Saturday, June 30, 2007

Button Bois

Well, I just got back from an awesome two-week intensive Young Life retreat in the Catskills and boy, is my bible tired. So here are some long jams, some short jams, and a dance jam that I've been meaning to post for the past two weeks. Yeah!
By the by, if your soul needs more four to the floor action then provided below, I, God's messenger, point you HERE (if you haven't heard or gotten a copy of Carl Craig's remix of Theo Parrish's 'Falling Up', they gots you covered.)

Averus-Side B (from the album II--dudes played the barn last night, and besides being too nice, they tore shit down)

Gang Gang Dance-Retina Riddim (soundtrack to their new dvd--fucking amazing)

Sorcerer-Surfing at Midnight (Prins Thomas Miks) (a little disappointing considering the awesomeness of the a side. more of an edit than a remix, but it certainly has the p. thomas sheen on it)

Stark Reality-All You Need to Make Music

And for a tasty bonus jam, I recently met a homie by the name of Dan Breen who blew my mind away with his external hard drive and the jewels it houses (including that Stark Reality jammer above). Here are two examples of his musical manipulation. Example A is part of his James Brown 45=33 project in which he screws the godfather down from a frenetic shuffle to a mid-tempo meltdown. My love for screwed techno will soon be making a glorious debut on this blog. Screwed Records II, the time is now!
Example B is a brilliant (yes, brilliant) mash-up of Daniel Johnston and King Tubby. Hear it for yourself. And for all you ex-murderlanders out there, give homie the luv.

James Brown-Hot Pants (screwed version)
Daniel Johnston/King Tubby-King Kong Dub (DB mix)

Alright, expect more coherent posts in the future. But for the present, here's a feast for your eyes (click to unearth glory).

Friday, June 29, 2007


At blogger and firefox and the unholy computer crashing marriage they've created, which deleted my entire blog post for today. Sorry guys, I'll get back to you tomorrow. Ive got words about that next shit.

Russ Chimes - Push the Feeling [alt link]

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Shorter on words, heavy on da booty. So tired having just ridden the D train all the way to Kim's to return this damn Cassavetes movies before midnight: I got there at 12:02. And now, I' ve got nothing but the boomptiest to offer. Nick's going to make me take this picture down immediately, you'd think he was Thomas Pynchon or something.

Here's some 10 year old bmore club I stumbled across that stills sounds blisteringly fresh. Is this what causes such spastic "dancing". It's like a tootsie pop... the world may never know. BigRedspace.

DJ Big Red - Jakybodi [alt link]

You've got to sweat the man PJ> if you don't know him, I don't know what to say other than "get learnt"!

Paul Johnson - Get Get Down (Extended Mix)
[alt link]

So I am all about the Slugo, I love everything he does pretty much. The song "Eris" is pretty special to me, its also one link in the money shot of the mix I'll be debuting later this week on this very blog (seriusly). So maybe I shouldn't share this and just force you to dload my mix, but I don't have that kind of foresight, and this ol' booty is just too fresh.

DJ Slugo - Eris
[alt link]

So, this isn't ghetto. It's blog remix stuff, but damn if it ain't a bonanza.

Prince - My Name Is Prince (TEPR just for fun rmx) [alt link]

I missed Carl Craig this weekend for.... well, I didn't "miss it," but let's just say I wasn't there. So yeah, uh, this one goes out to my boyz.

Paperclip People - Throw
[alt link]

Well, I've got to throw it out there: Eric Prydz is a joke, but a really, really good one. Like No Soap Radio, or the one about the Pope and Raquel Welsh.

PRYDA - GENESIS [alt link]

And finally, mark your calenders, New York, it's official: Friday the 13th (july) will be the jump-off for IS IT ALL OVER MY FACE?, TRP's monthly NYC loft party at the Silent Barn in Ridgewood. Featuring wax action by TRP ringleaders count drugula and myself, as well as special guest spots by our homies Cousin Cole, Rezound, DJ Gonzo, and many many more. Expect promotion to flood all sensory cavities starting, well, as soon as I make the flier. You know how it is, I be a working man these days.

p.s. dload our buddy DJ Ghostdad's funky ass summer mix here or by clickin on the pretty picture. Don't forget yr sunscreen!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Friday, June 22, 2007

Oh, Its All Hot

Some of our favorite dudes, Cousin Cole & Curtis Vodka got some hot new shit out. Curtis has this crazy psyched out remix of PB&J's Young Folks and Cole's got this edit of the great Garth Brooks tune, Friends In Low Places. Both of these are sure to kill in the top40 clubs.

