Monday, April 30, 2007

DJ Soap

Got this mix from DJ Soap outta Lawrence, KS a few days ago, but because I'm swamped with school work, I never got a chance to listen to it or post it. We get a lot of crap, but this mix is pretty decent, a lot of good tracks. Done with serato and decks.

Megaupload DL
Zshare DL

Runtime is 39 minutes..


01. Armand Van Helden - NYC Beat (MSTRKRFT Remix) - Southern Fried
02. Rene Amesz & Peter Gelderblom - Snap (Darren Mase Mix) - Rising Trax
03. Lil' Jon - Snap Yo Fingers (Acapella) - TVT
04. Larry Tee feat. Princess Superstar - Licky (Herve Goes Low Remix) - White Label
05. Frederico Franchi - Cream - TRSE
06. Wu-Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M. (Acapella) - roud
07. Intoxicated - Burn It Down (Hatchmatik's Burn Down The Club Remix) - White Label
08. Basement Jaxx - Hey U (Switch & Sinden Remix) - Atlantic Jaxx
09. Mighty Dub Katz - Magic Carpet Ride '07 (Young Punx Remix) - Southern Fried
10. Artie The 1 Man Party - Esa Nena Linda (Artie's Loop) - Scotti Bros.
11. Claude VonStroke - Chimps - Dirty Bird
12. No Alibi - Who Came To Party (Acapella) - Jasper Stone
13. Superbass - I'm With You (Richard Dinsdale Remix) - Toolroom
14. Mika - Love Today (Switch Remix) - Umvd
15. Therese - Feelin' Me (Armand Van Helden Remix) - Positiva


Seems like everybody is riding Eli Escobar's nuts these days. So, we gotta hop on board, and for good reasons, the dude kills everything he edits and remixes. Personally my favorite is the computer love with coldplay over it, but I aint seen that anywhere but on the Pase in Miami mix. So, if anybody got that on its own, please hook it up. Dude's blog is killer, too.

Yellow - Bostich (Eli Edit) [alt link]

Khia vs. Surkin - My Neck (Radio Fireworks Mashup) [alt link]

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tickle Me, Elmo...

When a fellow blogger's bandwidth is shot, it's time to take him to a shooting gallery and infect the whole of this hellsphere with some viral jamz. Well, I'm only a couple listens in, but this new Booka Shade song "Tickle" sounds like Hot Butter's "Popcorn" on Ketamine. And the b side has echoes of that huge Fisherspooner song that rang in the new millenium, but on lots of (insert hypnotic sedative/painkiller). Well, at least SomeBodies in Berlin are having a good time... And now you can too!
Booka Shade-Tickle[alt link]

Well, now to hurry back to my neck of the woods, I've been gobbling up gabbles of good grammaphones this past week that I would just luv to share with you. But in due time. As I am being called upon currently, I'll leave you with my pumping iron jam of the week, Rhys Chatham's Die Dönnergotter (The Thunderbirds). I can't believe that there was an actual dance piece composed to this--it seems more like a soundtrack for some serious rioting. Nonetheless, if you've never heard this masterpiece, now is the time. Personally, I'm more of a Chatham chap than a Branca brute, but you know what they say about apples and apples. Don't you?

Rhys Chatham-Die Dönnergotter

Props to Mr. Ravlin on today's imagery and don't forget to ever stop supporting our fag troops!


So, apparently, the label turned down this remix for inclusion on the 12".... WHAT!? I liked the Klaxons' quote in XLR8R, something to the effect of "If the world doesn't end in 2012, we're going to look like IDIOTS. But it totally will."

Klaxons - Golden Skans (Switch Remix) [alt link]

There's also an amazing new Booka shade song called Tickle that leaked off GPM 70 and it is big business, kids. Too bad my bandwith is shot! I'll try and bring it to yr dome later, but in the meantime I'm sure its floating around, put on your monocle and find the bitch if you really want it NOW.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Hands Up!

Got some Jersey Club that is not super new, but all pretty recent. The first is from Brick City's DJ Tameil, not a huge fan of the original track, but this remix goes. And, the second is from DJ B-Stee, who comes hard with a better mix of Dave's How You Gonna Rip It than Blaze's (No hate to Johnny Blaze, I just love the Sting in this one). Y'all probably remember DJ B-Stee for his Robot Club Rock, often credited to Tameil.

