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Here We Go

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Norrit really killed it on this release. Some great funky shit. My favorite track is the one on the youtube, but Trippin Around is also really cool. More heat from">Think2wice.

Norrit - You Were Just Callin

Dibiase on Chicago

"Always was a big fan of that Traxster sound.. so here's a mix I came up with to showcase this often overlooked period in Chicago Hip-Hop.."
Says DJ Dibiase about this great mix of the Do or Die family heat. I definitely love these songs, Headz or Tailz and Picture This are go-to albums for long car drives.

1. Bishop Don Magic Juan Intro
2. Still Po Pimpin' (Ft. Johnny P) - Do or Die
3. Front Porch (Ft. Johnny P) - Speedknot Mobstaz
4. Take It Slow (Ft. Belo Zero & Johnny P - Traxster
5. Yall My Nugz - Twista
6. Middle of the Night (Ft. 8-Ball & MJG) - Twista
7. Smoke & Ride (Ft. Johnny P) - Do or Die
8. Po Pimp (Ft. Twista & Johnny P) - Do or Die
9. Yo Body (Ft. Do or Die & Johnny P) - Twista
10. Do U (Ft. Twista & Johnny P) - Do or Die
11. So Exclusive (Ft. Johnny P) - Belo Zero
12. Girl Tonite (Ft. Trey Songz) - Twista
13. Reach Into A Pimp Interlude
14. Wetter (Ft. Erika Shevon) - Twista
15. Get It Wet (Ft. Ms Kane) - Twista
16. Chocolate Fe's & Redbones (Ft. Johnny P) - Twista
17. Still Feels So Good (Ft. Jazze Pha) - Twista
18. Game Recognize Game (Ft. Ms Kane & Public Announcement) -Twista
19. Snoopin' (Ft. Danny Boy) - Twista
20. Gotta Get Me One (Ft. Static Major) - Twista
21. Legit Ballerz (Ft. Twista) - Legit Ballerz
22. Money Flow (Ft. Twista) - Do or Die
23. Fire (Ft. Lil Boosie) - Twista
24. True Love Interlude
25. One In A Million Bad Boy Radio Freestyle - Twista
26. Bishop Don Magic Juan Outro


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Eat Skeet

You gotta check out this remix from Skeet Skeet who has got the illest remixes these days.