Thursday, May 31, 2007


I havent been able to spend as much time downloading new music as I want to, but I got time to throw up these old Dance Mania bangers for Surrender. DJ Rush

DJ Rush - Ladybug [alt link]

Vincent Floyd - I'm So Deep [alt link]

Low End Theory (Debo & DJ Deeon) - Let Me Bang (Remix) [alt link]

And, a super chilled house remix of MJ by Frankie Knuckles. Obviously not a Dance Mania banger.

Micheal Jackson - Wanna Rock With You (Frankie Knuckles Remix) [alt link]

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Clearly I need to stay more abreast on the Vulture release schedule. It almost passed me by that ALAN BRAXE and Kris MENACE have a new 12" coming out next week, and it is absolutely balls-out MF diesel.

Alan Braxe & Kris Menace - Lumberjack
[removed with respect]

Sorry to bombard you with all these posts in a day, but new braxe = big news, donchyathink?

Let's Make It 4, for Sean

Another banger off Armand's new album. This time with help from Roxy and Lacole Campbell, who I cant find any myspace or anything for. If you havent already bought AVH's new album, you should.

Armand Van Helden feat. Roxy Cottontail and Lacole "Tigga" Campbell - Playmate [alt link]

And, as a bonus, here is Solid Groove's rub of AVH's Hear My Name

AVH - Hear My Name (Solid Groove Hear My Rub Mix) [alt link]

Oh Shit

People should dance to this. Unruly

The Rapture - WAYUH (Scottie B Remix) [alt link]


Early summer calls for summer heat. I don't know if our readers are mostly of the ages wherein the summer break still exists as a beacon of gettin nasty, but I hope for their sake that in some way, summer means easy living, sweaty drinking, and half-naked lovelys. For me, the beat of the summer calls out in deep and ghetto house: Peacefrog, Relief, early Dance Mania, the sort of stuff you might have heard for the first time on Daft Punk's essential mix back in 97.

This track goes back to 96. TRP clearly has huge props for Armand Van Helden in all of his psychotic glory and house-based fury. Plus, he gets tremendous respect for having his biggest success be a leftfield hard-house remix of a Tori Amos song. DJ Sneak is another master of the art of making sweaty house, I know him mostly thru AVH, as a remixer, and from his track Funky Rhythm, which I've heard rear its spoken word call-to-arms in many the club (particularly in its AVH incarnation, because these guys work too well together). I need to get more Sneak. This 9 minute beat-em-up epic, from Relief 767 Hardsteppin Disko Selection, has more progressions than your average nervous breakdown. Pardon the short skit, murderously disco horns soon ensue, giving way to the bounciest pinball bass-line you need for maiming your girlfriend or dog. Mongoloids in the mothafuckin house!!!

Armand Van Helden and DJ Sneak - Psycho Bounty Killaz' [alt link]

I really appreciate that icons like Paul Johnson finally have an outlet like Myspace to post the giant collages they make of different pictures of themselves. Paul Johnson is the man, I'm pretty burnt-out so you should just do your homework on this one. The guy is a house legend, and his shit goes deep. You know a lot of his tracks even if you don't 'know' them, and- in addition to having the perfect title for this post- this song off this classic album on Peacefrog, Feel the Music, will be essential listening in a couple weeks when that new Mr. Oizo EP drops and Patrick 122 starts blowing up the club, because that Gary's Gang sax has been worked over at least once before, 10 years ago.

Paul Johnson - Summer Heat [alt link]

Now to end on that DM tip. Let it be said that Pop Rawkus totally beat me to this label, I really have only just started collecting their catalogue while he's been at it a good while. But in terms of ghetto-house and techno, Dance Mania is the bar. Here's a classic off DM113, the unforgettable Ghetto Shout Out EP (you can find the immortal A-side here), wise words to guide your summer, straight from the man Mitch.

