fuck out of that place. Anyone else agree that it was super disappointing?!! But hey, George Ellroy, just so you know, this is how I thought they'd be doing it...

DJ Ayres - La Da Dee (Crystal Waters Remix)

what up Crystal Waters! what up NEW JERSEY!?> yerp yerp!
Ghostface Killah - Walking Into Darkness (Cosmo Baker Hip-House Rmx)

p.s. download the fantastic
Dre Skull discobelle mix

I'm sorry dudes, but this bot is outta comission for a while.

I Got Memories, This Is Crazy

[content deleted]

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Basement Jaxx
got a new single out, you can check it at a number of blogs. Overlooked is the other new track, Cool It. The Jaxx really been on top of their shit recently.

Basement Jaxx - Cool It [alt link]


Step 1: Rent John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars from your preferred movie source.
Step 2: Drink 10 bottles of your preferred brand of cough syrup.
Step 3: Put on Ghosts of Mars, mute it, turn on captions, and listen to Oliver Nelson's "Hoe-Down" on repeat.
Step 4: Vomit and die.
Oliver Nelson-Hoe-Down

Monday, March 26, 2007

Oh, Timbo!

Got the new Timbaland album, "Shock Value." Really digging on it and will have more to say (so more to say!), but here are some tracks in the interim that are major bangers. The last one's for you, Ben...
Timbaland-Oh Timbaland [alt link]
Timbaland-The Way I Are [alt link]

Humans are Crystals of the Mind

New music, erm, Monday? More like "take a massive word dump on a few of the albums I've been listening to in the past week."
Never having cared much about Jagjaguwar's releases (I mean, Oneida is adequate, but I've never felt compelled to listen to a whole album, Wilderness was pathetically overhyped and massively underwhelming, and Pink Mountaintops is just total shit), one might wonder why the hell I feel compelled to spend my infrequent, but oh-so precious witticisms on the upcoming release, "Star Destroyer," by new 'jag signing Alex Delivery. I mean, isn't the whole point of an audio blog to single-mindedly beat the few new discoveries we tastemaking poseuers stumble upon each month into the ground with over-earnest and short-lived adulation? We're kind of like amped-up-on-Stacker 5 hockey dads stuck on the sidelines of the musik world, choking one another to relive glory days we've never nor will ever have. What use do we douchebags have for the grey area? It's black and white, babay, black and white!!!
But when a band's write-up hails such Kraut Kings as Can or Faust as reference points, I, MC Homewrecka, feel it my heaven-bound duty to investigate if said names were used in vain. And were they ever. What's so frustrating with this album is that it's so mediocre, so neither here nor there, so blahhhh, that it's hard to really muster up too strong of feelings about it. But let's try...
Underneath all the notable name-dropping, this is another drab, over-emotive, limp weiner collection of indie rock yarns that either go nowhere or dissolve into predictable and obvious kraut-derived jams ("Star Destroyer" is straight-up 50/50). They have all the moves down--the "Future Days" wobble, the Neu chug-a-lug, the Faust non-linearity-but that's all "Star Destroyer" is: a bunch of superficial posturing. Forget about ghosts, I don't think even mice would want to live in this souless indie rock-bot. Basically, Alex Delivery are too pussy to play kraut rock. Now I hate to seem like I'm engaging in the grade-school misogyny of my TRP compatriots, but goddamnit, could Alex Delivery ever churn out a 20 minute pop gem during an 8 hour freak out? I thinks nots. But you be the judge, d-bag...
Alex Delivery - Milan

Up To The Time: G13 Sound!!!

We're really happy cause it looks like Professor Sound of G13 will be mixing something up for us sometime soon. We'll explain more about G13 and El-P when that time comes around, but for now know that El-P is the source for soca, knows his shit up and down and always has the latest heat: hit up dude's myspace. You can cop his and Double L's newest mix "Home For Carnival 2" through paypal. To get yours today, Paypal $5 ($7 outside of the US) to Both prices include shipping at no additional cost to you- so don't sleep! Please include name, shipping address, and quantity. Prompt shipment is guaranteed.

