Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New Pilooski!!

Hooray for Pilooski and hooray for D*I*R*T*Y. They've been getting big ups ever since I first heard Pilooski's edit of Frankie Valli's "Beggin" and now two new beachside bangers from the Man, Cédric Marszewski. The first, a remix of Jackson Jones off the forthcoming installment in the righteous Dirty Edits series (always quality, tasteful edits of soulful old n golden jams). The second is an original, his first since A Peu Prais. This new track, out on Benjamin Diamond's Diamond Traxx label, is really something, warm and stuttering, a beat mashed r&b foot stomper for dusty gramophones wired thru NI Traktor. Eat and live, love and enjoy.

Jackson Jones - I Feel Good (Pilooski Edit)
[thanks to dilated choonz]
Pilooski - Can't There Be Love? [alt link]
buy the 12"!!! and check out his new mix for alain finkelkrautrock, a new site has quickly thrust itself into top of the blogosphere with crazy obscuros, wacky ytubing, and timeless edits
Pilooski - For Mutant Children Only


TRP: Three months old, 100 posts young. Thanks to all our readers for all the hitz and downloads (and the comments, nasty and nice, we like em all!). Now lets open them presents.

Yuksek - Sorry [alt link]
Something else French in English, hip and naaaasty.

Gilberto Gil & Jorge Ben - Taj Mahal
[alt link]
My (and Rod Stewart's) favorite Tropicalia song (thanks Hunto!)

Stardust - Music Sound Better With You, video by Michel Gondry (YouTube)

So Solid Screw -21 Seconds
[alt link]
One of my favorite Grime tracks, this goes back to Summer '01. Did you see me on the video? Ho, no. Doin it real big this week with 2step and the GAYRage. If you like this stuff drop a comment and I'll do a big garage post.

DC Snipers - Note to Self
[alt link]
And now to end with something completely different. This is that hot new NJ shit, seems to me that DC snipers are the coolest band in the Garden State right now. Mixing Flipper, Gang of Four, and, uh, murder, these guys have crafted an epic masterpiece of sludge and fuck on their debut full-length, Missile Sunset (buy it here). It came out about a year ago but has only been heard I think in small circles.. another gift from Hunto but I heard it first on the WFMU cherry blossom clinic over the summer (in fact, you can listen to a live set the Snipers did for that fine program at FMU archives). Definitely keep this on yr radar.

No Last.Fm right now, its doing a poor job of hiding how much blink ive listened to this week

Curtis Vodka, Bust A Nut

The big dude from Alaska just dropped this remix of The Silversun Pickups over at Fathertronix. He, like me, has never really heard of the Silversun Pickups, but they sound pretty cool. Its a really mellow song that Curtis added some nice drums to so you can bob yo head to it. At about the 4:45 mark it picks up into a banger.

Curtis Vodka-Lazy Eye Edit [alt link]

Also, the newest Blentcast features Curtis Vodka. You can download that here. Best blentcast since the BBC once.

Hit up Curtis Vodka's myspace here

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What murder? L.O.V.E. TO YOUR MOTHER

Seriously Pop Rawkus. We on that good vibes shit real hard. Time to show yall how love brings it back. Ben Diamond is best known as the least known member of Stardust, the French house supergroup he, Alan Braxe, and Thomas Bangalter formed in 1998 to record music's greatest deliberate one-hit wonder, the immortal Music Sounds Better With You. The whole experience of writing "the greatest song of the millenium" left Diamond feeling displaced. Resultantly, his solo career has been pretty varied, I'm a big fan of 2000's Strange Attitude. Little Scare stands out to me, an Xd-out romp thru a blacklit garden of Japanese toadstools and neon flowers that hug everybody.

Benjamin Diamond - Little Scare [alt link]

Gotta rep New Jersey with the remix... Todd Edwards, forefather of 2step and pioneer of current vocal sampling trends provides this funneling rework. Yerp yerp Newark!

