Sunday, December 23, 2007

Lonesome Train Dreams

From the HF015 12":

Gravious - "Temple Ball

*Link down per request

And from the Island Noise album:

Geiom - "Six Times Seven" [alt link]

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Video Killed the Dubstep Star

So I've been effusively obsessed with this song for a few weeks now, but I've had to sit through that silly video again and again in order to hear it... until now. Sure, the M.I.A. album merited some of the attention it recieved, but as far as I'm concerned Warrior Queen has her beat, simply by virtue of her presence on Skream's "Check It" and this joint:

The Bug - "Poison Dart (ft. Warrior Queen)" [alt link]

P.S. - I desperately want to hear the Skream and Kode 9 mixes of this track. Knowing that they exist and not hearing them is vex'n me to no end. (Sorry.) "Help me, somebody!" as the Byrne/Eno track goes.

I'm sure this one has circulated plenty, but damn...

Skream - "Sandsnake" [alt link]

And as always, God bless you Hotflush:

Slaugher Mob - "L'Amour" [alt link]

Monday, December 17, 2007


In the midst of finals week here and my 40ish hour day provided me with much time to post some shit up. I know I'm missing some myspace links, so if you have trouble finding what you want to know, leave a comment and I'll try to help you out.

Got this Jahcoozi remix sent to us a little while ago. It's pretty dope. Rustspace.

Jahcoozi feat. M.Sayyid - Hitech (Rustie's Silver Shadow Remix)

B.O.B. - Use Ur Love

I think we got this one sent to us. Pretty hot jam from Kris Menace.

Kris Menace - Steamroller

Kylie Minogue - Speakerphone

Kinda weird group of people here:

Maroon 5 - Wake Up Call (Mark Ronson Remix) (feat. Wale)

Tocadisco feat Chelonis R Jones - Shrine (Extrawelt Remix)

Justice - Phantom pt. II (Soulwax Remix)

Charlie Wilson and T-Pain - Suppa Sexy

Here's one of my favorites off Freeway's new album.

Freeway - Still Got Love [alt link]

Switch got a new hot track out. Feeling this one.

Switch - Twisted Jazz

This track came out last year, but I just recently heard it and love it.

Theo Parrish - Falling Up (Technasia Rmx 1)

David's last post and some message board buzz inspired this next segment of tracks. And make sure you check this blog for a great selection of niche mixes.

Got this jam of a remix off a mixtape:

Ill Manna - Kiss Kiss (Sourface Remix)

Agent X got this song that's all popular now with the sick remix from TS7.

Agent X Feat Ultra - Perfect Girl (Ts7 Rmx)

DJ Q got a real nice remix of this Dizzee Rascal track.

Dizzee Rascal - Flex (DJ Q Remix)

This one's off a mix.

K.P. and Envy - Shorty Swing My Way (Chunky B Mashup)

DJ Lapel - Drinking Chardonnay

Ashanti ft. Ja Rule - Always On Time (Agent X Remix)

DJ V and Rolla - Music Takes Me Higher

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Feel Good Time!

So much for the fresh and the's all stale and moldy up in herr 2day. I'm sure these trax will sound dated to some, not dated enough for me. Then again, all I listen to is Cocteau Twins these days. Egad!

Qualifide-Just Being Fooled (Probably my favorite HotFlushing to date, especially when put side by side that heavy, moody, and way boring halfstep the likes of Vaccine are holding over our heads these days.)

Dominik Eulberg-Bionik (Not even sure about that new LP, but this Ebiza '06 jammer is still repping that poppy Teutonic TechHouse that ages too quick, dies, and hovers eternally in dance music's nitrous tanks in the sky.)

And now to the Italian ecstasy drugs after-party...

Monday, December 10, 2007


With respect to T2 and Heartbroken, we've seen a recent surge of interest in the newest strand of dubstep: bassline house, speed garage, etc. Names are worth fuck all tho: Heartbroken is at the top of the UK charts, and its easily the catchiest track to emerge from the dubstep genre and all of its confusingly taxonimized devilspawn. Furthermore, the whole notion of bassline, combined with several other mitigating factors (to be discussed below) truly poses the Wubstep question: what happens (if/)when dubstep breaks in the states?

Now, me and C. Drugula can wax cross-continentally about this shit for days. However, as far as bassline/speed-garage is concerned, the potential is visible far beyond T2, who has become a media-darling in the press lately, giving out countless interviews where he says... well, pretty much nothing. The fact is, dubstep has been brewing for years now, and as the genre itself grows harder and harder to define, the potentiality of a continental breakthrough seems more and more plausible.