Lloyd Banks - Hands Up (DJ Tameil Remix) [alt link]

DJ B-Stee - Rip It Like This [alt link]


I once had an action figure of Jeff Goldblum as Brundlefly, one of those shitty Todd Mcfarlane "Directors Edition" movie monster toys that cost $30 but only moves at four opposable joints. The Royal Rip. And wouldn't you know it, just like Seth Brundle, it was just a matter of time before its fucking arms and legs fell off.

Audiofly & Paul Harris - Miscalate (Partial Arts Remix) [alt link]

Link deleted. BUY IT!!! They need yr $$$!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

This is the Best Elevator Music I've Ever Heard!

Ahh, musical lithium. When your brain is on the schiz like a motherfucker (geez, isn't your shrink, like, supposed to tell you the dangers of going off of Paxil? Be wary of the SSRI's kiddies; I always was, but got lured in and am paying the price big time), it's time to staple up the padded walls going from your ear piece to your dome piece. I don't know what padding Forest Bess might have used. He probably worked with his hands, like building boats and stuff. Big ups to Ms. Dobchron for being the light rods on that landing strip.

Didyaknow Wittgenstein, after hanging out in the trenches of WWI and penning a philosophical masterwork spent 10 years building his sister a house before writing an even greater masterwork? Or that Althusser, having spent most of his life alternating the genius mask with the crazy mask, 'accidentally' stangled his wife during one of their daily neck massage sessions? These are things I think on...

But first!

Anyone who has ever hung ten on the new wave of progressive rock that is Green Milk from the Planet Orange will likely say you haven't 'heard' the band until you've seen them live. I'd probably have to agree with that, as would Surrender and our dear friend Airchron Bonestorm because these dudes will seriously drop an m-bomb on your face. See them see them see them!!! But to get back, Bonestorm anad Surrender were lucky enough to scoop up free copies of a 20 minute improv given to those who saw them at a gig in Shibuya last June (I saw them two weeks prior and didn't get shit, though my bud Fantastic Ego was wise enough to scoop up one of their many tour exlusive 7'').
Anywho, to get to the point, this tiny trio will rattle buildings until the crumble and this is as good (and rare) of an example of their fiery superpowers.
Green Milk from the Planet Orange-O [alt link]

Well, now to get to the lithium. To be honest, all I've been able to listen to for the past four days has been Neu! '75 and Neu! 4 and Azymuth (well, this wouldn't be a post of mine if I wasn't stealing some idea from ARAWA). But here are some other stock tunes to put you into instant bubble person mode. Oh, and if the lovely, lovely people at Ghostly/Spectral are reading, I gotsto put up "Deserter" because I really got tired of streaming that song 20 times a day. And while I was at it, I just couldn't resist putting up this lovely collaboration with The Mobius Band because, well, any techno producer who channels afro-pop via the Talking Heads/Eno years is my friend. Anyway, Asa Breed is going to make them so much money that they'll be able to replace their office water with some expensive European vodka. This album is going to slay everybody.

Matthew Dear-Deserter [alt link]
Matthew Dear feat. The Mobius Band-Elementary Lover [alt link]

And into the glass elevator everybody!
Azymuth-Fly Over the Horizon
The Wave Suite:
Neu!-Nice Wave
Neu!-Wave Naturelle
Neu!-Quick Wave Machinique

Assorted Candies:
Cat Stevens-Was Dog a Doughnut (Pilooski Edit)
Gabor Szabo-The Beat Goes On
Edgar Froese-The Light Cone
The Egyptian Lover-I Cry (Night after Night)



These are songs for my boy and yrs Count Drugula, I meant to play them for him tonight but we got too lost on planet-x to jack in or out of couch position. Then my cat gave him saucy action. The prominence of the letter L is attributed to the fact that the kid needs a little L-U-V at present. Perhaps from this young yamanba lady and her inexplicable handpanda?
Our old pal Lindstrom making sure Prins Thomas isn't having all the fun in 07.
Lindstrom - Let's Practice (12" Version) [alt link]

Old school lifelike, this is that BANSHEE-WAIL HOUSE MUSIC like you only dream of on ambien. Please don't sue me Belgians, its so not new!
Lifelike - Adventure (Original Mix) [alt link]

This song has my favorite lyric of this week, hands down.
Larry Tee - My Pussy (feat. Amanda Lapore) [alt link]

And by request...
Lily Allen - Smile (Gutter Mix) [alt link]

Hey nick, grab a cream soda and have a lollipop.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Big Wale got some new heat, Rediscover Me. Definitely been feeling Wale since I heard Dig Dug on his mixtape, and especially since that explosion of hot Good Girls remixes.