As a preview to the mix we got coming, check out this 12 minute Carnival Rave that he and Double L did for the semi-annual competition, of which they took second, hot shit.

download the 12 minute Carnival Rave [alt link]


1. Dawg E Slaughter (TnT)- "Alright"
2. Rupee (Barbados) f/ Shaggy (JA) & Fayann Lyons (TnT)- "The Game of Love & Unity"
3. El A Kru (Antigua)- "Expose (Precision Road Mix)"
4. Nadia Batson (TnT)- "Spirit Call"
5. Minmi (Japan) f/ Machel Montano (TnT)- "Sha Na Na (Japanese Wine) Tempo Mix"
6. Denise Belfon (TnT) f/ Spontaneous (Grenada)- "Bicycle Wine"
7. Bunji Garlin (TnT)- "Flags & Colours"
8. Young Marcel (TnT)- "On & On (D' Big Truck Pass)"
9. Destra Garcia (TnT)- "Sign"
10. Ragga (TnT)- "Revelazz"
11. Dawg E Slaughter (TnT)- "Stage"
12. Fayann Lyons (TnT)- "M.A.S. (Make A Stage)"
13. Machel Montano (TnT)- "Jumbie"
14. Patrice Roberts (TnT) f/ Machel Montano (TnT)- "Light It Up"
15. Shurwayne Winchester (TnT)- "Open D' Gate"
16. Destra Garcia (TnT) f/ Naya George (TnT)- "Last Lap"
17. Ms Alysha (TnT) f/ H20 Phlo (TnT)- Go Down Low & Wine"
18. Machel Montano (TnT) f/ Vybz Kartel (JA)- "Hold You Tonight"
19. Rita Jones (TnT) f/ Bunji Garlin (TnT)- "Hardcore Lovin"

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Big ups to Cut and Dirty Down for setting off Berlin last night at Studio B in the 11211: Miss Kittin, Lauren Flax, and my girl Ellen Allien blew the club up until 5 am. The goddesses descended as machines, unable to stop, the crowd too huge to contain. Allien is completely relentless behind the decks, I never thought I'd have a chance to see her go so wild stateside (apparently neither did any of these people, thats why we waited in line for almost 2 hours even with tickets in hand...).

Anyway, if you don't know these artists, you should buy their respective classic albums, MK's I COM and Allien's Berlinette. Then buy Orchestra of Bubbles (with Apparat). Then call me, and we can set up a sleepover or something. Here's just a bit of the furious bass I've accrued from Allien's fantastic label Bpitch control over the years.

Ellen Allien - Down (Drama Society Remix) [alt link]

Ellen Allien & Apparat - Way Out (Robag Wruhme Vati Mafonkk Remikks) [alt link]

The MFA - Disco 2 Break
[alt link]

(off BPC109, this is an epic melancholic banger from the Motherfucking Allstars that likely sounds best when someone you care about leaves)

Feadz - It Replay [alt link]
(from BPC033, this track is just pumpin)

And thanks to Cole, George Ellroy, and Mathhead for making the evening be about more than just getting bass'd on the floor. C, I'll probably take you up on that record shopping later this week.

ps. buy Cousin Cole's new record!!!!!

Bone Bone Bone Bone Bone

Of course we gotta post this. We hear you Roxy. Via tss.

Bone Thugs N Harmony - Toast 2 That (prod. Swizz Beats) [alt link]

I Just Want Pussy, You Just Want Dick

East Orange is in the house, and not just Steven Surrender's house (which is in the Bricks). DJ Tameil got this hot track using that hot Lloyd song and some recognizable bmore ish, hella dirty and hella banging. While Tameil claims this track aint finished, it still sure is hot.

DJ Tameil - U Just Want [alt link]

Friday, March 23, 2007


Spring Break sure is nice.

Courtesy of my favorite website ever, we got some hot freestyles that been popping up over the past few days on mixtapes and such.