Peter, Bjorn & John - Young Folks (Curtis Vodka Black Pyramid Cult Remix) [alt link]

Garth Brooks - Friends In Low Places (Cousin Cole Edit) [alt link]

While writing this post, I checked our inbox, and what do you know, a fresh ass remix from the other member of Flagrant Fowl, Pocketknife. Pretty soon FF is releasing tambourine dream, a CD full of folk remixes.

White Magic - The Gypsies Came Marching After (Pocketknife's Silk, Wool, and Rust Remix) [alt link]

And, more jumpstyle heat. Tell me these dudes aint been cranking the DJ Funk, Nasty and Slugo over there in Belgium on blast. This has gotta be the best form of European techno ever.

DJ Isaac - Face Down, Ass Up

D-Block and S-Te-Fan Ft. MC Vill - Keep It Coming

Ruthless and Vorwerk Vs Looney T - All The Ho's

And the brilliant dudes/dude in DFA, not the shitty one, got a banging ass remix of Cupid's song. It is harder than shit to find a myspace or something for this DFA, fuck that other DFA for this alone. You'll probably remember these guys for that huge remix of Ne-Yo that came out a minute ago.

Cupid - Cupid Shuffle (DFA Club Mix) [alt link]

Even Hypnotized Minds cant escape Akon's grasp. If anybody got this without the drops, up it in the comments please.

Three 6 Mafia - That's Right feat. Akon [alt link]

Even fucking crazier than jumpstyle, is "newstyle" or masia. Shit is pretty much the same as jumpstyle, but at least in this track there's some crazy fucking high pitched yelling going on in the beginning that makes it kinda sound like kuduro. I guess the difference between this and jumpstyle is this is Spanish (maybe?) and latter is Belgian/Duth. I dont know, but it makes you shake.

Dj Ogalla - South Park Masia [alt link]

Calvin Harris did not create disco, but his new album is full of heat. Here's a banger that isnt on the album, and one that is.

Calvin Harris - Rock N Roll Attitude [alt link]

Calvin Harris - Certified [alt link]

This is heat, too:

Groove Armada - Get Down (Calvin Harris Remix) [alt link]

This is one of the best disco songs of all time

Chic - Everybody Dance


feisting (v.) - 1. the increasingly common practice of remixing a fey, unoffensively catchy Feist song into a raging dancefloor anthem; 2. using the whole feist.

Feist - 1234 (VanShe Technologic Remix) [alt link]


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Everybody Is Jumping

My favorite trance remixers got some crazy heat on this new single, Alright.

Rocco & Bass-T - Alright [alt link]

I also found their hot ass remix of Niels De Vries' 12 Inch. This is a super banger. I also think I just realized that Rocco is Bass-T, right? Well, I feel like a jackass.

Niels De Vries - 12 Inch (Rocco & Bass-T Remix) [alt link]

Because of that new Jeckyll and Hyde video (which you have to see!!!), I've stumbled upon jump or jumpstyle, iIts like ghettotech mixed with trance, definitely feeling it.

Dj Massiv vs. The Rebel - Make My Day

Dj Furax vs redshark - Final Countdown (DJ Marcky Remix)

DJ Porny - Me So Horny (Jumpstyle Edit)

Also got this pretty hot remix of Bloc Party. Kinda sounds like something Switch would do.

Bloc Party - I Still Remember (Speak Junk Bass Bin Remix) [alt link]

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Oh man! Sinden and the Count got some crazy heat on this Mr Hudson remix. Like crazy heat.

Mr Hudson - Ask The DJ (Sinden and the Count of Monte Cristal Remix) [alt link]

Lethal Bizzle got a new album coming out on July 23rd that should be real hot. The single for Bizzle Bizzle got some super bangers on it. Spank Rock.

Lethal Bizzle - Babylon's Burning the Ghetto (Spank Rock Mix) [alt link]

This remix of Architecture in Helsinki is real hot. Yacht.

Architecture In Helsinki - Heart It Races (Yacht's I Should Coco Mix) [alt link]

We certainly dont post enough madlib.

Madlib - Take It Back [alt link]

I'm not quite sure how I feel about the beat on this compared to the original, but it is still hot.

Kelly Rowland, Eve, Lil Wayne - Like This Remix [alt link]

Monday, June 18, 2007


This Cinematic Orchestra EP, Ma Fluer, is real nice. Its a couple months old, but I just got it and its worth everyone checking out. Real mellow shit , not the usual TRP style.

