Monday, February 25, 2008

Saturday, February 23, 2008


The new Shackleton/T++ 12" on Skull Disco is the latest confirmation of the label's status as a stolid purveyor of trans-dubstep Fourth World music. T++ had a pretty high standard to meet for this project, considering that the last remix of Shackleton released on Skull Disco was the Villalobos remix of "Blood on My Hands." While the original mix of Shackleton's 4/4 percussive workout uses acoustic drum samples to create a warm, tactile space, T++ encrypts the beats in a fragmentary computer language. Maybe it's just that Berlin and Detroit are parallel dimensions, but to my ear this has more in common with Drexciya than with most UK dubstep. Space and time come unhinged, the extensive becomes intensive, and dubstep is alchemically transformed into... post-IDM-step?

Shackleton feat. Vengeance Tenford - "Death is Not Final (T++ Remix)" [alt link]

...but IDM's not dead: just ask Autechre. Quaristice, their first release since Untilted in 2005, finds the duo introducing live dynamics into their studio productions. The 20 tracks collected on this LP cover so much territory that no single track typifies the album's sound. Although there are periodic moments of sonic saturation, Quaristice is not as aurally imposing or texturally austere as previous Autechre albums - so take a chill pill and immerse your weary consciousness in the ephemeral delicacies of spontaneous electronic sound.

Autechre - "chenc9" [alt link]

Friday, February 22, 2008

Work Is Still Never Over

Thanks to Roy on fathertronix, got this audience noise free cut of harder.

Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger (Alive Club Mix 2008) [alt link]

If I fall in love, yeah I need a prenup

I finally got a bigger taste of The Truth when I found a copy of King of Roq on Amazon and the dude I bought it from sent me Raw Starr, which I hadn't even heard of. Well, I can't share it all, but here's one of the bangers from it.

DJ Blaqstarr - PornoStarr - Ft. Prince The Fly Guy, Lithium, And Hipno [alt link]

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pussy Clot


LAMARABA is one heck of an album blog.

Techy Dub and Essential Mixes

Discovering Harald Grosskopf's robofunk masterpiece Synthesis is the Emphasis to actualize, not realize.

Speaking of baller synthwerk, Moonlight and Roses is an analord cheat sheet, though I don't know if I will warm up to Bruce Haack's vocals anytime soon.

My brain is in a Thrash trying to figure out how I knew Cowboys International without knowing.


After the Spiral King comes the Spiral Architect.

wideboys day

If anybody has this remix on mp3s, please up it in the comments

Wideboys got some crazy explosion going on where they are doing bassline remixes for Soulja Boy and Snoop and I saw on some forum a list of like 20+ more artists they were doing the remixes for, so I'm excited for all of that.

Snoop Dogg - Sensual Seduction (Wideboys Remix) [alt link]

Soulja Boy - Yahhhh! (Wideboys Bassline Remix) [alt link]

And, here's a goodie from last year. Like the t2 remix, this one is more 90s garage than that "whoomp whoomp whoomp" Four Kornerz.

Four Kornerz - Gonna Make It (Wideboys Remix)

vanity plates

Two entries from Seb Janiak's Vanity 9 Project. French touch and dancing ladies? Yeah, it's that simple. Those are the good beats.

Thomas Bangalter - Club Soda
[alt link]

Le Knight Club - Gator
[alt link]

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

you and me can dance for free

charo baeza & salsoul orchestra - dance a little bit closer [mp3]

Monday, February 18, 2008


enur ft. natasja - calabria


Our man, Mike B (remember this), just released Split.

You can download it:
But the CD's sound wayyy better. You can buy them here at TTL.

And, here's some random joints. Both of the remixes are from the Lokal Stage Show Riddim.