Benjamin Diamond - Little Scare (Todd Edwards Main Vocal Remix)
[alt link]

Other "news": woke up this morning to find two enticing myspace bulletins (har har). One from Pharrell detailing the following Parisian soire:

Worth expatriating, if you ask me. Also, mail from 8bit wunderkids Crystal Castles; they have bestowed another gearcrank anthem upon our domes. In case you aren't their friend or don't read Missingtoof...

Crystal Castles vs The Little Ones - Lovers Who Uncover
[alt link]

Mur, mur,mur,mur,mur,mur,mur,mur,mur, murder

We love Low B here at TRP. Maybe our favorite dude in Hollertronix? For the moment, probably. He and DSJ run it as Trilladelphia, and with tracks like this next, he runs it on his own. Real simple club remix of Damian Marley, but shit bangs super hard. This is new and in my opinion better than the previous Low B works of Jamrock

Low Budget-Call It Murder [alt link]

Monday, January 29, 2007

Shit, more love

Well, in the attempt to delude myself that I live in a hellscape and further encapsulate myself in my media chamber, I've been soundtracking the day as if the Smashing Pumpkins' video for "Today" was going on in my room, with a bunch of sexy alt-rockers making out on the sun dappled hillside and Billy Corgan trolling around, touching himself. In short, I'm trying to cook up a pot of positivity like one might a kettle of meth (shit, it beats reading Aries' The Hour of Our Death).
The Pale Fountains' Long Shot For Your Love sounds like Arthur Lee moving to Liverpool in the late 70s, detoxing on herbal tea and petit fours, and becoming obssessed with some fag like Wilde or Baudelaire->Love goes Fey. I can't say I usually get down to much of the 80s fey pop stuff, but The Pale Fountains definitely deliver the good vibes, while keeping you on your toes and your heart in your mouth. Here are the bangers:
The Pale Fountains-Just a Girl
The Pale Fountains-Longshot for Your Love
The Pale Fountains-Thank You (the raw fire)


With even more L-O-V-E. Thomas Bangalter is probably chilling in a mansion in Beverly Hills with a bunch of hoes and blow, but back in 2000 he and DJ Falcon threw down the house and tore the roof of it with this track. Sound becomes radiation, booming forward like a ghettoblaster on a coked out lovestorm. Let it love you, you will love it, it brings fire to the raw, it brings that Daft to the floor and takes it home and bangs it.

Thomas Bangalter & DJ Falcon - I Got So Much Love to Give
[alt link]

Feeling Good, Feeling Hate

On Saturday, I was feeling all great about existence and stuff, but in no time, the Grinnell College Brand Malaise has set in and now I want to get the fuck out of Iowa, shed my shell, and BECOME THE BODY HAMMER. But until then, let's get nice.

Joan Armatrading-I'm Lucky [alt link]
Oh Joan. Sweet, sweet Joan. You don't feel angst, anxiety, or anger. In fact, you're not scared of anything, but rather you remain confident and upbeat, like Custer or something. I first heard this song while eating dinner with a friend's parents and once the feel-good tank had been tapped and spirits of joy were being passed around, I was treated to a soul-lifting story about an autistic boy learning to spell his name. That was nice. And this song is too nice. Seriously.

And now it's time to smash some brains in. Seriously. Blogger fucking flaked out just as I was about to post this shit and now I have to remember all the url's while trying not to vomit up that disgusting Thai food I had an hour ago (bitch bitch bitch). But hey, let's feel good about stewing. And let's riot in Des Moines.
King Tubby & Friends-Beat Them In Dub
Linton Kwesi Johnson-Inglan is a Bitch
Linton Kwesi Johnson-Regga Fi Peace
Linton Kwesi Johnson-Making History (best song ever)

Let's feel love.
Linton Kwesi Johnson-Loraine
Lindstron & Prins Thomas-Don O Van Bud [alt link]
And for the king of fuck, Lateral Hyetography.
Lateral Hyetography-I Looked into the Sun

Sunday, January 28, 2007


art by Honeyman

First off, big ups to Plastic Little for throwing down a tremendous show last night. These guys are welcome in Iowa anytime and I will definitely be checking them out again when I'm back home on the coast with the most. Which brings me to tonight's Sunday Evening Special....