I'm not sure if this is a good flow or not, I like Jay-Z way too much to make unbiased judgments on him now. Fine, this doesnt have shit on other HOV flows, but its a lot better than the shit on his last album.
Jay-Z - A.S.A.P. Freestyle [alt link

From mediocre to hot, we got this dope "This Is Why Im Hot" freestyle from Lil Wayne. Apparently the intro to the 3rd Drought mixtape, haven't heard the whole thing, but it should be dope. Weezy is fucking incredible, spitting french on that recent remix, going all rude boy on this one.
Lil Wayne - This Is Why Im Hot Freestyle [alt link]

I also been digging this Amy Winehouse track. I dont know too much about her, other than it looks like she used to be kinda ugly and fat, but now she's pretty hot (cocaine's a helluva drug).
Amy Winehouse - You Know Im No Good (Skeewiff Remix) [alt link]

Via El-P and Catch over at fathertronix, this soca remix of Akon's Don't Matter is fucking hot. It makes you really happy just listening to it.
Akon - Don't Matter (Calypso Remix) [alt link]

Finally, DJ Benzi got the hook on this really hot track of the new Timbo album. Great lyrics and fucking Dr. Dre!!!
Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Dr. Dre & Missy Elliot - Bounce [alt link]

Thursday, March 22, 2007



I won't lie. The following tracks are official bait. I'm trying to lure you towards the blog and thus Mike B and Trident's masterwork with some superfluous hotness. We're talking house, bass, rave, the remix, the 90s all that shit you've never heard and a barrel of fun. Seriusly, this mix is SO FUN and so WELL DONE and yet only 200 people have dloaded it after almost a day up? TRP readers: Stop frontin, plz check it out, and support the boyz on the myspace. I'm really going to go balls out here with the bait, too. Bangers bangers bangers (and quite a bit of bone thugs). Think of it as a barter.

Bone Thugs N Harmony - Ecstasy (DJ Copy Remix)

(another banger from the flawless Asrestlessasweare, more from DJ Copy)

Cousin Cole - Thuggish Ruggish Love (My Love vs. Bone Thugs)

(eternal props to the Cuz, via Fathertronix)

Amanda Blank & XXXChange - Get It Now

(aleXXXchange comes thru with the hookup. Cop that shit and get the fresh ass xxxchange b-side, next question: does anyone have the xxxchange remix of The Eraser I heard on beatsinspace a few weeks ago?)

Le Dust Sucker - P. Diddyfaction

(special dedication to uhh, well, you know who you are)

And don't forget to download The Knish Hit Squad mix for all that bubblebath foodfight moneyshot satisfaction action. TRP: we stopped fronting, now we've just got issues.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

TRP EXCLUSIVE: Kell-E's Trip To The Underground

Outta Los Angeles, California we got another exclusive mix, this time from The Knish Hit Squad, composed of Mike B and DJ Trident. You should remember these guys from that hot 90210 track, U4EA. This mix is fucking killer, real ill mixery. Huge thanks to The Knish Hit Squad for hooking this one up.

The Knish Hit Squad - Kell-E's Trip To The Underground [alt link]


Kelly T. VS Jackie T. (intro) (1991)
Gigi D’Agostino - Bla Bla Bla (1999)
Fresh Tunes – Do You Know What I Mean (1993)
Tori Amos - Professional Widow (Armand's Star Trunk Funkin' Mix) (1996)
DJ Redfoo - Smack Em Wit A Dick (2007)
Knish Hit Squad - U4EA (Sanders-trumental Version) (2007)
Photocall – Silver Clouds (acapella) (2004)
Heavy D & The Boyz – Now That We Found Love (Knish’s What It Do Mix) (2007)
Rod Lee feat CeCe Peniston - Dance My Pain Away (KHS’s Brokeback BMore Version) (2007)
Blu Jemz – Krack Musik (Jemz Klub Version) (2007)
Eric B & Rakim – I Know You Got Soul (DJ Eli Escobar Remix) (2006)
DJ Trident vs KW Griff - Got Some More? (2005)
Knish Hit Squad – The Rebel Is Persona Non Grata (2007)
Depeche Mode – Just Can’t Get Enough (Stretch’s BMore Bandwagon Remix) (2007)
DJ Trident – Azar Al (2007)
The Archduke – O Archduke (Campeao do Bundao) vs Unkown ATC Baile Funk Jam (2007)
Strangeboy feat Greg Nice – Hollywood (The Knish Hit Squad's Dub Of Doom) (2007)
E- Lustrious – On A Ragga Tip (Instrumental) (1992)
Ben Pound & Vitamin D – Ghosts In The Graveyard (1996)
Tilly Lilly – Rollercoaster (1997)
Denki Groove – Niji (Mijk Van Dijk For Boys Mix) (1995)
DJ Trident – Born Like A Pimp (2006)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Orange You Glad