The Parris Mitchell Project - Bitches and Money [alt link]

Monday, May 28, 2007

Farewell Andy

Tis a sad time for Central Iowans. WHOTV's Andy Fales from SoundOff is leaving for Kansas City

Im finally getting settled into my new place, still havent gotten my turntables up, so its just been itunes and ableton recently, oh well. Got some bangers for yas. The first is a slammin remix of that Cream track that is getting so much love. This is one of those remixes that doesnt sound anything like the original, a much more mellow vibe, but still crazy good. El Carlitto's myspace

Federico Franchi - Cream (El Carlitto Remix) [alt link]

This Spank Rock remix of Coldcut and Roots Manuva is super fly. Its not so new, but I dont think its gotten the attention it deserves. Roots Manuva has been on my top list since that "I Wont Rhyme Over No Trance" track and of course eerbody loves Spank.

Coldcut and Roots Manuva - True Skool (Spank Rock Remix) [alt link]

On the Grenada tip, thanks to Professor Sound, we got some heat from Baby Killa. Now, I dont know if this guy kills babies, or is in fact a baby who kills, but its heat.

Baby Killa - Spice Isle Rock [alt link]

Got some more hot go go, thanks to Mr. Singh over at fathertronix. A sweet ass cover of Jay-Z/Linkin Park by

CCB - Encore/Numb [alt link]

This AVH track aint so new, but I just discovered it and have been slamming it on replay. Armand sounds like a wierd dude, but he sure can make some heat.

Armand Van Helden - Everytime I Feel It [alt link]

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Gangstas and Pimps

This song kinda sums up the kind of people who write for this blog, especially Count Drugula.

Twin of Twins and Damian Marley - Gangstas and Pimps [alt link]

And cot damn, if Surrender aint the 8th person with this song on a youtube video or something to ask what/who it is.

Federico Franchi - Cream [alt link]

Gotta throw up my own mash of Cream and Tameil

Pop Rawkus - All The Kids Like Franchi's Cream


Some tunes to bliss out to on a sweaty saturday afternoon. If you're in the NY area tonight, come down to Rififi and celebrate our boy Cousin Cole's birthday. I'll be there quenching my thirst.

*Edit: the man KRAMES has been added to the bill as well (!!!). This will be the spot tonight. Y'all don't want no medium krames.

Krames - T to the A
[alt link]

Now, for the weekend therapy.

Jence - Pogo Galactica [alt link]
One half of Digitalism, Jence dropped this 12" in '05 on Systematic. Interesting to hear how far Pogo has come.

Demon - Happy Therapy (Lifelike Mix)

I could transcend to this for hours. Lifelike, literally. I couldn't figure where this had come from. As per usual, I copped it from Asrestlessasweare. Donson is always one step ahead of me, that tricky bastard, y'all should get down on his blogstyle. Sean, have you heard the Shapeshifters remix yet?

DJ Mehdi- Your Way or Mine?
[alt link]
Something sweaty and lethargic to sneak around corners in dark summer alleys. The a-side to the Arcade Mode 7" Mehdi split with Kavinsky.

Unklejam - What Am I Fighting For? (LA Priest Remix)
[alt link]
Let's bring it up a notch, this track starts out like some Hughes House, only to explode into a bass'd out gospel disco funk-em-up. Thanks to the good folk at nile-on for hooking this one up.

Friday, May 25, 2007

On The Move

As Surrender noted, we are in transition here at TRP. Both David and Nick and moving across the country, then across the globe and I am moving on up, to a deluxe appartment in the sky (seriously, cheap rent and so much floor space). Eventually David will be back in Iowa and sometime after that all of us will be in a city near you doing weekly kuduro/uffie mashup parties (yeah right). Anyways, none of us will be on the regular posting grind until we can figure out our summer grind in general. Until then, our posts should be sporadic.
I been grooving on the DC Go Go recently, the Northeast Groovers seem to be the best at doing Go Go. These shows must be a fucking blast.

Northeast Groovers - Goosebumps [alt link]

Northeast Groovers - Booty Call [alt link]

Got some crazy heat from Mr. Smooth. A sick ass rework of Emmanual Splice's Meatball.

Mr. Smooth - Meatball Sub [alt link]

Thank god its summertime. GFK sounds ill as shit on this track.