The Cinematic Orchestra - Colours [alt link]

This guy Ref sent us this pretty hot electro banger track.

Ref - The Watergate

Rocco and Bass-T do some of the hottest trance/progressive shit I've ever heard. Granted, Im not that into either of those genres, nor could I explain what those terms mean, but regardless, this is some real heat. They did a dope ass remix of one of my favorite recent tracks by Jeckyl and Hyde. Its too bad this music isnt big in America. If anybody has the Rocco and Bass-T remix of niels de vries - 12 inch, please zshare it in the comments. please. I dont know much about these remixes, except that they got that hot ass "I just took 10 pills of E" Howard4T vybe to them, so hot.

Flipside - Juliet (Rocco vs. Bass T Remix) [alt link]

Lacuna - Celebrate The Summer (Rocco vs. Bass T Mix) [alt link]

Redwing - Rocket (Rocco vs. Bass T Mix) [alt link]

Speaking of Jeckyll and Hyde, they got this hot, pretty new banger. AND YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT THE VIDEO OMG, its like the Dutch turfdancing, real sick.

Jeckyll & Hyde - Freefall [alt link]


Well, now I've gone and done it. What's that kernel of wisdom about biting the hand that something something?
Since the Animal Collective album isn't coming out until September, the kind folks at the fantastic Domino Recording Co. asked us to remove our post and take down the linx, which I've decided to do as they have been very supportive of blogs and our going-ons. Nevertheless, I still love piracy and here are two sets of jammers to make my penance. I mean, you're all here for the Animal Collective anyway, so why not keep this window propped open?

Being a good, nay, great Catholic, I understand that one can settle her moral debts to the lord in two fashions (it's all about the binaries for those a-holes): self-flagellation or solemn piety. Let's get to the brutality first.
For some kooky reason, M. Mayer and Jörg Burger left off two of the hottest Speicher melters off their recently-curated Speicher 3 CD release. And that's a damn shame cuz our homies Gui Boratto and Dmitry Gren have both released certifiable skull melters in the past year via Komex. So here you have Boratto in a sinister, insidious mode with "Rising Evil", a track that will have you either grinding up on a strobe light or robbing a liquor store. Speaking of robbing liquor stores, I would suggest utilizing Gren's "Busy Cluster" as your electronic battle weapon as it is like taking a mace to someone's bootie (no insertion here, just gentle paddling).

Gui Boratto-Rising Evil
Dmitry Gren-Busy Cluster

Now, for you non-DaVinci Code-reading Albino freaks, there is another path towards redemption: total devotion towards the immanent and the emmanent. Your token to salvation can be found in two melancholic 2003 releases by requiem rockers Marsen Jules and Cordouan (heard of The Field, anybody?). These jawns are frozen guitar tones played on a slice of sunshine. Ambient skits for your favorite funerals. Enjoi!

Marsen Jules-Lazy Sunday Funerals 3
Cardouan-When All This Is Over We'll Meet Again

Again, all apologies to A.C., Domino Records, and anyone else who might have been injured through piracy.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Heady Maple Syrup

I just found this hot ass EP off of the now retired Bottom Line Records. I hope SsurendeR (is that how its spelled these days?) will be feeling this.

Runaway Trax - Sing The Melody

Runaway Trax - Reach Out

Runaway Trax - Percussion

Runaway Trax - Dum Track

I got some hot new cable action in my apartment yesterday and I got vh1 classic, that's how I found this song.

Peter Tosh & Mick Jagger - You Gotta Walk (Dont Look Back) [alt link]

Looking forward to the new hollertronix ep, which will feature all production by Diplo (of course) and Eli. Just like this new Justice remix.

Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (DJ Eli & Diplo Remix) [alt link]

Definitely been feeling this kinda new Nina Sky and Daytona track. Is this track a hit, yet? It should be on TRL.

Nina Sky ft. Daytona - Clothes Off [alt link]

You're definitely gonna wanna check out Flufftronix's remix of the Heizman song.

Flufftronix - 604 Heizman (DJ Deeon vs. Heizman)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Stronger (Again)

Diplo done remixed that new Kanye track. Hella banger.

Diplo/Kanye West - Work Is Never Over [alt link]

Our Wallpaper Was Getting Stale

Time for a new episode of PUSSY WALLPAPER! Yay!