Wale - Rediscover Me [alt link]

I'm still not sure how I feel about Amy Winehouse, but at least she is getting good MCs on her remixes.

Amy Winehouse and Pharoahe Monch - Rehab Remix [alt link

And you know I loves the new Lloyd and T.I.

Lloyd and T.I. - Shook [alt link]

This last track is one of those tracks that you gotta listen to like four or five times to let is digest in your mind, a real nice and chill beat and 2 of NY's finest on the mics, hip hop aint dead.

Papoose and Nas - Visions [alt link]

Monday, April 23, 2007

Its Fuckin Weezy Baby

Haven't posted any Weezy tracks recently, which is our bad, not his cause there's been plenty of new heat to choose from. Anyways, this is one of my favorites off Da Drought 3. Hot flow over the Mr. Jones beat.

Lil Wayne - Ride 4 My Niggas [alt link]


These tracks are perfect for slapping on the ol' power glove, going right in the socket, and summoning the Zord. First, to follow up Pop Rawkus, some more bass action from the golden boy of dubstep, Herve. The guy brings the THICKEST bass that makes me go crazy. He's completely dark horsing the whole dubsided movement for me right now, his productions have more spark than any Jesse Rose I've heard yet (tho I do have a soft spot for Induceve's Warehouse Shit). Anyway, these remixes are clever, heavy, and are basically guaranteed make you want to strut yr shit or fuck fuck.

Unklejam - Love Ya (Herve Remix)
[alt link]

Hi Jackin' (Herve's Fuck Fuck Remix) ****link removed. Visit Juno Download to purchase the track.

I missed this one back in 04, and only found out about it by following links over at our boy Zartek's Awesome Hall Of Fame, a prime slice of mecha empathy that came out on LA's Computer Life Recordings in 04 and was repressed earlier this year on Clone. This track totally ups the junction on the vox front, with the catchiest "let me hear your heart beat...." this side of Joan Armatrading's Lets go dancing. The beat bops along with a 80s electro throwback, that bounce would be right at home On the Nile, the whole things a crazy wash that really wires my circuits, and would probably stick it to the booty of any deserving dancefloor.

Photocall - Silver Clouds (vox) [alt link]

This is the new money on kompakt. What else do you need? Its the b-side.

Reinhard Voigt - Buerger Sichten Falschgeld
[alt link]

Finally, it's taking everything I've got not to post more of Asa Breed, because I think it just may end up being the album of this year, but the good cats at Ghostly have asked me to kindly refrain from dropping anything other than Deserter, at least for a little while, and I'll oblige. So yeah, I had to remove the Fourtet remix, as beautiful as it was. You can stream deserter here.

Shake It To The Ground/Superstar

Surrender and I are watching a movie for class in the AV center at our college, our professor just came in to find us fastforwarding through the flick with some raging techno coming from Surrender's computer. We were supposed to have watched this movie a while ago.

2 New Blaqstar remixes today. Hot ones. The first is from Pistol Pete and the second is from Tactic

Blaqstar - Shake It To The Ground (Pistol Pete Remix) [alt link]

Blaqstar - Superstar (Tactic Remix) [alt link]

Check Me Out Like

Count of Monte Cristal, aka Herve, is doing it real big. Y'all should definitely pick up the EP.

Count of Monte Cristal - Pussy Suck [alt link]

I did this hot remix of Gucci Man's pillz, using a Jammin Gerald track. It goes.

Pop Rawkus - Gucci Man vs. Jammin Gerald [alt link

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Im Da Shit

Pretty lame and boring weekend here, really made us all yawn for hot jawns. This Paul Wall track is my new anthem.

Unk, Jim Jones, E-40, T-Pain - 2 Step Remix [alt link]

Paul Wall - Im Da Shit [alt link]

Friday, April 20, 2007

Hot Remixes For The Weekend

DJ Phinesse dropped this hot remix of Ciara's Like A Boy a couple of days ago, it should make the dancefloor bang.

DJ Phinesse - Like A Boy (Club Remix) [alt link]

Sinden and Switch remixed that hot Basement Jaxx track.