Beyonce feat. Ghostface Killah - Summertime [alt link]

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Sorry it's been kind of a while since I've hit it on this tip. In fact, after a record week here at TRP, we all had to kindly step down from The Game for a few days. You see, we masquerade around this constructed reality as unshakable avatars of the beat. In actuality, our roots are tenuous and our existences itinerant, and all three of us are in the process of a relocation of some sort, as represented by the following flow chart:

Count Drugula: Iowa ---> Ohio ---> Philly ---> Queens
Surrender: Iowa ---> Newark ---> Brooklyn ---> Tokyo
Ben (P. Rawkus): Iowa ---> Iowa ---> Denver ---> Iowa

Exciting stuff. The brunt of this of course falls on you, the daily reader, in the form of delays. We all apologize, and hope you can empathize with the plight of a few boompty-boom-lovin' nomads trying to balance bringing you the bump for your rump and establishing themselves in new locations simultaneously.

That said, let's get this rolling right. Trevor Loveys has the next release coming out on Dubsided, and not only is it a fat squelcher, it takes one of my favorite samples (whatever Shadow sampled for Organ Donor, anyone know it?) and kicks its face in.

Trevor Loveys & Sinden - Organ Grinder [alt link]

Support the label, buy all the DSD you can find stateside.

Oh, Green Velvet, you remain something special. I don't if Ben has heard this track yet, but once he sees it tear up the club (preferably in this form, its DJ Sneak uber-mix), he'll know who makes his mac and cheese bites. "I like electro I like retro I like ghetto house and techno!" This song is unstoppably awesome.

Green Velvet - Shake & Pop (DJ Sneak Remix)
[alt link]

OK, so what's the deal with this? Seriously, can someone explain this? I keep seeing it floating around under the names of either/both of the Ed Banger heavyweights SebastiAn and Mr Oizo. According to sources of varying cred, it is in fact an Oizo mix that comes from a rip from a SebastiAn live set, hence the confusion. Either way, its an interesting track with a fun build-up, and sounds like, well, Ed Banger trying their hand at so obvious its quirky MD 90's rock samples.

Rage Against the Machine - Killing in the Name (Mr Oizo remix)
[alt link]

The Ark - Sucubz (Mr Oizo Remix)
[alt link]

To wrap it up, driving from Iowa to New Jersey in under 20 hours without stopping requires a) Daft Punk's essential mix, b) AM/talk radio, and c) my Lifelike/Kris Menace mix. Unstoppable shit for cruising into novacaine sunrises.... Menace in 07: it just seems right!

Roisin Murphy - Overpowered (Kris Menace Instrumental)
[alt link]

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


No, not just the sorrority ho's titties, but the real deal himself, Tittsworth, one of Baltimore's young all star producer/DJs. Known for recent bangers like the P.M. Dawn and D.A.N.C.E. remixes, and past heat like I Whip Pussy and the hottest Dance My Pain Away mix I ever heard. Well, Tittsworth is doing a show at The Picador in Iowa City (yes, I realize that 90%+ of you have never been to Iowa, but we rep hard these days). I hear the Picador is a real great venue, so if you're in Chicago, Madison, The Twin Cities, KC, Saint Louis, or anything like that, it would be worth your time to check it out.

Tittsworth's recent discobelle set direct
Nate Unique Doing a Sinden Set direct
Steve Blank Makes Cake zshare
C-Minus Alive


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hella Heat

LL Young V comes in with some summer heat. Super.

Curtis Vodka - Eastside Westside Bounce To This [alt link]

Wow, Uffie made a hot track. Like, real hot. I love this shit. Hella different than anything I've heard from her before.

Uffie - First Love [alt link]

Also, Charlotte K. from Popluxxxe sent us this mix a bit ago. Its real chill, made as part of some application for an academy.

Charlotte K. - 2AM In Vienna (Rave In The Bedroom)

Friday, May 18, 2007


Count Drugula is narrating this post from inside yours truly, and we're here to bring you some music to murder Rolling Stone reporters to (we have two corpses in our closet right now). Coming at you like a pressure cooker with a nosebleed, Noiser is music for lacerating, for slicing your shoe in a deli-cutter to the thickness of a katana and taking it at a diagonal through your dome. This is the newest construction in Audion's vibrant and growing metropolis of falling skyscrapers, which I and my royal inner-I imagine to be like Re-boot or Disc World, respectively. This track grew on me a lot over the past few weeks; so, if you think its too heavy, give it time. Seriously.

