Friday, May 23, 2008


I'm not sure what to call this 1975 jam from Roy Alton, maybe proto-soca? calypso? Anyways, its a real hot caribbean jam for a gloomy rainy day. Really a great song, thanks to the dude who has been ripping all these 45s.

Roy Alton - Genies Afraid of the Dark [alt link]

Thursday, May 15, 2008

boom boom

This remix of Toca's Mircale certainly doesn't have the melodic high that the inpetto remix gives us, but hot dam them Wideboys put some serious bang into this one.

Fragma - Toca's Miralce (Wideboys Remix) [alt link]

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

bus one

One of my favorite Dilla remixes here. Not sure why I'm posting it, other than it came on the random itunes. Nice mellow jazz touch to the Busabus.

Busta Rhymes - Woo Ha (Jay Dilla Remix) [alt link]

Friday, May 9, 2008

Big Deeon

I been trying to clean up my downloads folder and came up on all the unnamed myspace tracks I've download over the last few months. A lot of trash, but I came across all these nice juked out remixes. I'm 90% sure these all from DJ Deeon.

DJ Deeon - Sexual Eruption Remix [alt link]

DJ Deeon - I Hope It's You [alt link]

DJ Deeon - Lollipop Remix ft. Debo [alt link]

DJ Deeon - Have You Thought About It [alt link]

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I meant to post this a couple days ago, but forgot.

First up is a hot fucking jam from Douster. Dude did a real nice job cutting up some Vybz with a heavy ass bassline.

Douster - More Gunz [alt link]

As the sun continues to half ass itself on to the scene here in Iowa, I been relying on the reggae to make it through the day.

This is probably the first and last Beatles cover I'll post.
The Mohawks - Let It Be [alt link]

Winston Wright And The Upsetters - Jam 1 [alt link]

Something for the lovers

John Mclean - Can't Hold On [alt link]

Divshare is the most inconsistent file sharing website. Sometimes it is the fastest uploads, the rest of the time it just doesn't upload anything. So, here's a zshare link to a sick ass Funk D'void remix of an Ian Pooley track. Shit gets fucking crazy as it builds up.

Ian Pooley - loopduell (funk d'void - on guard mix)

This is definitely my favorite Jamiroquai track.

Jamiroquai - You Give Me Something

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Weirdo Dub

While the impending Raster Norton boxset reissue of Wolfgang Voigt’s monumental GAS series has given many professional music scribes the joy of brushing up on reading material from their favorite German Lit classes, it’s in turn given me a stiff boner in my brain. Confluence, not Kant, is the password here. At what point do the forest and the ocean cease to be seen as different? Hearing GAS’s Modern EP on the NJ domepike two winters back was lifechanging to say the least. Nevermind whatever elements might have been circulating in that vessel; all inhabitants were instantly entranced by the flowing orchestral ocean which soon filled up the cabin, submerging us all. But we were rats of The Abyss, and our spasms soon gave way to liquid muscles.

Wolfgang Voigt liberated the mids from the dominating fours of the lows, making the rhythmelodies of civilization appear hopelessly barbaric (yeah, I said it) next to the lightforce of incomprehensibly radiant harmony. Of course, this feat of Germanic prowess made a few scribes grabbing for their copies of Origins of Totalitarianism and right they were. GAS is a 21st century Leni Riefenstahl resculpting the forms of the past into totalizing moments of the present and future and sweeping everyone up along for the ride. And who's complaining? But fascist music this is not (and how could it be?!), for ultimately it is a means to overcoming that greatest fascist of all: yourself. This is music to surrender to, to open up to and become one with, cuddle with, sleep with.

Alright, here's the aforementioned A side of GAS's modern EP.