Was about to go to sleep early, as I do whenever possible these days, but one last look through fathertronix and I saw this and had to jump on it. Certified Bananas, or at least P. Nice of CB dropped this hot RIch Boy remix using some song by the Shins. I guess this was on myspace for a while, but fuck myspace, shit's not worth anyone's time. If you havent already, you gotta head over to TTL and buy their mixtape, Sprang. Got that shit last summer, and it still gets a couple plays a week. If we had the balls, we'd ask these dudes to make a mix for us.

Rich Boy - Throw Some Seas (P. Nice Remix) [alt link]

Playing Jesus

With cyclones in Georgia, snow in the part of Nepal that don't get snow, and Blackwater Security making deals up and down the coasts to protect (re: shoot) us from ourselves when the next judgment strikes, apocalpyse is here and now and it is up to us in generation prefiX (fuck this gen Y bullshit) to soundtrack our descent into the void of becoming. Good ol' Iowan boys Raccoo-oo-oon seem to have constructed a veritable doomsday tranmittor, 'cuz their new album, Behold Secret Kingdom, is equally terrifying and transcendant, like the feeling of one's spirit excising itself from its charred shell in the aftermath of Hiroshima (speaking of which, for those thinking about renting the post-apocalyptic Japanese fantasy flick Dragon's Head, you now have no need--movie sucks, now it's time to watch The Road Warrior). Anywho, I've been chewing on this album like curd for the past week, getting guitar strings stuck in between my front teeth and gobs of drums/noise jamming up my molars, and I gotta say: I like the feeling. Annoying song titles aside, these dodes seem to have truly obliterated the subject-object DMZ and become one with Nature. Turns out, the guitar is God's blowhorn. Maybe it's all the Novalis and Naturphilosophie I've been guzzling, but this album is hitting the right place (re: the g-spot) at the right time (re: the end of the world).
Raccoo-oo-oon-Antler Mask
Raccoo-oo-oon-Tail at Prospect Peak

Well, on that note, here's a bomber from the phrench prophet of doom himself, Olivier Messiaen. I'm personally partial to his organ works, as last year I would put these suckers on and stand naked on my balcony overlooking the town's post office, screaming "Ship this!" while saluting the flag with my dong.
Olivier Messiaen-Apparition de l'Église Éternelle


This is something different from our usual posts, the hot Brazillian psych rock band of 1971, Bango. Don't really know too much about these guys, except that if you're into this kind of music, these guys are some of the best at it. The organ on Inferno No Mundo is real hot.

Bango - Inferno No Mundo [alt link]

Bango - Motor Maravilha [alt link]


"Music for clusters seems most infusing when wordless gentle and easy"
-Dorelle Heisel

New music tuesday up in this bitch. We've got some Spectral bangers and this hot new Tongues
stuff, both out today, as well as some more of the new Digitalism that continues to leak out in epic bits. What will Idealism reveal? I'm biting my tongue for May.

Audion - Mouth to Mouth (Mantap mix by Hearththrob) [alt link]

Audion - Mouth To Mouth (Whorenando's "Couch To Couch" Mix By Konrad Black)
[alt link]

Eagerly anticipated remix 12" from Ghostly wunderkid Audion drops today. Heartthrob's hot breath treatment made some waves on the web a few weeks back, now we have two more tracks to slobber over. We're not trying to recuscitate nobody, just maybe get a little tongue action. Make sure to cop it, if only for the Mantap.

Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid- The Sun Never Sets[altlink]

Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid - People Be Happy / Rhythm Dance (Audion Highlight Mix) [alt link]

How does free jazz end up on TRP? One of three ways: 1) Audion remixes, 2) Domino sends it to us, 3) Count Drugula. Two of these three things went down. Out today, Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid's Tongues is too official. Everyone knows Kieran can lay it down as Four Tet or in Fridge, the press release I got from domino made several references to "explosive riffing," which cracks me up but describes the decidedly "locked-on" nature of these tracks nicely. This is good shit, cop it from Domino and be sure to bump the remix.

Digitalism - Pogo
[alt link]

The bedside argument about Digitalism is whether or not they can make a track that ISN'T an epic, and (alternatively) whether it matters. After TVTV leaked, things started to look potentially bleaker. Idealism is a couple months away yet, but when I heard TVTV I cringed: the whole album can't sound like this, Jupiter room retreads? No I have too much faith in everything wonderful about the first three 12"s for that to happen! Idealism has to be better than the Justice LP so that, when all the chips are down, the Germans can rub that shit in France's smug face. But again, it was seeming bleak. Then I caught this second leak, Pogo, and my stomach jumped, but, yeah, in that good way. It may not be profound but damn if this isn't charming and nice, just nice. I don't know who does the vocal, but its not distracting and reminds me vaguely of their Tom Vek remix. Furthermore, it's something fresh and different for the boys from Jupiter: a stomped out love song. Stay tuned in at Kitsune for the day it breaks.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Kidz In The Hall

Kinda slow on these guys, but since hearing Kidz In The Hall on that Ice Box remix, I had to find some more shit by Naledge and Double-O. Real ill tracks right here, like neosporin on cuts.

Kidz In The Hall - Ritalin [alt link]

Kidz In The Hall - Ms. Juanita [alt link]


When you think middle aged man living in Iowa, you gotta also be thinking about Depeche Mode remixes, right? Well, if you're not, you gotta check out Randini. As an actual musician for quite some time, Randini knows his music shit and applies something different to the remix game. This isnt your normal vocal chop w/ Sing Sing on the beat; these are some original sounding bangers. Not to be confused with this Randy,

Randini - Depeche With Rappers [alt link]

Randini - Braine Drane 2 [alt link]


"And the people would eat up all the food, gobble, gobble, yum, yum, and it would become excrement and memories. What then for little Ecuador?" -- K. Vonnegut

Shibuku - Crazy Situation (Kris Menace Remix) [YSI link]**

I know I'm scrubbing on palmsout, but a good idea is a good idea, and I likes this so late on Sunday its clearly Monday remix dump, its cleansing and I sweat the opportunity to be so tacit...

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sea Shanties

Contrary to popular belief, the day drive from Iowa to Ohio does not exist in some seamless vowel-state continuum, but is often a brutal, soul-stripping 10 hour snail crawl through the boring bowels of this stupid-ass country. Especially when your travel companions include a sister whose sole perogative seems to be bitching about every album you put on and an internaltional student, so you can't indulge in the normal rituals that would transform your Toyotal Corrola into Captain Nemo's Nautilus. So yesterday, I was stuck relying on music to simulate this feeling (Gasp!!)-->(enter, stage left) Procol Harum's 1969 release A Salty Dog. Can't say I'm a huge fan of the album or the band, but every time I make it to the 10 minute middle-of-the-album suite consisting of the 'classic rock' banger anthem "The Devil Came From Kansas" and the Carribean carol that is "Boredom" (a song that nearly chokes on its own use of the marimba), I'm removed to the middle of the ocean, like I'm a fucking pilgrim or something, seeking out new land to carve out and write my name on it in pee.
Procol Harum-The Devil Came From Kansas
Procol Harum-Boredom (too chilllllll)

Also, in new bomber blog news, I highly recommend the newly-opened Awesome Hall of Fame for some scrumptious morsels of dance bliss. Dude has only posted three songs so far and they all KILL!!!!!