Audion - Noiser
[alt link]

Buy it from ghostly when it comes out, buy fine releases from spectral now. For all those that say fuck the ethereal, give me something i can run up escalators to.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Snake Eyes

If you feel like shit, this post is for you.
Well, I'm only 5 hours into it, but today is already the absolute pits. I had one of those world-crashing-down-upon-you moments during which I obtained a sudden insight into the minds of those baddies in movies like Snake Eyes or Spellbound who realize their devilish lil' plans have fallen to parts and they opt to turn the gun on themselves than to face the long, hard road towards redemption. Now, I don't own a gun nor do I want to kill myself, but I do now understand better that myopia. So what's a boy in da corner to do? Well, blog, I guess, so we can wash one another in the soapy bubbles of chill tunes and flittering melodies... Go panoramic, baby!

Now, I don't know what the general mood about Electrelane is, but personally these folx play that brand of indieness I just can't enough of--chugging harmonies, slick grooves, and a drummer who boasts a PhD in philosophy from Oxford. Ahh, why do these bands only seem to come from the UK?!?! The lasses have a new album out, No Shouts, No Calls, which is less angsty than their last album, the delightful Axes, but no less challenging to anyone looking for insta-pop gratification (besides "To the East", all the songs on this album deserve more than just an easy listenin'). So here are two gemeralds that I feel capture the general sense of the album, which is that of an emotional gradient. Also, since we're already on the British indie rock tip, here's another jem from one of my favorites, Quickspace.
Electrelane-Five [alt link]
Electrelane-Cut and Run [alt link]


Engaging in a bit of internet narcissism yesterday, I came across the Dutch blog Camping Disco who, on mandaag, was boasting an extended remix of the banging The Who song "Eminence Front." Since mijn nederlands is niet zo goed, it took about 20 minutes of reading one dinky paragraph to deduce that this blogger had no idea who did this remix or its origins (it ain't on discogs). But it only took a minute of listening to realize that IT OWNS! Slow synths, sexy vocal, solid groove. I'm in love.

The Who-Eminence Front (Extended Remix)

And now to end with a bit of regression. Here are two beautiful songs to give up to off of Raymond Scott's Soothing Sounds for Babies collection.
I wrote this in a crib.

Raymond Scott-Tempo Block
Raymond Scott-Little Miss Echo


Oh man, I knew about this one coming, but wasnt expecting it to be this hot. One of my favorite rappers, Pharoahe Monch done got remixed by my favorite remix team Sinden and Count Of Monte Cristal for a fucking slamming ass track. Usually I try to break you off with the highest bitrate I can get, but with this one I did the opposite. I dropped it to 128 because you need to go out and cop this yourself when it drops, sorry.

Pharoahe Monch - Body Baby (Count Of Monte Cristal & Sinden Remix) [alt link]

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

leaks and peeks and peaks and peaks

Knowing how y'all would just about strangle a rabid monkey army for another taste of that "new Justice", and yet unimpressed with the bulk of of the "new tracks" on the † LP, I was thinking about posting this rare Justice track that I found from '05, off the Toxic compilation that came out on Because Music two or so years back. Pink Palace sources suggest that this may not be a Justice original but a remix of Scenario Rock's "skitzo dancer." Either way I was surprised to find it tacked on as the twelfth track on the new album when I finally sunk my fangs into a leak, and the tracklisting that's circling confirms this. Due to some recycling on the part of Ed Banger, I'm not sure whether this track qualifies as a Justice rarity or a leak, but either way its crunchy but steady like the hand of the Kraut.

Justice - One Minute To Midnight
[alt link]

Its the truth, the album has more sick bridges than your average river, but I can't really see myself spinning much/any of the new material on the dance floor (i mean justice, where's the real follow-up to Waters of Nazareth?). Though the album cuts have a nice funky bite, they don't really bang like any of the previously released material. It's still going to be a huge fucking album, and you still can't knock their breakdowns for crescendoing headphone ascension, but listening to Count Drugula calling them shameless Tenebre-thieves for months on end has started to wear in somehow. Plus, I'm not feeling Stress at all, really, I just don't see the dancefloor potential. I'm sort of lukewarm on you right now, Ed Banger. Sorry.