NYC djs Star Eyes and Siren merge as one under the alias Syrup Girls to create a chuckling, 2steppin sexy behemoth that reps that other side of NY bass: the lighthearted grime rave. Puncuated by wild beat freaks and ghetto sing-alongs, their mixes are laser gun bass parties that bring the CHILLIN like tall glasses of pink lemonade or kool aid big bursts. Shotgun weddings are well worth your time. Number Four saw the Syrup Girls going head to head with their T&B cohort Drop the Lime. Buy it here to hear the DTL side, 3 Decks No Shame! (one of his best I thinks)

Syrup Girls - For All the Dirty Cougars!!! (Shotgun Wedding #4)
[alt link]*large file---->>worth it

Saturday, January 27, 2007


Plastic Little - Club Banger [buy She's Mature here]

New Bone Thugs

This new Bone Thugs song is hot. Great beat and some rad spittin. Thanks to The Smoking Section. The new album with Three 6, Dre, Kanye etc. on production and a bunch of rappers and singers on it is supposed to come out in the next few monthes. With Bizzy out of the way, Bone seems to be doing quite well.

Bone Thugs-Bone Thug Boys [alt link

Do a little D.A.N.C.E.

Huge thanks to the dude on Fathertronix who posted this a minute ago. We've all heard the 27 second version, well, here's the full version, but it is a radio rip. Apparently DJ Orgasmc has a real copy and has been spinning it. Even with the radio tags, this shit is hot. Much different from other Justice, hella disco style. Can't wait for the release.

Justice-D.A.N.C.E. (BBC radio rip) [alt link]

Friday, January 26, 2007

They Just Wanna

Sometime you just have to post one right after the other, especially when you download two super bangers like these during the first post. This first track made me start dancing all crazy in my seat, super heat. I downloaded this song thinking it was an Eric Prydz remix of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, and essentially that's what it is, except its by T-Rubble. Sounds a lot like Prydz. Huge buildups that explode and blast synth cum all over original song's face.
Cindy Lauper-Girls Just Wanna(T-Rubble Remix) [alt link]

This second one is by Eric Prydz, under the alias Pryda, and its fire. Great dancing music. Not exactly new.
Pryda-Shadows [alt link]

And dont forget Flosstradamus, Plastic Little and Kid Sister on saturday at 9, after party hosted by Steven, Drugula and myself.

In case of Turbulence...

Burn Up!

This new Common Sense Riddim is banging. Crazy sounding Middle East strings or something make this shit hot. Not sure when this is supposed to drop, but Im looking forward to hearing more people on it. Turbulence, the guy who did Notorious on all Diplo's mixes, gives us a weed anthem and Bounty Killer furthers The Alliance's battle against Ninja Man.

Turbulence-Burn Up [alt link]

Bounty Killer-Ninja Yuh Done [alt link]

This Niyi guy is great. All I know about him is that he is from the U.K. and he is one of M.I.A.'s friend on myspace. Which you can peep here myspace/niyi. He sounds like Mike Skinner and !!!, rad shit. Hillarious song.
Niyi-Ur Mummy [alt link]


A tasty side dish or a masturbatory aid? You decide, I'm too busted..

Arno Cost & Arias - Magenta (FULL Original Mix!!!)
[alt link]
I keep hearing the Le Hiver mix version of Magenta, an early contender for best house track of the year. This song is, no doubt, the hot ish, a rare track that soars like a jet crashing into the ocean and floating on the foam of a breaking purple tide. Here's the full 9 min mix, so you can get your thang on right.

Klaxons - As Above, So Below
[alt link]
Well, the Klaxon's LP has finally leaked, and after a few listens it.... still sounds like a rushjob. It is only half new material, almost all the early singles are on here. It will be nice for newcomers to hear these great tracks (Atlantis to Interzone, Golden Skans, Magick) but what about something for the devoted that already has the damn Xan Valleys EP!? Anyway, this track seems like the immediate standout of the new material; Two Receivers has been growing on me too. One more time?

