Friday, July 25, 2008


When Get SIlly came out, I passed off V.I.C. pretty quick, I mean its kinda tough to be taken that seriously when your first single is with Soulja Boy. But, I was super wrong. This track here is a super banger, I really hope this one blows up. And with Frank Ski?!?!?!

V.I.C., The Package Store, & Frank Ski - Wobble [alt link]

Here's two other tracks I've been feeling. Anything with the mario brothers is good and anything with Journey and MJG is gonna at least be catchy.

K.O. - Let's Go (The Super Mario Bros Song) [alt link]

MJG - Small Town Girl [alt link]

Friday, July 11, 2008


I posted these somewhere else a while ago, but thought more people might like them. It's a bunch of psych rock in various forms, some harder shit that sounds like protometal and some real stoner sounding shit.

The Seeds - Travel With Your Mind

Neil Meryweather - Sole Survivor

Neil Meryweather - 8 Miles High

Traffic - Cloured Rain

The Third Power - Crystalline Chandelier

The Third Power - Lost In A Daydream

Stone The Crows - Things Are Getting Better

Thursday, July 10, 2008

bwah bwah bwah bwah

Ghislain Poirier's got a real nice bassed out mashup of A Milli that's worth checking out. Also grab his Bring The Fire mix.

Lil Wayne - A Milli/Pintman (Ghislain Poirier mashup) [alt link]

Bring the Fire Mix

DLake's got a new release coming out on unruly soon. Here's a club jam with some dope horns.

Dlake - Holy Ghost in the Club (Feat Symbol and DLake as Claire Huxtable) [alt link]

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ve Vai ve vai

Them Jeans sent us this nice remix of the new, I assume, Sigur Ros track. It's a nice mellow remix, but I could definitely dance to it when played at the right time.

Sigur Ros-illgresi (Them Jeans Remix) [alt link]

This is one of my favorite recent funk carioca tracks I come across. I guess the Bob Marley dance is putting on fake dreads and shimmying? Whatever it is, Danca do Bob Marley has Brazilian youtube jumping off like Crank Dat Soulja Boy.

Mc Bola de Fogo - Dança do BobMarley [alt link]

And most importantly today, some new Scottie B and Chavy Boys. Unruly is where it's at for new club music right now.

Scottie B - New Style Crooks (Chavy Books Mix) [alt link]

DJ Unk - In Yo Face (Scottie B Remix) [alt link]

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Got a couple of tracks sent to us recently, so I'll try to do those some justice here.

From Hollywood Holt and Mic Terror
Hollywood Holt - Swerve and Lean Ft. GLC and Shala [alt link]

Hollywood Holt - Caked Up (Klever Remix)

Hollywood Holt - Caked Up (DJ STV SLV Cake-icide remix)

Mic Terror - Juke them Hoes

Mic Terror - Hiooooooo [alt link]

Here's a track from Hoods Up!

Hoods Up! - Break The House [alt link]

I also want to point everyone to this fantastic blog, Twankle and Glisten that does up the whole south thing real well, with a lot of old tapes rips and other good shit.