Edit: All said above still applies, but this is a hot track, scope that bridge!
Justice - New Jack [alt link]

Apparently french guys love making GIFs! Anyway, more Bump N Crunch right here, hot new release on Institubes just dropped, Surkin's Fireworks Refired. If you want grungy techno that percolates to strange new boiling points, Surkin should be your boyfriend. This new release is chock with remixes by Riot in Belgium, Tacteel and (godfather of ghetto house!!!) DJ Slugo, also some ripe reworkings by the man(child) himself, and a couple new numbers. Cop it while its hot.

Surkin - Radio Fireworks (909 Edit) [alt link]
Surkin - Kiss 'N' Horns (Vengeance Edit)
[alt link]

And finally, in case you ever thought they left it, the Chemical Brothers are totally back in the game. Anyone fortunate enough to hear the cascading bumpty bump symphony that descended to earth to mascarade under the human name "Electronic Battle Weapon 8" could tell you that these dodes are always three steps ahead. Their forthcoming "We Are the Night" LP promises many delectables, Do It Again being the first fruit. If you haven't heard the single get on it (click the image above), this is epic stuff, interpreting new movements in dance as fast as it internalizes them, with vocals that grip right to the very essence of chant ritual. And then what's this: an Audion remix?! Well, paint my face and bang my drum, bitches!

Chemical Brothers - Do It Again (Audion's House Arrest Remix) [alt link]

p.s. we've been getting a lot of visitors lately, and i thought id throw it out there that we really dig comments. i mean if a thousand people a day can't strike up a discourse on dance music, then maybe i should think about shifting mediums or doing the cabbage patch in a sandwich board or something. we just want your sweet attention. seriously.

Shit I Been Feeling

crazy picture

Been banging out the pages of my school finals to these bangers. Got a lot of work to do still, so I cant write too much. Just know that all of these are fantastic tracks and you should definitely check out and buy some of the artists' work.

Armand Van Helden
Carl Craig
DJ Deeon

Armand Van Helden - Go Crazy feat. Majida [alt link]

Party Crashers Unite - Put Your Hands 4 NY [alt link]

Sebastian - Walkman (Re-edit) [alt link]

Carl Craig - Darkness (from Radio Slave's Misch Masch CD) [alt link]

DJ Deeon - The Freaks [alt link]

New C&J/P-Murder

via, we got some ill mixery from Caps and Jones and Professor Murder.

"Here's a twenty-odd minute mixtape me and Jonesy did with Professor Murder back in February before they went on a mini-tour with Ratatat. Check it out!"

Direct Link

New Kitsune

Major heat today in the form of tracks off the new Kitsune Maison vol. 4 compilation. Grabbed these tracks of fathertronix yesterday, but because I had written 15 pages for school, I didnt really feel like posting anything. I'm not exactly sure when you can buy this new compilation, but You can check the Kitsune website. These three tracks are the best of what I've heard so far.

Numero# - Hit Pop [alt link]

Guns N Bombs - Crossover Appeal [alt link]

Passions - Emergency [alt link]

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Cataracs

Snap, snap, snap, snap, snap. This is some real heat here. I posted those two blueberry tracks yesterday and then found this whole free cd by the Cataracs, Technohop Vol 2. Grab the whole cd here on their myspace. After first hearing the two tracks featuring The Pack and Mistah F.A.B., I was expecting to get mostly minimal hyphy beats and thizzed out flows, but after a listen through the cd, this is much more than that. Real nice lyrics over some real fucking dope beats, the hooks are super simple and catchy, so they'll definitely bang in the club. It reminds me a lot of Plastic Little. Make sure you go get the full cd, its free and real good.

The Cataracs - Grind x Shine [alt link]

The Cataracs - Cookies [alt link]

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Dirty Snaps

Big ups to Surrender, its his 21st birthday today (we're all tauruses at TRP) and last night dude done did it to the floor.

Got a request for some dirty rap songs last night, and I didnt even think of playing this banger by Lava House & Boosie. Its definitely rap, and most definitely dirty.