Hot Chip - One Pure Thought [alt link]

Vybz Kartel - Mavado Diss (Remix) [alt link]

Elephant Man - Dirt Bed (Remix) [alt link]

still scared of puppets

lou reed - no money

Monday, February 11, 2008

The End of It ALL

Though wholeheartedly in agreement with my colleague's anti-teological musings on doomsday dub--space is the place, no?--my liberal arts education and undying love for David Horowitz compel me to present the shit-stained flipside of this matter. Out the anus of a paper doll comes this fantastically awful audio missive from Cotti (who I usually enjoy) and Kromestar (who I don't care for so much); a song that could be mistaken as a siren call from the four horsemen of dubstep, those gravel-faced, steel-eyed misanthropes who wish to murder your third ear with bleeding bass (it blew out Surrender's speakers in a matter of seconds) and boneheaded samples.

To be indirect, a year ago Surrender played me the beginning of a mix by his fave chameleon, Drop The Lime, who smashed up the Kronos Quartet's theme from Requiem for a Dream with some stock Lil' John beat, to which me brain said, "Well, this is about as good as any of the dubstep I've heard." But such cynicism was fleeting as a long season of melancholy set in and up cropped a button-sized nerve cluster at the tip of my sternum, quivering for another rattling adrenaline injection from 'da bass.' Mental, I was and the low-end dirge of dubstep my orgasmic pacifier. When your third ear spends all day at a funeral, lacerating itself with a bass cudgel (hey Eric!), the sting of waking life is dulled enough to constitute a spank. Yet even in the depths of dubpression, one's 'good sense' can still be resurrected in the face of a genre's glassy gaze, staring back at you from the pit of self-parody, with Lil' John laffing maniacally upon the precipice. Oh Allah...

Wreck yourself and then text yourself:
Cotti vs. Kromestar-Mozart 3000

Some clouds don't...

Don't Call It a Comeback

You know, it's hard for us 21st-century folks to imagine the future without simultaneously imagining some form of the apocalypse. Whether it's the second coming of Christ, technological/ecological collapse, or the wrath of Coki's "Spongebob," something will probably come along and destroy all of us, right?

Sometimes it seems equally difficult to conceive of dubstep without a pervasive apocalyptic mood. If the world does in fact end, perhaps some of us some will go to heaven (the futuristic dance party that Detroit electronic producers have been mythologizing for the past quarter century) and some will go elsewhere (a dark, mental hole in which cudgel-like dubstep drops are infinitely rewound and replayed and rewound again). Everyone knows by now that dub is a weapon, but tracks like "I'm Loving" by D1, the Kode 9 remix of Massive Music's "Find My Way," Burial's "Raver," Caspa's Art of Noise edit, and "Temple Ball" by Gravious (to name a few) are a reminder that dub isn't always a weapon. Here's the latest release from Hyperdub... this stuff has the futuristic flavor of Skream's "Tech-Appeal" and "2-D," and it manages to eschew the eschatological tendencies that are so hard to avoid these days. Mechanical music for the mechanized soul, which might not be just a ghost in the machine after all.

Ikonika - "Simulacrum" [alt link]

This one is a real keeper: Manuel Göttsching performs an extended live version of the kraut classic "Sunrain" from the 1976 Ash Ra Tempel album New Age of Earth. The original is one of my all time favorite synthesizer-krautrock songs... and when I listen to this recording from last year, it's hard to deny that Göttsching remains a significant contemporary presence in the world of electronic music, even when he's just rehashing his own favorites from three decades ago.

Manuel Göttsching - "Sunrain (Live at Mount Fuji 2007)" [alt link]

Speaking of contemporary "krautrock," here are some West coast grooves from Paper. This stuff beats Fujiya & Miyagi, at any rate...

Paper - "Love"

So I managed to track down a promo of Benga's Diary of an Afro Warrior. For a dubstep LP, it is admirably consistent, but some moments are better than others. This one was a bit surprising...

Benga - "Someone 20"

More moody dub from Martyn. No heavy drops here - just steadily paced, head-nodding smoothness.