I don’t know bout u, but I’ve always been very put off by the perennial scenario of a friend or acquaintance wanting to share their art with me. I know that sounds absurd, but I’m a nervous dude and honest at all the wrong time. What do you say when _____ totally sucks, which it often does? I still haven’t figured out an answer, so I was a little nervous when my homie DJ Rezound sent me his band’s, Men and Women new ep via glorious fileshare a few weeks back. Having been woefully underwhelmed by earlier material I had heard, I started prepping my damage control before even listening to the tracks. In the midst of the strategizing, my dome slowly became colonized by the sweet yet offsetting melody of “South America,” lazily hovering over the wreckage of dime store drum machines, guitar feedback, and assorted other sound textures. Needless to say, I was soon totally disarmed and my reservations stood unhinged. But there was more. “Flowing Blood” is exactly that; a fluid, pulsing tribal dance invented by the mole people and popularized by Throbbing Gristle. This is not uplifting music; nor is it a downer. It’s music for the chair surfer, like the cyborg puffing a doobie on the cover of Warp’s Artificial Intelligence comp. There’s no rushing because there’s nowhere to go; like GAS’s immersion tank, Men and Women create environments and situations for the hardy traveler. Hell, “Flowing Blood” is a fucking horror trip down some tropical river, with a nasty anaconda and the viet cong lurking round the corner.

People, we are already in the middle of a movement by freaks for freaks. Weirdo Dub is the name of the game and Men and Women have just unleashed an early touchstone.

Make sure to buy a copy and scoop up the banging Elliot Lipp and Cousin Cole remixes of "South America."

Men and Women-Flowing Blood
Men and Women-South America

Now that our teutonic friends have decided deep house is the new minimal (which never was), I’ve been feeling haunted by Romanthony
and every other single Prescription release. Not being European or an urbanite, I for one have NO IDEA why deep house is hip again, but boy, I’m not complaining. My favorite Richard has always been Wade, not Hawtin, and hey, I like my genres that sound like they are (I’m holding back here, but for you mnml faithful, please listen to some pre-Fizheuer Zieheuer Villalobos and Omar-S and then tell me who the mnml one is, jerks). Okay, I know you need another tirade about minimal misnomers like you need a new wave of blog house, so I digress…

A naysayer the deep is not; lift yourself up, join a choir, and get free(r). This is that chorus of robots leading your brain and buns in a chant of positive thing. Speaking of positive robots, my man over at Solid Goldberger who seems to have cornered the market on all things Daft and French, hipped me to the track that follows below. It’s the former that I imagine brought many to the light of The Wanderer, which if you’ve never heard, well, hypertext your mind up above and prepare to have a MUCH better day. Also, while there, be sure to scoop my new fave guilty pleasure: the filter house track born in infamy, Louis LaRoche’s Love. 17 year olds with Ableton kick out the jams!

So to engage in a bit of blog cannibalism here, I can’t help but snake a guided one from goldfinger (bet no one’s ever called him that!). A jam guaranteed to make you chip the light fantastic, join hands with the Reverend Wright, and pledge allegiance to the United States of KKK. This is one for the soul. And Obama.

Feel it Indiana. Feel it North Carolina.

Romanthony-Da Change (Vocal Vamp Mix)


Still Going Beats In Space Mix--The Boys behind one of my favorite 12s from last year (and who also made me start taking DFA seriously) got a chance to flex their mixing muscles a few weeks back and I'm still digesting this 2.5 hour melange of ripping guitar solos and sexy-ass house. Fantastic stuff and be sure to scope their recent remix of Force of Nature (the only recent remix of theirs I'm really feeling). The date on it is 4/15/08.

Unedited Transcript of Carl Craig's Invisible Jukebox
--I know I'm not the only one who got totally titillated upon seeing Wolfgang Voigt on the cover of May's The Wire, along with a Carl Craig invisible jukebox conducted by the ubiquitous Philip Sherburne. Well, turns out that 7 minute edit is actually a 14 minute monster.

Kaibo Zonshinzu--Who knew there was a Japanese equivalent of Ernst Haeckel? Not this guy. Props to Rachel on the link.