Rex the Dog - Frequency [alt link]
Sorry Superpitcher, but right now Rex the Dog is the current Kompakt Remix King, throwing down stellar refits like nothing (of the sounds, prodigy, mylo, the knife). He also brings the hooks on his originals. KOM102 Frequency vinyl. Its spacey fidgeting techno made catchy by a well mixed vocal sample. How tender

sorry guys, i do that sometimes (^_^) .

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Let Me Upgrade You

Kanye West blows Rich Boy out of the water on this Throw Some Ds remix. Oh my god, this shit is so banging. Completely flips the Ds concept and I think its at least as good as Rich Boy. Thanks to DJ Benzi via fathertronix.
Kanye West-Throw Some Ds Remix [alt link]

And Steven Surrender wanted me to throw up this bmore mix of the original.
Rich Boy-Throw Some D's(DJA Remix) [alt link]


Tittsworth posted this new track on fathertronix. Hot ass remix. Im pretty sure its New Edition's version of Poison. Nice track, pretty friendly on the dancefloor cause its recognizable.


Also got this older Titts track, its a Geto Boys remix. I love the original, and this is pretty good, a little wierd at the beginning.
Tittsworth-Mind Playing Tricks On Me [alt link]

And from Debonair Samir, another Unruly Club Classic. With Lil Jon on it, this tracks kills.
Debonair Samir-Throw It Up [alt link]


Pop Rawkus' Lu Contisms reminded me that I've been meaning to up this for you: my favorite cut on the Thin White Duke's immortal FabricLive mix, the climactic and pulsing workover of UK downtempo fiends Crazy Penis' anthemic Give It Up by Laid. This may be the best thing they/anyone has done recently/ever. Slap this propulsive house-funk gem on your neighbor and wait for them to thank you, once their ass stops buh-buh-bouncin! Surrender!

Crazy Penis - Give It Up (Laid Mix)
[alt link]

Buy Lu Cont's FabricLive here

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Jacques Lu Cont, aka Thin White Duke, drops some nice remixes. They are of the songs that you are embarassed to listen to. He doesnt do too much fancy shit with the remixes, I like how he keeps the original shit in there, but gives everything nice build ups and shit. These arent that new, but they're bomb.

Royksopp-What Else Is There (Thin White Duke) [alt link]

Madonna-Jump(Jacques Lu Cont Mix) [alt link]

The Killers-When You Were Young(Thin White Duke Mix) [alt link]


According to MTV news, Ghettotech pioneer Disco D has committed suicide. He was 27. The bounce that ass style he pioneered on his Michigan 12"s has proven truly influential and he later went on to produce Billboard smashes like 50 Cent's "Ski Mask Way" and more recently Trick Daddy's grime factory "I Pop," as well as producting 5 tracks for K Fed! From an interview last year with the Montreal Mirror:

"Dude, two of the biggest funk artists made a song about me called “Gringo Luoco,” about how I go into the hood with no bulletproofing and everyone respects me. Shit, I ran around Detroit since I was 15, I ran around Kingston. I mean, dude, I’m bipolar, I tried to commit suicide twice, like, I’m not scared of anything, know what I’m sayin’? I don’t give a fuck, dude—to me, life’s a big video game."

This is a tragic loss to electronic and hip hop music. RIP man, you will be missed.

Disco D & DJ Profit - Ghetto Booty Bar [alt link]

Watch the Gringo Louco promo reel on Youtube, which includes D's interview on CNN, footage from a club in Rio, and a HILARIOUS segment of him and K Fed in the studio.

Disco D Website


It's rare and usually great when the whole crew here at TRP comes together on something. Fact: the Count, myself and Pop Rawkus rarely ride the same steez simultaneously. Fuck, right now the only thing we're in agreement on is Alan Braxe, Booka Shade, weed and Tigerbeat6. But harmony means quality here kiddos. Now hold your breath with me and get ready for some snowbangers...