Lava House Records feat. Lil Boosie - Fuck You Back [alt link]

Dont know much about Ali & Gipp, but I sure am feeling this track. Real nice beat and pretty dope flows.

Ali & Gipp - Almost Made Ya [alt link]

The Cataracts and Mistah F.A.B. - Blueberries [alt link]

The Cataracts and The Pack - Blueberry Afghani [alt link]

Now Hard, Now Soft

Hard and slow, fast and soft: these are the coordinates within which we're operating upon our plane of dance today, folx. It's Surrender's 21st and though he's already hit it hard, and I don't have any money to buy him one of those massages he likes so darn much, let's give it to him aurally and take him higher (higher!).
Let's start ruff:

Being a casual breakcore listener (cuz I'm a pretty casual chum), discovering that Hecate (nooo, not that Hecate) recorded an album solely out of samples of her having sex with Venetian Snares during a 2-week tour caused my ears to flitter a tad. She released the fruits of their labor on 2003's Nymphomatriach, from which this stand-out track "Pervs" is taken from.
Yep, that's about it.
They're boning and I wanted to listen to it and you probably will too.

Hecate-Pervs [alt link]

Now for a real treat: The indefatigable techno writer Philip Sherburne (who has a nice, if not over-sentimental and doting, cover story on Matthew Dear in this month's XLR8R) did a heavy write-up of the new Patrick Pulsinger collection a couple weeks back and I've been banging that shit ever since. This is some hard, thoughtful electronic boogaloo--a collection of three EPs culled from 12 years of production. The whole thing will shake your ass off of your body, but the last third of the mother (and the most current) is where the serious rumblepack action comes into play. Thus, we have for you "Roule", a no-nonsense hybrid future craft that rests upon equal parts rigid high-end arpeggiations ("TYOC Painkillers" comes to mind) and an undulating dub-step/housey bass engine that will fuel your next revolution.

Patrick Pulsinger-Rouleur [alt link]

Alright, now off to the space hotel. Well, this space hotel seems stuck in Northern Europe as I can't help but put up some of the recent delicacies by everybody's favorite nordic sweethearts. I know we and everyone else already put up a-side to "Let's Practice", but spinning that shit last night, I realized the dub is where it's at, with the pitch moved up like 6%. Oh yeah, that shit's rich. And I've been meaning to get the Bebel Gilberto remix disc ever since I heard the Prins Thomas mix (sooo blissful), and now I have this dub version and I just can't choose! It's tough to blog (or is it lame? I can never remember...)

Lindstrøm&Solale-Let's Practice [alt link]
Bebel Gilberto-Bring Back the Love (Prins Thomas Remix) [alt link]
Bebel Gilberto-Bring Back the Love (Prins Thomas Dub) [alt link]

Also, this new L.S.B. single is something of a beacon call to a new genre I hereby christen "Hughes House." Serious space disco with dem crunchy electric guitars that Molly Ringwald would just love to make out to. Surrender will be making his contribution soon enuff...

L.S.B.-Fog [alt link]

Saturday, May 12, 2007

God is Everywhere!!

Yes, feel the love. Seek out the primordial unity in your non-self and collapse the buildings because we've got something from........

Super Roots 9 has been dropped on Japan and now it can be dropped on your face virtue of the intranow. Yes, this is what heaven sounds like. It's one of those records/performances that I could just blah blah blah on about for hours, so instead, let it eat your face and we can talk about it later:

Wanna hear something funny. So like this improv super-group, Original Silence--consisting of the lights of Jim O'Rourke, Thurston Moore, relentless drummer Paul Nilssen-Love, and some other cool cats--are actually kind of loud! Heh heh, talk about NOT truth in advertising! Yeah...