Fiasco Face Killah

About a year ago Steven and I saw Ghostface at the H.O.B. in Chicago. Before M1 opened, the surprise guest was Lupe Fiasco. I hadnt really heard of Lupe, other than seeing his farenheit mixtape on TSS. Dude blew us the fuck away, from the Kick Push dance to sporting his own shoes. And, of course Ghostface was the shit, so was M1.

Lupe Fiasco - Dope Boy Freestyle [alt link]

GFK - Freestyle from Theodore Unit Exclusives [alt link]

Friday, March 16, 2007


Sometimes vacations have to commence with tragedy. That's when tracks like these are there for you. It's not emo, just a little audio therapy.

Peter Bjorn & John - Me & Julio Down By the Schoolyard [alt link]

Plushgun - Just Impolite [alt link]

Feist - My Moon My Man (Boys Noize Remix)
[alt link]

With props to Risky Bizniz for that last one

Spring Break

Spring Break is upon us, so there might be a slowdown in postage, or an increase. So, here are some random tracks.

Chamillionaire - Get Ya Umbrellas Out {alt link]

Keith Murray - I Got Ya [alt link]

Omarion - Ice Box (Swishahouse Chopped and Screwed Remix) [alt link]

Corinne Bailey Rae - Sexy Back [alt link]

Swizz Beats, Lil Wayne & R Kelly - It's Me Bitches (Remix) [alt link] *****THIS SHIT IS HOT. Thanks to tss.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

New Pussy Wallpaper

This guy looks like a real asshole. via HCWD

With midsems going on Surrender and Drugula were unable to do any mixes for the radio show. I didn't really have that much work to do, so I came up with this 30 minute mix. The Rick Ross and 8Ball & MJG tracks are some real hot r&b/rap mixes. I dont know anything about the Taliban song, but the Busy Signal is pretty new and really hot. The rest of the mix is some new bmore tracks and a couple of old bangers.

Download DJ Pop Rawkus - Dibs On Nothing (Pussy Wallpaper 3/13)

Pretty Ricky and Rick Ross - On The Hotline Remix
Bunji Garlin and Bo Bo - Taliban
Busy Signal - Get Bright
8Ball & MJG, 112 and Three 6 Mafia - Cruisin
Blaqstar - Supastarr
Krames - Oh Yep
Al Ripken Jr. - Sippin On Long Island
KW Griff - Rock Wit It
Rod Lee - Stepped Up In The Room
Debonair Samir - Samir's Theme
Blaqstar - Shake It To The Ground


My bracket is off to a good start. Papoose's Victory 2007 is fantastic, definitely looking forward to hearing a non radio rip. If anybody has a better version, hook it up.
Papoose - Victory 2007 (From Shade 45) [alt link]

A Frozen Confection

This morning, I woke up with an IV full of love mysteriously stuck in between my toes. Now, I am neither a big fan of Cabaret Voltaire nor dancing in my underwear in front of the mirror, but guess what I ended up doing for a seemingly infinite amount of time this morning? So, what follows is something of a "get down in yo' drawers in front of the mirror" playlist...
Cabaret Voltaire-Kneel to the Boss
Catherine Ribeiro-La Vie En Bref
にせんねんもんだい-不明のトラック 3
Ennio Morricone-Il Clan dei Siciliani


Thought I'd drop this yr way before I pass out. Jamie from the C90s was kind enough to send us this hot new track and I feel it would be less than kosher to not pass it on tonight. I've never heard the original but this remix sounds like The Cars at 11 with sexy drum programming to make you go bang. Big ups for mail!

Late of the Pier - Space the Woods (The C90s Remix) [alt link]

I Like Your Face

Icebox has quickly become one of my favorite songs of all time. The timliness of this song was uncanny and it still stirs shit up in me. I was gonna post the Usher remix, but zizou beat me to it. So, I got this one. Im really hoping we get some Rick Ross or T.I. remix on this eventually. Get some sense back in you

"Girl I really wanna work this out, cuz Im tired of fighting. And I really hope she want me, the way I want her"

Omarion - Icebox (booty remix)

Speaking of Usher, been listening to his live album, and that shit is true fire.
Usher - Roni

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Drop the Lime is one of TRP's most beloved beatdown bass champs. We think him and the rest of the T&B crew are pretty much running the NYC game right now, and everything he's touched in the the past year has been dynamite (Drugula and I, we have a particular fondness for all things Curses!). One day we'll get up the courage to ask Luca and his crew for a mix or some exclusives, until then, we leech....