John Lord Fonda - So Far Away (Alan Braxe Remix) [alt link]
Curses! - Tearing Me Apart [alt link]

Booka Shade Set

The other guys who post on here got me into Booka Shade. It is pretty tight shit. Really good to listen to while you just chilling out, but wanna be able to bounce a bit to the music. I found this live set from mysteryland in 2006. I think mysteryland is a huge rave/party in Holland. This is about 23 minutes long.
Booka Shade-Live At Mysteryland 8/26/06

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

School Sucks

A lot of people hate on Sean Paul, but he deserves respect for making money and putting out banging tunes like this next one. Off the new Kingswell Riddim.
Sean Paul-Amazing (Kingswell Riddim) [alt link]

Got this fresh remix of Stuntin Like My Daddy featuring Remy Ma & Papoose. Its definitely worth checking out. Papoose tears it up as always.
Papoose & Remy Ma-Stuntin [alt link]

About that LSD...

...well, here's the LCD I promised way back when. I'm still loving the shit out of this song and it's a great way to get your ass out of the snowbed and into the kitchen. But goddamn, that album and that band are, for the most part, fucking boring.
LCD Soundsystem-Someone Great


Snow is falling in Iowa. Does snow have a sound? Is it silent percipitation? No. Well, yes. But no.
Anywho, you have to put your ear right to the ground, bury your head in the white, and let the snow seep into your inner ear. Let the flakes tickle your cochlea's hair cells, let the snow chunnel to your brain and hear the musik. Or just lie on your beddie, play with your feet, and soundtrack your own winterbed.
No beats here today, only sounds of the ether. But prime sample material, at least in my mind.

Hans Otte-Part 1
Hear those opening chords? They make you feel nice? Well, like the big bang of the Met Opera House Chandelier, those chords are going to burst into minimal piano bliss and the dialectics of montage will screen your lifestory onto your brainvision. Hans Otte is a German composer who gravitates toward the minimal (every person I've ever played this for, after bursting into tears, has asked "Is this Philip Glass?). This is the first piece off his "Book of Songs" and was used by Godard for his film Origin of the 21st Century (correct me if I'm wrong, I haven't been able to track it down, but that's what I'm told).

Charlemagne Palestine-Piano Drone
The big teddy bear of minimalism, Palestine recorded Piano Drone in 1972 (this is from the Alga Marghen "Continuous Sound Forms" release in 2000) and hearing it after reading the title, one can't help but be baffled by the oversimplification of "drone" in the gutter music vernacular. This piece bleeds spontaneity like watching high-density sea foam frolic on the tides. For some reason, it made me think of the Boredom's project of recording their drums on the beach, allowing the waves to submerge the microphones. Anyway, it's absolutely gorgeous.

Terry Riley-Keyboard Study #1
Terry Riley-Keyboard Study #2
Some people like their dose of the ethereal to come in like the air, breezing in past their lobes and immersing them in a leaf pile of sonic bliss. Well, I like the ice. I like those big-ass snow embankments and I like to bury myself in them in the late afternoon listening to this 45 minute minimal thrashing. Terry Riley is, like, really good.

Colleen-What is a Componium? Part 1
Colleen-What is a Componium? Part 2
Alright Colleen, perhaps the reigning champ of modern snowcore musik, whatcha got? Oh yeah, the best shit ever. Her "Colleen Et Les Boîtes À Musique" album that was recorded for French Radio is a little spotty, but is given some much-needed heft by this two-part monster. Not as good as her past two albums, but these tracks rule.

Monday, January 22, 2007


Remix monday!! (cue sirens)!!

Alright, its a big week here, first of the semester, with a fatty party lurking at its end. Me and the Count are on a non-stop listening party with ourselves (and burritos). The whole TRP crew is accruing their selections for Saturday's flosstradamus/plastic little after party. I haven't thrown anything really hot up in a few days (sorry, I'm sloppy when I travel and I was stealing wifi from a mexican restaurant called Las Chicas for several days) so I thought I'd slam down a few saucy refits. Because seriously, who doesn't need to remix their Monday?


