Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jump On It

Bobby LaBeat, dude who did that great Tribe remix, broke the internet off with this nice remix of Wiz's Say Yeah. And, guess what? No Alice Deejay!!!

Wiz Khalifa - Say Yeah (Bobby LaBeat Remix) [alt link]

Being in Iowa, the sun just started to come out, and so did the old tunes from Jamaica.  Super soulful jam right here.

Jo Jo and the Fugitives - Fugitive Song     [alt link]

In my book, DJ Technics has the greatest discography of Baltimore club music. Dude has so many tunes to his name - close to 18 hours in my itunes. This track came on random the other day and I been rocking to it a lot lately.

DJ Technics - Him Downstairs [alt link]

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I meant to post up a bunch of stoner jams on sunday, but sunday got in the way of all that. Anyways, the only super jam that needed to get posted up here is the fire from Billy Boyo. Super chilled 80s reggae from a teenager.

Billy Boyo - One Spliff A Day [alt link]

Just got some pretty new go-go from PA Palace and these are some of the jams. I don't know if anybody actually downloads any of the go-go I've put up before, so that's why I'm sticking to cover songs, as those should have broader appeal. Two soulja boy jams and the standout shit is I&I (INI?)'s In This Club. Make sure to go to PA Palace and pick up some sets.

TCB - Crank Dat [alt link]

I&I - Soulja Boy Medley [alt link]

I&I - In This Club [alt link]


Totally Funked Up: TRP Dirty Disco Classics, V. 3 of 10

A cornerstone of early 80s NYC punkfunk, Material laid down some murderous disco before turning to production a few years later; they produced a ton of influential traks, including Herbie Hancock's "Rockit"! Check out THIS awesome article by Robert Palmer from the 1981 NY Times for a cool look at Material in their early days.

Ciguri is a completely bouncing affair, cowbells popping off, rumbling tapeloops, gof4ish abstracty guitar smashes, and finally some weird brassy keyboard demonsounds on the break. And the bassline was definitely sampled by Mylo for that Motherfuckers Under the Pressure song a couple years back. The first one I heard, its prolly still my favorite Material track.

Material - Ciguri
[alt link]

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I know I say it like once a month now, but I'm gonna try to regain this blog's status as your favorite bloggers favorite blog. It looks like David, Nick, and Eric are behind me on this, especially with those old pictures of those crazy Cleveland kids, you rascals.
Got a bunch of club bangers from all parts of America - Baltimore, DC, VA, LA, and check yesterday's post for some midwest love.

Y'all don't want no Medium Krames. Dude's killing it on this new Flamin Hotz release. Mostly club remixes of older tunes, like this Willie Hutch joint.

Cobra Krames - Choose You [alt link]

Goldrocc has been killing it lately. You can check out a bunch of shit on that Deep Sang mix I posted a bit ago, and there's a bunch of his tracks floating around elsewhere and on his myspace. This is my favorite. flips Reminisce and adds some dope original vocals to it.

Goldrocc - The Right Way ft. Svelt St [alt link]

Party anthem right here! West coast superstars (wtf Murs? Why aint you rap about them?), Knish Hit Squad, just gave this banger to the public. People should lose their shit to it.

Heavy D - Now That We Found Love (Knish Hit Squad Remix) [alt link]

Classic jam right here.

Neneh Cherry - Buffalo Stance [alt link]

What is an Assemblage?

I've been making lots of zShare links, so I might as well share them with everyone. Don't have much time for writeups, but most of this stuff isn't new, and presumably isn't news for many readers.

The latest Hyperdub release:

Darkstar - "Need You"

Late-'70s Italo-prog:

Automat - "Automat: The Rise, The Advance, The Genus"

Heavy rotation:

Todd Edwards A.K.A. The Messenger - "So Real"

A Giorgio Moroder production:

Sparks - "The Number One Song in Heaven"

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

we have ice

Our favorite dudes from the midwest, Tactic put together a nice remix for Lights Went Out. Had a great time when Tactic came to Grinnel a couple weeks ago. People on the coasts should definitely look into booking these guys

Lights Went Out - Lovely Feelin (Tactic Remix) [alt link]

And I did this, I think it sounds pretty good.

John Dahlback vs. Black Box - Down With All (Pop Rawkus Everybody Edit) [alt link]

Freak March

Oh, this interfaced life. Been x'ing and y'ing all over the place lately, structuring my domecile along degree zero. So things are good. And good things need a good theme.
Girl, let me tell you what. I've found it in the cow races and this one'll run you over like a sedated stampede. Excepter, put down your pencils. Leave the space chipmunk vox and gliding arps to the pros, ok? JK!!! Prof Stinson wants you all to get up and open up, wide open, and drop that ass down to the core. "Some pied piper shit up in this piece!" You got that one right, M.

Transllusion-Bump It

Due to my recent 'puter strife, been listening to more mixes than usual on this great web and have found more than a few that'll back you up. Take this Kate Simko set from the WMC a few weeks back. Seeing that we're broadcasting live from a post-Drexciya oceanscape 2day, Ms. Simko, never minding her caucasian persuasion, is bumping quite a soulful micro-electro melodotronica (hehehe) that is as hypnotizing as it is liquefying. Admittedly, I saw her open for The Field--who is godawful live, btw--last summer and she spun a deep house set that was slightly less boring, but just as souless as the headliner. Howevs, with her recent release on Spectral, the fantastic "She Said," lady Kate is someone I'm going to be paying a lot more attention to.