You may have caught these on 20JFG or the promising new blog Trash Menagerie (btdubs, scoot your booty over there for more DTL exclusives and a saucy old-school mix), but ever since I first heard the DTL v. Curses! 12" I haven't been able to get this track off my mind, so here it is, a total garage-house banger that warbles and squelches along like only Luca can do.

Drop the Lime - I Want to Know
[alt link]

And for something even fresher, check out this super-new DTL track, off the Turbo Charged EP, maybe the hottest thing I've heard all month. I love the gabba psych-out this track pulls off like its nothing, and the rest off the EP is just as if not more solid skatterfucking. BUY!

Drop the Lime - Come 2 Life
[alt link]

In other somewhat DTL related news, oddball nihonsters Infants have released a hot new remix off their already classic track Firetruk. If you remember back to last year, then you will recall the spectacular discourse they shared with DTL, resulting in two of my favorite tracks of last year (DTL's Firetruk Remix and Infant's Wake Up Call Remix). This remix is... well, if you like Japanoize (Boredoms, Afriranpo, etc) or spazdance, this shit will get you wet. Otherwise, you might start to hemorrhage.

Infants - Firetruk (Barringtone Remix) [alt link]

I'm going to rap things up with a track sent to us last week by our buddy Klaus from Germany (aka Rotoskop, Soni Code, check him out!). He's just done a massive LCDS remix project and the results are tasty (hell, he made it onto palmsout remix sunday). Of the four mixes of Sound of Silver he hooked us up with, this might be the banger of the bunch, built off heavy explosions and polyrhythmic ultraviolence, its a tenacious excursion through the darker sides of the periodic table. Klaus, when will we hear the Sound of Tungsten?

LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Bronze (Soni Code Remix)
[alt link]

Take this as proof: if you are an artist and have remixes or original material you think we'd get down to, please send it our way ( because we seriously listen to everything, and if its good, will happily post it.

Gotta tip kidz, catch you in a grip

Well, hot dog

Got some exclusive heat from my boy Man Mantis, aka Intercooler, outta Madison, WI. Dude is probably one of the best on production that I know. This aint no "bmore remix" bullshit, this is straight good sampling and layering to actually remix the song. Definitely lookin forward to kick it with this dude and the curly blonde girls sometime next week.

Man Mantis - JUSTify My Thug [alt link]

Outkast - The Whole World (Intercooler Remix) [alt link]

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Do It Like A Stripper Chick

I love this whole new France meets Detroit ghetto bass sound, that Funk remix of Justice, Tacteel's Girlfriend, its good shit to party to. This is DJ Slugo remix of Surkin's And You Too is really hot.

Surkin - And You Too (DJ SLugo Remix) [alt link]


Sometimes I forget that Timbo and Sparxx used to be all buddy buddy, remember that pig video with Bubba getting all muddy? Well, this track reminds you of their former heat as a combo, and with Rich Boy on the track too, you know its hot.

Rich Boy and Bubba Sparxx - Tell Me Do You Know (Prod. Timbaland) [alt link]

We all know that we secretly love Pretty Ricky, especially when they got big Capo status on the track with them. Ugh! Thanks to TSS.

Pretty Ricky feat. Missy Elliot and Jim Jones - On The Hotline Remix [alt link is too slow for me to post before class]

I was gonna post that Omraion/Usher remix of Icebox, but Nobodydancenomore beat me to it. They also got a hot Justice remix of N.E.R.D. that I never heard before.

Im gonna start trying to post 2 new rap/r&b tracks a day from here until I decide to quit, shit that I aint seen featured in other places. This is all gonna lead up to my new Dibs On Both mix, hopefully out at the beginning of April, but maybe even by the end of this week.