Basement Jaxx - Hey You (Switch & Sinden Remix) [alt link]

Sinden also did this sweet Count of Monte Cristal remix

Count of Monte Cristal - Ghetto Bitches (Sinden Remix) [alt link]


"I often work by avoidance" -Brian Eno

. Who doesn't love these guys? Handclapped space discopop from Canada!? The boys in Chromeo have delivered some of the chillest, illest tracks in the current electro scene (Mercury Tears comes to mind, the track still slays, what 3 years later? more recently, skope their Feist remix over at the flawless ARAWA). Fancy Footwork is the teaser track for their upcoming followup to 2004's all-phire full length, She's In Control. Their Fancy Footwork Remixes 12" is the hottest newness from Turbo Records, and Mr. Sexor enlisted some HEAVY HITTAZ to remake/remodel this new single, culling talent from Kitsune, Institubes, and his own Turbo rosters. All 3 of the remixers-- Surkin, Guns N Bombs, and D.I.M.-- are artists very high on my radar right now. You can search this blog and others and surely find a loot of their past efforts. And now, they're here for Chromeo. All strong, but the D.I.M. mix is my pick of the litter, I'm really watching these guys like a bird of prey, can't get enough of that damn AIRBUS BABY! Still, peep Surkin's for the totally gnostic turn it takes around the 3:30 mark, and the GNB for biggest fun and dance floor huddles.

Chromeo - Fancy Footwork (Surkin's Rogue Teens Remix) [alt link]
Chromeo - Fancy Footwork (D.I.M. Remix) [alt link]
Chromeo - Fancy Footwork (Guns N Bombs Remix) [alt link]*
*removed by informed suggestion
buy this amazing 12"!!!!

Also, check out this freshly leaked Four Tet remix of the first single off Matt Dear's soon to be released album, Deserter. This is a nice rmx that's the b-side to the promo 12". Biting my teeth for this and Noiser.

Matthew Dear - Deserter (Four Tet Remix) [alt link]*
*removed by label request

From Our Bong To Yours

I'm gonna try to avoid posting a bunch of songs about getting high today. Haha, yeah right. Roll That Shit, Light That Shit, SMOKE IT SMOKE IT SMOKE IT!

Devin The Dude - Nothin To Roll With [alt link]

Devin The Dude ft. Odd Squad - Til Its All Gone [alt link]

DJ Funk - Im So High/Pass It Around [alt link]

DJ Class - RolDatShit [alt link]

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Take a Chill Pill, Boss

Keeping in line with the season, according to William James, Hegel totally makes a lot more sense when you inhale an assload of nitrous oxide. I'd have to disagree with Wm. James and say Hegel makes sense about never, but hey, if he's happy...let the good times roll!

Anywho, for those not celebrating Hitler's birthday or the eighth(?) anniversary of the Colombine shootings, here are some jammers for my domers whom I can't chill with today. Music for getting nice, cuddling up on your boo, and/or walking into the sun. If I wasn't so fucking busy/lazy I would have made a chill-ass mix. My bad, dudes.
Piero Umiliani-Green Valley
Joe GIbbs & the Professionals-Angolian Chant
Jacno-Triangle (ps-Cool dude/guy that manages Semiotext(e) Hedi El Kholti turned me upside down with this track all summer long, which I thought was a super rare French electro jam from the 70s that I would never hear again. But as Surrender pleasantly surprised me back in January, Tigersushi put this on their So Young, but So Cold comp a couple years back. I fucking love this song.)
Rekid-Space 85 (not so much for cuddling as for boning)
King Sunny Ade-365 is my Number/Dial
Piero Umiliani-Pretty
The Field-Kappsta (damn, this track IS good)


Oh No You Didn't!

Tittsworth took it there and remixed the Don Imus track. I'm not sure how this will fly on the dance floor, but I hope everyone at least thinks its funny. Nice work by Titts on this one.

Don Imus-Nappy Headed Ho (Tittsworth Remix) [alt link]

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Old Ish

Found this real old Armand Van Helden tracks while cleaning under my bed today. Real ill shit off an old party breaks record.

Armand Van Helden - A Deep Hip Hop Kinda Love (After Hours Mix) {alt link]

This next track gets one of those Cremaldi seals of approval, meaning its ill shit to play video games and get high to. Some crazy hot french disco track that sounds just too dirty.

Saint Tropez - Femme Fatal [alt link]

On that same disco tip, here's a mad danceable track from Pearly Gates. I dont really know shit about disco.
Pearly Gates - Action [alt link]


Erol Alkan tearing up Sisqo under his Mustapha alias. Thought this was new, turns it I just slept on it. Anyway, it's still a banger.