BOOKA SHADE! All electronic music just seems to be pointing towards Booka Shade these days. I came in on these guys late, but damn if Mandarine Girl isn't just the fucking sound right now! Sorry for all the present superlatives but if you haven't purchased their album Movements yet you are just sleeping. This track comes off the Roxy Music Remix 01 double 12" which I hope will be the first in a series, because this is that fire.
Nothing can knock the Roxy!
Roxy Music - Thrill of It All (Booka Shade Rework) [alt link]
buy it here

Get Vaulted: the original mix of Mandarine Girl off the Mandarine EP from 05
Booka Shade - Mandarine Girl (Original Mix) [alt link]

Roman Flügel has been doing it real big for a long time. I'm not sure which I heard first: the stuttering uberbanger Geht's Noch or Roman's "23 positions in a one night stand" remix of (HEARTHROB) Audion's masterpiece Just Fucking: both tracks are mind melters and either way it was clear that this Flügel guy is BOSS. This remix, which I found on soulseek, is by Swedish House Mafia stalwart Steve Angello and comes off the Bass in Ya Face mixtape. Need more be said!?
Roman Flügel - Geht's Noch (Steve Angello Remix) [alt link]
buy Bass In Ya Face here

And now for something that's totally not from Germany: PSYCH! I can't get enough of Berlin's Boys Noize, whose wall of sound approach to trashy electro makes him distinctly not French. This is that dark and dangerous shit, Feel Good (TV Off) is an amazing cut I may have already posted, you can also hear it on their myspace (also check out Erole Attack). This Kaiser Chiefs remix is a little slow to go but soon becomes totally off the hook and Haldern is money.
Kaiser Chiefs and Boys Noize - Everyday I Love You Less and Less [alt link]
Boys Noize - Haldern [alt link]

Also, DYF and check out the Rex the Dog remix of the Sounds on fluokids or any one of a number of other places and Bird Peterson's constant barrage of remixes on the hollerboard, and that new Curses! Damn. Good music in 07!

Have a good week and enjoy the music, it might be a few days unless something like comes up. Yerp yerp!!!


Thanks to some dudes over at fathertronix, Double L and El Professor, I've been listening to a bunch of soca. Check out their mix over at Turntable Lab.

Bunji Garlin seems to be the king of the Carribean, he's credited with starting ragga-soca. He's got a great deep voice and some fire lyrics. He reminds a lot of Buju Banton, and that's good. Trinidad Represent.

This track's pretty new. It's hella fast and you just gotta bump along to it while you're listening. It's FYYYYAAAH!
Bunji Garlin-Fire [alt link]

The fiddle on this track is fucking rad. I think its from Fiddler On The Roof. I like his rhymes a lot on this one. Full Stride.
Bunji Garlin-Warriors Coming [alt link]

This next track is off the Global Riddim. I'm pretty sure I've put up other tracks on here from this riddim. For some reason, I like the riddim a lot. Bunji goes on this one, too. Good Soca/Dance Hall party banger. Dude's all about blazing, that's rad.
Gunji Garlin-Globally [alt link

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Linx that Work...FOR YOU!!!

Hey y'all...sorry about the wack post last night. I was in the middle of packing and I hadn't yet realized that YouSendIt SucksFuckingAss. But here are 3/5 of the promised mp3's, tanning in the 24 hour fiberoptic sunlight of zShare. More to come once I finish unpacking...
All apologies:

Can-Sunshine Day and Night
Musik Von Harmonia-Dino
Harmonia 76-Les Demoiselles

Genius Work

It's difficult to findd anything out about this Einstein dude because every search yields results about Big Al. But, here are some dope tracks featuring him.

Einstein-Inna Mi Hand (Battlefield Riddim) [alt link]

Einstein-Nah Bust No Shot (After Dark Riddim) [alt link]

Einstein-Clothes On (Dutty Landlord Riddim) [alt link]


Adam Sky used to be Adamski, the acid guy that did that song with Seal, but his recent reemergence has yielded highly impressive product. If I had more bandwith I'd up more trax, like the world domination mash, but it will have to wait for another day... In the meantime enjoy what was easily one of the best singles of last year, this track has angels raving.
His website is currently down but when it goes back up check it, because Sky has an awesome hour long rave mix up for free.