Monday, March 12, 2007


Whatever yr question, the answer is: I'd rather just get high on my roof. It's 65 degrees and stayed light out till 8 tonight, and in a few days I'll be back home in sweet sweet Jersey. So now, usually I don't do this but uhhhhhh...

With big ups to Palmsout, RiskyBizniz, 20JFG, SkullJuice and all the other classy bitches that rock their blogs so hard.

Things that are great

Oh man oh man oh man oh man. Y'know that feeling where you're having a profoundly shitty day(s) and then all of a sudden music lifts your head and heart up to the blinking stars and you fall into the black hole of aural bliss? Well, that's what went down today when I stumbled in on a tweaking Surrender wearing a frown so severe that it was dragging on his floor. Yet, when our despondent eyes met, he did his best to crack a pained grin and speak the words I've been waiting for three years to hear: "I have the new Battles album." (And you thought there was going to be some gay shit! Well, he wasn't wearing pants at the time...)

Yes, yes, and yes. After a couple of years of touring relentlessly with what seemed to be a fixed setlist and a set program (Ian Williams's looping genius, Tyondai Braxton's vocal adventures, the brutal drummer from Helmut with his tall, tall cymbal, and that cute kid from Lynx who danced in the background), the Battles are back and more confounding than ever. I should preface my giddiness by stating up front that Don Caballero is, like, my second favorite band ever and stuff, so I would probably be listening to Battles even if they sucked (I mean, Storm and Stress was hit and miss, but I still listen to that shit often). Yet things worked out for the best and Battles induced the same compulsive and confused listening that Williams's prior band had. But where Don Cab captivated through their strategic spontaneity, Battles mesmerized my mind through Afro-Reichian polyrhythms and a willingness to turn a tasty double-decker cake of a composition into an inscrutably dense skyscraper of sound. The one gripe I had was the seeming inability to turn their explosive live sets (I'm hopefully going to see those m-effers for my fourth time at the end of the month) into any recordings that were solid through and through.

But now we have Mirrored and a band that will be giving whoever is writing the Avant-Rock section of Wire magazine a permanent stiffy for the rest of the year. Looking at the cover art that adorned the three EPs and that for the upcoming LP, the images truly say it all. Gone are the steady, even-tempoed songs that masterfully played on the maximal/minimal dynamic that could just as easily seduce an unassuming listener in their accessibility as they could alienate someone who would look at, say, an Agnes Martin painting and say "BOOORRRRRRING." In their place are songs that combine Braxton's munchkin chorus-like vocals with proggy/mathy spontaneity and just an overall intensity and focus that will undoubtedly make this one of my favorites of the year. It's one big carnivale inside this mirror chamber and you better have your moon boots on, cuz there ain't no gravity where there ain't no air (or something). Behold the year of the Battles.
Battles-Ddiamondd [alt link]
Battles-TIJ [alt link]

pre-order Mirrored and the Atlas single (with a DJ KOZE REMIX!!!)

Brick City

Redman's got this dope mixtape out, Live From The Bricks. His album is supposed to drop real soon, and we'll clue you in when it does. Until then, these mixtape tracks are real ill. Since all my computer's music got deleted, its nice to hear new shit that sounds like this - normally I would've had to go back to the classics to get this type of rap feeling. Yes Sir is Red's freestyle over the TRP favorite, My Love. On Branson Branson, Red busts hard, like this he was debuting on an EPMD track or something.

Redman - Yes Sir [alt link]

Redman - Branson Branson [alt link]

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Dibs On Both

Steven and I threw it down in front of the biggest crowd either of us has done shit in front of before, and except for blowing some really shitty speakers, everything was chill. As a religious studies major, I really appreciate songs like this Luciano one. Although Im not religious, I think religion is pretty cool, especially when its expressed like this. This Sizzla song is great for obvious reasons. Overall, the Redemption Song Riddim is a pretty hot rework of the Bob classic.

Luciano - I Believe [alt link]

Sizzla - Blaze The Fire [alt link]

I like this Spider Loc track.
Spider Loc - G Out Here