Mutsapha 3000 - Kongo Thong [alt link]

Now, b oth these tracks are really new and really hot. You've got a brand new Surkin remix, and the new single by the latest signee on Tiga's Turbo Records. Take this money and invest it in some bouncing booties. PS. If you're in Bmore tonight, hit up our boy Dj Gonzo's bday party at the Ottobar.

Paul Johnson - Hot (Surkin Remix) [alt link]

D.I.M. - Airbus Baby
[alt link]

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I loves this ciabatta bread so much I want to take it behind a middle school and get it pregnant

Basswood Lane - Ciabatta Bread
[alt link]


Monday, April 16, 2007


A sure-to-detonate dancefloor nuke from the fantastic Spectral back catalogue. Osborne turns in an infallible remix of Håkan Lidbo's Tic-Tac Tactic, a synth and slap bubbler with a bass hook about as catchy as they come. Osborne brings the house and the heavens from inside his magic box and slides it into the Vanisher from the inside out. This is slightly different from the version I have on vinyl, I think this mp3 may have been ripped from a mixtape (which I couldn't tell you). Buy the EP (SPC-22) for the cleaner take, the original, and the amazing b-side Toothpaste.

The Vanisher - The Tic-Tac Tactic (Osborne's Simulacrum Remix)
[alt link]

On that new old shit tip, thanks to Juno's new reissue series, this track has been brought back to my attention. A rave bomber with a string part that will surely stand out on any dancefloor, Faze Action's In the Trees is simply classic; and if you're a stranger to the original you can now happily remedy it for 12 bucks. Plus, you get this on the flip. The man c2 puts the industry to the symphony and makes this ethereal banger crawl across grimy new ground. Chek it:

Faze Action - In the Trees (Carl Craig C2 Remix #1)
[alt link]

To wrap it up with that new new shit, lets turn to the new Dirty Edits, which come out today and are, as per usual, limited to 1000 copies, hand numbered. It features remixes by Krikor and Pilooski, the former taking a stab at Q Lazarus' anthem (and TRP favorite) Goodbye Horses. You know the tune, from Silence of the Lambs. Krikor's edit EQs it just right, although I'm unsure of his decision to cut the choruses. Pilooski's remix of The The is typically pure class, the man can do little wrong in my eyes at the moment. Head over to alain finkelkrautrock for more music and support them and buy their records (if you can find em, that is. Dirty 5 is here...for now!).

Q Lazzarus - Goodbye Horses (Krikor Edit)
[alt link]

The The - Giant (Pilooski Edit)
[alt link]

Hot Ish

Real hot track from Timbaland, Timberlake and Jay-Z via Benzi. Jay is incredible on this one.

Timbaland, Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake - Laff At Em (Give It To Me Remix) {alt link]

Young Democrats

Boy looka here, kinda a wierd weekend this last one, but whatevs - I made fun of the head of Green Peace in my own house, started smoking green kools, and i havent showered in a grip - now I gotta try to quit smoking again and clean myself up a little before class. Here are some random tracks to start the week off, if you need artist info leave a comment, cuz I dont have time to write more on this blog right now.

Yola - Aint Gon Let Up (Mr. Singh Go-Go Remix) [alt link] - Bubble Gum Rap [alt link]

Juan Atkins - Coke DJ Culture [alt link]

Trademarq - The New Jam [alt link]

Friday, April 13, 2007

Creepy Frights for Friday Nights

Luke Solomon
, the hot new signee on Radio Slave's justifiably hyped to the ceiling label Rekids, has been making ghoulish bangers which concern such stately topics as ghost, brains, and adam's family style macabre. You may have heard him when I dropped the remix of his new track Ghouls by the man CVS last week, but I'm re-upping it here in case you missed it the first time round. Solomon's is that "creepy" not "scary" sound, in that he purveys melodies and tones which evoke the style of monster schlock and b-movies while remaining light-hearted and playful throughout the process. Most importantly, given the above characteristics, it's not cheese. Well worth your time and dollaz.

Luke Solomon - Search and Destroy
[alt link]

Luke Solomon - Ghouls (Claude Vonstroke's Beats From the Grave Remix) [alt link]

To close this off before I go bathe in cat's blood, this new Bjork song is killing me! You may have already heard it but if not, DAMN! WE ARE DE ERRF EN TRUDERS! The lady is never off, so I suppose you'd have to say she's always on.

Bjork - Earth Intruders
[alt link]

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Inevitable Riddim

This is definitely the hottest riddim I've heard in a while. "techno, techno, techno" All these tracks are huge and will definitely kill.