Another week, another quality BIS mix. This time featuring the swiss miss Lexx, who first turned my head with a killer Black Sabath edit featured on ARAWA last year. As my connection is failing to bring up the URL, all I can see is take your digital butts over to Beats In Space and listen to Lexx's humdinger of a mix, which is some seriously sun-kissed Motown bump.

And finally, we come to a DJ I've grown quite smitten with as of late, Eli Verveine, a Swiss DJ who obviously has been at it for longer than she's had a MySpace page. I first caught the fire from a mnmlssg post highlighting her stupendous carebear mix, which is an ideal cross-section removed from the berlin-detroit dubosphere. Flash forward a few, and we've come to a stage we're her mixes have become my daily fourth meal. So if you're surfer along the Omar-S/Rhythm&Sound continuum, treat yourself to some Eli Verveine.

Monday, April 14, 2008


This could be some paradise garage shit for all I know, either way its fucking soulful heavy disco with a piano hook to slay yr grandma or goldfish.

Totally Funked Up: TRP Dirty Disco Classics, V. 2 of 10

Gichi Dan - Cowboys and Gangsters

Produced by Kid Creole this funkloop piano explosion, this is the only Gichy track I've ever heard, though this LP apparently exists. Anyone got it? Cowboys and Gangsters popped up on the 1981 Ze records Mutant Disco comp.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Totally Funked Up: TRP Dirty Disco Classics, V. 1 of 10

Ever since getting back from Tokyo in January, I've been completely off that "new shit," which has left me a) more consistently bumping with that which I've long known and loved b) perplexed when I try and post on this site. I mean, I'm not a format stickler, it's just not my way. And I don't read blogs, at least not right now. But it seems the whole "blog game" is about doing some shit, getting pigeonholed, and then just trying to maintain whatever status you've been awarded. Well, tough tits. I'm tired of trying to figure out "WHAT YOU WANT" because frankly I imagine your internet-dwelling self is something like mine: hedonistic, undiscriminating, and unendingly consumptive in regards to digital intake.

So here's the first of 10 installments of that dirty disco, since it rings so true in spring.

Pigbag were serious. This is off the 1981 mutant masterpiece, Dr Heckyl and Mr Jive. Mainline punkfunk like Konk or ACR, but dirtier, and with the rumble of a fully sauced brass section. Scuzzy sax, horns that screams New Orleans as much as Cheltenham, homies from the Pop Group and the Slits. Basically, it's bubbling, baby.

Pigbag - Getting Up

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

gold and fear

Gotta love knowing that dudes like Eli Escobar are getting to do shit like this. I dont know the economics of the business, but I'm sure official remixes for Ashlee Simpson is where the cash at. Shit bangs real hard too.

Ashlee Simpson - Outta My Head (Dj Am & Eli Escobar Remix) [alt link]

John Dahlback's new album is fucking insane. Really good tunes all around. Definitely up there with the Falke release for best of 2008. Here's one of my favorites, its the perfect morning jam.

John Dahlback - Down With All [alt link]

This song is fucking awesome.

Mariah Carey ft. Young Jeezy - Side Effects [alt link]

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Klaus Dinger, R.I.P.

Been AWOL lately due to severe hard drive problems and computer failures galore, but this piece of news is enough to pull me out of 20th century habitus. Personally, Klaus Dinger's death seemingly caps off a triumvirate of recent music deaths--Teo Macero and Joe Gibbs being the son and holy ghost. My being a drummer, Dinger's work has left more of an impact on my musical consciousness than I have been able to make total sense of and thus will I keep this short. I've spent enough time aping the man's style behind the kit to have far too many thoughts on his style and legacy than I know what to do with. Wish my computer situation was better to make a "Dinger mix" for y'all, but for now, I'll leave you with this early nugget off of the first Kraftwerk album. Dude was a motherfucking legend.


I can toast to that

Surprisingly, my favorite track of Snoop's album might not be Sexual Eruption (ok, it definitely is), but I also really like this track with Charlie Wilson. Uncle Charlie's definitely got one of the most beautiful voices out there, and its nice to hear him on his homie's emo track. Song reminds me a lot of Tupac.

Snoop Dogg - Can't Say Goodbye (Featuring Charlie Wilson)

I'm also surprised at how much I like this Mr. Vegas remix. I fucking hate all the shit I've heard from Kat Deluna, but Lil Kim sounds so good on the Dutch Pat Riddim. And, Vegas already proved when this dropped that it was a panty dropper track.

Vegas, Kat Deluna, Lil Kim - Tek Weh Yuh Self Again

And fuck, I even like this Feadz track. I know its been blogged on before, but I just got around to listening to the ep and I'm definitely feeling this one.

Feadz - Hawaiian smu

I'm not surprised about this being dope. But I dont think Traxxy Barney has heard it yet. Gotta love those Sinden and Count remixes. I'm not gonna lie though, the Linus Loves dub is where its at on this jam, gets me much more wet than the Sinden/Count one.

Alphabeat - Fascination (Count Of Monte Cristal And Sinden Remix) [alt link]

Fly Your Fruit Stripes High

The new Matmos album, Supreme Balloon is composed entirely of synthesizer sounds. It's a krafty affair, with an emphasis on vintage gear from the 1970s. Chew the cosmic bubblegum:

Matmos - "Polychords" [alt link]

Drew Daniel also has a new book out about Throbbing Gristle's 20 Jazz Funk Greats LP.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Oh man, the blog world's been waiting for this one...

Ladytron ft. Cut Copy - Huge Ones (Justice Remix) [alt link]

April fool's, obviously