Martyn - "Velvet"

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

In Heaven, No One Can Hear You Scream

Wanting to stay in your dreams, or more exactly, actualize pure free association in waking life, is hard work. Space pop helps. Been poring over the excellent Synopsis Electonika blog and pulling up plenty of peanuts, a few contained below. Namely, I was able to snag the extremely rare/pricey Cochin Moon (so many times I held it in my hands at Other Music, and so many times did I resolve to just pick up the new Wire--these are information times), which is unbelievable and an essential listen for fans of psychedlicly put-on world music.

Fun times forever.

The space pop:


Spacemen 3-I Love You (Remix, Battery Studios by Anjali Dutt)


Peter Bauman-White Clouds
(oh yeah, get a minute inside there and never leave)

Fred Frith-Some Clouds Don't

block is hot

We got this awesome Chaz Jankel track remixed by the very talented Hercules. The full release with a great edit from Todd Terje is available from Tirk in March.

Chaz Jankel - Get Myself Together (Hercules HercHouse Mix)

For some reason, I been real into Whitney the past couple weeks. Here's a few jams.

Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) (Junior Vasquez Mix) [alt link]

Whitney Houston - Its Not Right, But Its Okay (House Mix) [alt link]

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

who got it?

One of my favorite rap tracks from last year done got a verse from Weezy put on it. Wale blowing up, expecting real big things from him this year.

Wale ft. Lil Wayne - Nike Boots Remix [alt link]

A huge slow jam from Vybz. Real soulful shit from Di Teacha.

Vybz Kartel - Ready ft. Singer J [alt link]

I used to hate on the Nappy Roots, and I'm sorry for that, cause the past couple years, they've turned out some real good shit. I guess their shit's always been tight, but anybody who has shit in Denver's Twist and Shout free bin deserves a little hate.

Nappy Roots - Who Got It Where's It At [alt link]

Monday, February 4, 2008


For a genre that just renamed itself, is mostly based on lowquality mixtapes, and has few labels to speak of, there's quite an assemblage of uptempo bass purveyors tromping around the internet-- and, I'd have to assume, across the pond as well-- touting themselves as bassline house kids. As long as it doesn't get boring quick, right? I caught whiff of DJ V and Rolla (who run Visualize Records) a few months ago from that crazy divafied rub, Music Takes You Higher. This and that dub are both of the "Bassline Meets 4x4 EP" which you can pick up here. This cut is straight sinister bassline house with a wicked pace and some evil little techtrance highlights to keep it interesting-- and make it stand out from the hundreds of other new bassline tracks in my recent playlists.

DJ V and
Rolla - Devil

And then there's this uberbanger, a total wrecker, from the immaculate Dexplicit. Ever since Dubz V1 I've been killing to see the man spin a set; was a damn shame I missed his recent gig with our boys T&B in NY, but duty calls you to the middle of a frozen pond sometimes.
Word is it was mental (^_)

Dexplicit - Kasia RMX

There's a lot of so called "uplifting" female vocals in UK Garage. Not here.
And yes. It will probably get yr attention.

Wittyboy - Attention

We can kill it with some heavy, thunderfucking trance music, the sort to which we all get our rocks off. It's motherfucking BBE! If it's more than ten years old I guess that makes it vintage, huh? Anyway, all this Wiz Kalifa/ Wes Fif /Flo Rida trance rap is making me remember how fierce the roller rink banged in grade school.

BBE - Seven Days and One Week

Friday, February 1, 2008


Thin White Duke got a pretty good remix of D.A.N.C.E. While I can't really stand to hear those little kid's voices anymore, I can suffer through it for this remix.

Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (Stuart Price Remix) [alt link]

The Boss, Ricky Ross, has been killing it lately. Here's some more heat from him. This one has some serious boom.

Rick Ross - Children's Story [alt link]

This last one's for Nick, cause he couldn't grab any of the jams he wanted from me this past weekend. Well Nick, this one is a jam, certified banger from the Norse God, remixed by Dave Armstrong.

Steve Angello - play it loud (Dave Armstrong Backflip Mix)