The way I see it, there are three factors that are poised to push dubstep into the American charts. First, you have the recent explosion of bassline bangers. I knew this shit was the real deal when about 2 weeks ago some doser outside the Disk Union in Shibuya actually stopped me as I was walking into the store with the question: "Eyo, you rike bass?"
"Hai, 'bass' ga daisukine!" I replied.
So for 500 yen he hooked me up with the most bootleg bassline mixtape this side of the Pacific. It was an unmarked CD-R in a slimline jewelcase, and the tracks contained averaged at a bitrate of 128 and lower (myspace and bebo rips, I'm presuming). So, all due respect to these artists, I didn't pirate this music off your pages, some poor sod in Tokyo did, and once you start dropping more wax I'll be first in line to cop it. But since most Americans don't have much exposure to bassline/speed-garage beyond Heartbroken, I feel it something of a communal obligation to share these tracks here, just so names beyond T2, names like Jamie Duggan, Jamie Ferguson, TS7, DJ Q, and so on can get into Americans' domespaces.

Cherish - Unappreciated (TS7 Bassline Remix)
[alt link]

Jamie Duggan & TS7 - Dubplate
[alt link]

Jamie Ferguson - How We Like It [alt link]

T2 - Hey
[alt link]

Concurrent with the proliferation of a countless array of this vein of speed garage bangers, we have the word of mouth surrounding the dubstep/bassline raves in Brixton and Sheffield (clubs like FWD>> and those infamous DMZ nights), which, as dubstep grows more and more popular seem to be moving closer and closer to London, as exemplified in the first full out and out dubstep Fabriclive being released this month, hosted by heavy-hitters Caspa & Rusko. You might remember Caspa from his oft-dropped Art of Noise remix... because, well, its completely unforgettable.

Art of Noise - Moments of Love (Caspa Remix)
[alt link]

On the other side of the spectrum, you've got Ecko and dubstarlets like Kym Myles. What Alice Deejay was to trance Ms. Myles must be to dubstep. Point illustrated:

Kym Myles - We Got a Love [alt link]

Finally, in this trifold takeover, there is the necessary cohesion offered to non-clubbing audiophiles in the form of perfect LPs. In the past two months we've gotten the new Burial LP, Untrue, which I think blows his first (which I always found sort of over-rated) out of the water, and the first full Pinch LP, Underwater Dancehall, not to mention the new Benga album due out any day now on Tempa. Yep, any day now.... we wait with good reason:

Benga and Coki - Night [alt link]

So, the Boy 8-bit remix of this track is getting blogged to the point of obliterating oversaturation. Sure it's good; definitely simple, as its title might imply. Meanwhile, I've heard next to not shit about this arguably defter, although admittedly less club-friendly, Leif reworking of Archangel. Scope it.

Burial - Archangel (Leif Remix)
[alt link]

Well, that's it for now, tho there's more where all of this came from, so stay tuned. And if he ever comes out of his cavernous enclave, C. Drugula's got more than me, so ask for him by name!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Duppy Ranks

Outta San Francisco, super bashment DJ Ross Hogg just finished the Juggling Pop Rocks Mix, and its super fire. Blast this. A nice selection of tracks off some real hot new riddims. My favorite part is the sour diesel riddim.

Ross Hogg - Juggling Pop Rocks



Air Waves Riddim:
Wayne Wonder - Tom Sawyers
Mavado - Pon Di Gully Side
Beenie Man - Product of the Ghetto

Rae Riddim:
Timberlee ft. Ward 21 - Bubble Like Soup
Cobra - Seh So Nuh
Frisco Kid - Nuh Beg People Friend
Buju Banton - Flava
Mr. Lexx - Gun

Overdrive Riddim:
Pinchers - Ra-Tat-tat
Assassin - All Who Never
Baby Cham - What You Think The Police Can Do

Bee Hive Riddim:
Lady Saw - Weh Dem Man Deh
Elephant Man - More
Vybz Kartel - Money Fi Spend

Sour Diesel Riddim:
Ms. Thing - Fight Over Man
Sean Paul - She Want It
Sizzla - Yaahdie

Reverse Riddim:
Tony Curtis, Mr. Pepper, G Maffia - This Year
Beenie Man - Reverse Di Ting
Busy Signal - Black And White Affair

And, here's a bonus. One of my favorite tracks off his recent Reggae Under Raps, which you can get here at TTL.

Lil Jon, E-40 & Sean Paul - Snap Yo Fingaz (Ross Hogg Stage Show Remix)

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Mood Music

(future everything!)

Mike Ink-Mirage (motorik space carnivals!)

Catherine Ribeiro-Dis-Moi Qui Tu Embrasses
(Gang Gang Dance in +-27 years ago)