Adam Sky - Ape-X [alt link]

Update: I couldn't really leave well enough be without throwing this one on the fyah

Miss Kittin & the Hacker - Stock Exchange (Adam Sky Remix) [YSI link]

Friday, January 19, 2007

My Body Without Morgan's

Though I've been locked up in the padded media isolation chamber of the TRP CyberMansion, a boy still needs to get his twerk on. I nearly hopped in the car the second I caught word from S. Surrender that there would be an XLR8R/Spectral show tonight in Chicago (only a 7 hour drive from Ohio) headlined by the Dude, Daedelus. I saw the Guy in LA over the summer, and after sitting through two flaccid sets by Mia Doi Todd and Mystic Chords of Memory (I was reading during the latter), my skull got shattered by His traveling electro-light show. Anyway, if you're in the Chi-Chi, check it:

Friday, January 19, 2007


Derek Plaslaiko (Spectral Sound | Detroit/NYC) - DJ
Plus DeviceP (Hefty! Records | Detroit) - live
Daedelus (Mush, Ninja Tune, Plug Research | LA) - DJ
Atomly (Atomiq, Carpark | Chicago/Berlin) - live

@ Sonotheque (1444 W. Chicago)
9 PM - 2 AM , 21+, $5

Now, I'm certainly no hater of the DFA (as easy as it may be, dudes are still boasting Dalia&Gavin, Black Dice, Tim Sweeney, and themselves), but the LCD Soundsystem was never an act I warmed up to. Maybe it's Murphy's stupid voice and voicals, maybe it's just a feeling that they're trying a tad too hard to be the Talking Heads circa 1980-1, I dunno, I just don't like 'em. But I did get down to "The Nike Album", especially around minute 12 when a bouncy glockspiel and bassy snyth jam kicks up. Well, it turns out they liked it too and it's a song off of their upcoming album, which I hadn't bothered to listen to the past two months...until now (nah, probably not). It definitely has the potential to be the suburban drive feel-good jam of the year (or at least, for today). It's some hot shit, and totally redeems Sir Murphy for the abyssmal "My Love" remix.

LCD Soundsystem-Someone Great

Now to get back to some familiar territory, Isolée released a super laid-back and super good EP last year, Hermelin, that is like a cool-down jog after the hyper-condensed marathon that was Wearemonster. "Willy Skipper" conjures up all kinds of Krautish tropes without ever really feeling hackneyed or derivative, instead just propelling you into Autodome terrain, where even the telephone polls are getting down.

Isolée-Willy Skipper

Now, for more chilled, not iced bangers, we go to my 'favorite new artists of 2006' (wow, I am so full of my own shit that is literally coming out of my mouth), Hatchback and Sorcerer, two West Coast homies that kick out some majorly good vibrations. This is off their 2006 digital ep on Sentrall Records.
Italo on downers:
Hatchback&Sorcerer-White Soweto

Now, to get some of the backstory, let's say hi to our BFF's, CAN, during their "We Are the World" phase. "Sunshine Day and Night" off of 1977's Saw Delight basically does the first half of Remain in Light in 6 minutes and 3 years before that miracle actually came into this world. This song clicks along with that motorik tick while constantly threatening to hop off the highway into some jungle love.
Can-Sunshine Day and Night"

Finally, we have the Kraut SuperGroup, Harmonia and two tracks from two different worlds. First up is from the Musik von Harmonia version of the group. "Dino" was on post-punk junk last fall, but it so beautifully macks the Cluster/Neu connection that I have to post it. Then, we have the come-down: the one luxurious diamond on the otherwise solemn Harmonia 76 album, "Les Demoiselles." If Hawaii was in Germany, this is the type of music "those people" would make.
Musik von Harmonia-Dino
Harmonia 76-Les Demoiselles

Also, for the record, there is a bomb Pilooski Mix over at D*I*R*T*Y and a fly "European Vacation" mix by Riton and Fergadelic over at the near-perfect Beats in Space.