Vybz Kartel - Call Me (Inevitable Riddim) [alt link]

Aidonia - Straight Happiness (Inevitable Riddim) [alt link]

Sizzla - Less Dan Dat (Inevitable Riddim) [alt link]


1) This new Lifelike track is too hot fire, like Alan Braxe butting helmets with The Go Team. Expecting official quality from the album next month. 2) Knight Action's Single Girl is a disco-house staple with one of my all time favorite bustdowns at the 3 minute mark (sorry about the obnoxious CBS outro, but its also kind of funny, right? that same guy is on all my best Gino Soccio trax!!). 3) Larry Levan had it going on. Anyway: enjoy this Chicago Paris NY sandwich, make sure you spread Gwen out like peanut butter, and I hope you appreciate how much little thought went into this selection.

Lifelike - So Electric V2 *Link downed

Knight Action - Single Girl

Gwen Guthrie - Peanut Butter [Larry Levan Mix]

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Spit Yo Game, Grab Yo Gat

Got some hot ghettotech/booty/juke tracks for you. I really like Jammin Gerald, he's huge shit. This first track is just some classic ass shakin music, I think Funk did the remix. The second track has to be one of the hottest tracks ever, a banging ass remix of one of my favorite songs of all time. Chicago is definitely in the house on this post.

Jammin Gerald - Pump On The Floor (Remix) [alt link]

Jammin Gerald - Biggie Trax [alt link]

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Juan Atkins is the shit, gonna try to catch him at this Detroit Music Thing

Frequency - Frequency Express [alt link]

Model 500 - Ok Corral [alt link]


Whasup whasup!? Pussy Wallpaper was off the hook this week, Surrender says this is my illest mix yet and you know his was boss, too bad we couldnt record it. We also had some nice impromtu itunes live mixing from Honeyman and Drugula. We'll be throwing down again tonight on Grinnell College radio KDIC, and we'll get the mixes up here quickly this time.

DJ Pop Rawkus - Pussy Wallpaper 4/3/07

Dawg E Slaughter-Spread The Love
Garina Noite & Dia Ft Puto Chela & Dama Rosa - Mete Mete, Tira Tira
Dog Murras-Conversa Co`Mannando
Mark Ronson (Dirty South Remix)
K Life-Pussy The Bomb
Rod Lee-Pony
Sinden Vs Blaqstar-Shake It To The Beeper
Rod Lee-Water Dance
Scottie B-Through The Fire

Dance Mania W/ Lil Louis

Been downloading a lot of old Dance Mania records and came across this nice one, Lil Louis' 1988 release DM015. I cant really write that much about this because a) I dont know anything about it and b) Im quitting smoking and just dont feel like it.

Lil Louis - Wargames (Ass Backwards Mix) [alt link]

Lil Louis - 7 Days of Peace [alt link]


I've said it before, it will be said trice: Mutant Sounds has to be about the best thing on the internet ever. Now, we 'audio bloggers' like to pet ours egos by believing that we're wasting time spreading 'new tunes' to 'the people', disseminating info into the infinite interweb. Then you have a group of fuckers like these guys who not only upload several so-obscure-it-was-probably-found-in-a-trashcan records and tapes a day, but they've got info and images to boot! Images and info!!! These dodeburgers have me pasted to my screen for hours on end, waiting out the RapidShare holding period in hopes of receiving God's Love (do click, that shit is still funny after a full round of college).
Anywho, this post is prompted by yet another bomb-ass record those dudes have been kind enough to pass along Cecil Leteur's (aka Roger Roger) moog mélange, Pop Electronique. They're missing two tracks, but I'm not complaining. At least I didn't have to pay the ∞ Euros to get a material copy of this one like Mr. Fourtet, who sampled this sucker heavily for his Madvillain remixes. In case your indexer is wary about doing the hyper thang, here's a nibble (sound of hand patting self on back).

Cecil Leteur-Pop Electronique No. 2
Cecil Leteur-Pop Electronique No. 4

Well, as long as we're on the subject of good ol' Kieran, here's two slabs of post-rock from the upcoming rebirth of Fridge (The Sun LP is due in June, I think). One of my major musical moments came about 6 years ago during my first vist to the Record Collector in Ann Arbor while on an art history field trip with mom. I was just browsing through a bunch of names I didn't recognize, listening to an album (the brilliant Eph) that I thought was boring, when all of sudden ****SNAP****
...things changed. None of that magic in these tracks, but at least there's plenty of mallets!