Anywho, whether you're a fan of folks dicking around on their instruments without a set plan or not, this recording is bound to make even the most meticulous bedroom producer rethink their methodology. Reason is, this album is FIERCE and immediate. Sure, it lags at points, but these high-caliber musicians always keep it moving forward, either locking into an "angular" groove or smashing it to bits. Regardless of where it goes, they've managed to make a truly FUN and forceful record that puts a lot of the younger cats out there to shame. Dig it, man:
Original Silence-If Light Has No Age, Time Has No Shadow

And now to truly make this post a non-sequiter, I leave you with some tracks from late-90s, early 00s LA band Figurine's debut LP, Transportation+Communication=Love released on the awesomely-named Blackbean&Placenta Tape Club. Turns out Jimmy Tamborello of Postal Service and DNTEL fame cut his teeth in this electro-pop group, which explains the monotone male vocals and oh-so emo yearning that drips over every track. Nevertheless, I've been bouncing around to this all week and when I close my eyes super tight, I can pretend that this was the follow-up to The Return of The Rentals. It's sappy music for sappy cyborgs. 01101 (that's "fuck you, haters" in binary code for all you r-tards out there).
Figurine-I Wait for you by the Telephone
Figurine-New Millenium Song
Figurine-Secret Track

Put Yr Rags In The Air

Got this from El P and its a super soca banger. Again with the kelly clarkson style, hot hot hot.

Zolah - Fly Away [alt link]

There's this real hot reggae remix EP of Lily Allen's LDN. Personally, I think this General Levy one is real nice. And, there's not too much of Lily, so you can listen to it without cringing that much.

General Levy & Lily Allen - Mad LDN [alt link]

Definitely been feeling this Collie Budz song.

Collie Budz - Come Around [alt link]

SURPRISE!!!! This isnt only a Carribean post.

Got that new Armand Van Helden album, and its pretty fucking awesome. Seriosuly, maybe the best album so far this year, its even getting more play than the new BTNH for me.

AVH - I Want Your Soul [alt link]

Friday, May 11, 2007


Whoa, maybe I shouldn't wait until I'm already drunk on the Friday after my finals to blog, but oh well. I opened my persocon to find Usher smirking at me, and knew I had a mission, to bump his smug face down a peg with a new post. Also, we try to keep this daily, but when we're all fucked up the ass with work it can be hard. My life this week has been stimulants, Japanese, ableton, and white russians. There is no higher truth.

Whoa, so first Lifelike's lawyers threaten to sue us and then Work It Baby sends us a new Kris Menace track!? It's a crazy world, kids. Well, it's a "Kris Menace Presents...", which is pretty much what Lifelike was about a year ago, right? Also, this new group is called Trilogyy, and is presented by kris menace, serge santiago & tom neville.... is this to say that it is the trilogy of these three artists? I don't know, but I LOVE WORK IT BABY AND SO DO YOU (its just a question of whether you know it yet).

Trilogyy - Apocolypse Rock
[alt link]

Joseph Mount comes down with another bliss rmx. This is one of those la-la-la songs, by a UK indie band that might be hot, I wouldn't be the one to tell one.

Get Capes Wear Capes Fly - I Spy (Metronomy Remix)
[alt link]

So, I really like Tigerbeat6, Shockout, and TigerBass. Like a lot. Eats Tapes are officially whackjobs, and this new 12" which pairs them with the Soft Pink Truth is like mixing milk and vodka: it bites you and then kisses the wound.

Eats Tapes - Mystery Of The Rainforest Judy Works The Forest Remix (The Soft Pink Truth Remix)
[alt link]

That's the code the hacker in Clear and Present Danger uses to hack the government supercomputer.....

And finally, two of this summer's bigger (and most hyped) electronic debuts leaked this week: Justice and Digitalism. I had my doubts about Digitalism, but-- and its still too early to say-- BUT Idealism could be a really solid full-length. The new tracks are nice, the old tracks seem to be in new mixes that add some much-appreciated continuity to the whole. The album is epic, rich with After-Daft harmonies and deconstructions, and you know what, I'm still not sick of subversions of the Zdarlight breakdown! Maybe I never will be!

I don't know which of the new tracks have or haven't gotten play on other blurgs. I know those in the nose have already gotten The Pulse in their domes, as well as the title track. Here are some of my other picks. What do y'all think of Idealism????

DIgitalism - Echoes
[alt link]
Digitalism - Moonlight [alt link]

And as for Justice, well, I'm going to hit the disco so I'll leave it for another day. But for now...

Justice - DVNO [alt link]