DOWNLOAD: DJ Pop Rawkus - June Pussy Wallpaper "Barkley Jerseys"

Nu Shooz - I Can't Wait
The Prodigy - Diesel Power
Michael Jackson - Rock With You (Frankie Knuckles Remix)
Alan Braxe - In Love With You
NYPC - Tight Fit
Uffie - First Love
Midnight Juggernauts - 45 and Rising
Green Velvet - Shake & Pop (DJ Sneak Remix)
Pearly Gates - Action
Traxmen & Eric Martin - Ride Me Baby (Eric Erky Jerky Mix)
Armand Van Helden - Flyaway Love Pt. 2
Pharoahe Monch - Body Baby (Sinden Remix)
Yelle - Short Dick Cuiz (Tepr Remix)
TTC - Telephone
Vybz Kartel - Call Me (Inevitable Riddim)
Aidonia - Straight Happiness (Inevitable Riddim)
Peter, Bjorn & John - Young Folks (Diplo Final Final Remix)
DJ Slugo - Work It
Smooth Rawkus - Meatball Sub
Wes Fif feat. B.O.B. - Haterz (Sinden Remix)
DJ Puncho - Let Me See You Juke
DJ Nasty - Hydraulic Style
New Order - Blue Monday (Manuela Mix by Jam & Spoon)
Devin Tha Dude - Nothin' to Roll With

While I'm talking about myself, here's a new club remix of Brisco and Lil Wayne's In The Hood I been working on.

Brisco & Weezy - In The Hood (Pop Rawkus' Park Hill Club Remix)



...And I'm back.

It's a real trip losing the internet concurrently with moving to the most connected city on the planet. I been living and working in Brooklyn for over two weeks now, seen a handful of nice gigs, found a little community record store that is good enough to burn out on the daily (halcyon shop.... its the spot), been reading them Soft Skull books on the regular, doing design work for ray bradbury, and now I'm prolly going to become a bike messenger.

Re-uppin!! I was sad to see this maxed out already, you really have to hear this track. Like Donson, I just crack up whenever that Speak N Spell says "I could go to Japan!" so damn defensive and proud. But I spend too much time "riding the Chinese dragon".

Chemical Brothers ft. Fatlip - The Salmon Dance

Well, I haven't had the internet and have been buying more records again. I don't have that little iMic thing that lets me rip records but I will in about a week, and then we can get some real rare ssurrender jams. For now, I've got some nice stuff from other headz that I am finally getting a chance to pump.

Ciara - Promise (Moves Remix) [alt link] I got this remix from Dirty Down and it sounds like a Cut Party, which are better than Fixed parties, and probably still my favorite NYC party.

Busy P - Be@brickdance
[alt link] This is some "old" rare EB. Frontrunnin like that! NO SERIOUSLY, this is a cool workover of Liquid Liquid's Cavern that I get down to. Busy brings it in business.

Kissy Sell Out - Let There Be Blazing Light
[alt link] It's worth it.

TEPR - Tits,Yeyo&YumYum [alt link] Do you like being spanked? Do you know how to spell fun?

Do you like to party?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What's Up, Fatlip?!

Not only is Fatlip still alive and not getting his knob slobbed on by a mysterious tranny, but he's now doing his clown MC routine for the Chemical Bros.? Seriously, WTF? Now, I've had this album for a while and I'm sure this track has gotten assloads of luv elsewhere, but I just couldn't get past that retarded Klaxons track to give the rest of the album a decent chance. But now we have "The Salmon Dance", an instant candidate for the jam of the season and the sonic equivalent of herding yourself up a bubbly stream with all of your salmon homies and spawn while jumping to and fro out of the grasp of that dasterdly grizzly bear who's aiming to wipe out your family. Basically the song is Fatlip showing Uffie how you rap stupid good while getting the lowdown on his favorite fish from a Texas Instruments knowledge device.
An instant classic.

The Chemical Brothers Feat. Fatlip-The Salmon Dance

Monday, June 11, 2007

Which Way North?

Seeing that my ass is stopped at the woods and it's not even snowing, it's safe to say I'm in a bit of a transitional period. Just moved myself to the silent barn in Queens and I've been stuck in between the rock and the bar. But I did manage to Moby within 3 days of moving to the city, so now I feel as if I've truly arrived. Dude was kicking it at the Curses! show on Friday, which devolved unbelievably into Luca playing to only 5 people by 4am. Homie was unfazed, because he knows he's got it goin' on and those tenacious ones were treated to the ultimate in bass madness. So hot. You lucky Europeans better give the boi some love on his tour.

Alright, well not too ambitious on the prose front. Here are some bubbly, chill bangers that have been making movin' in like slidin' down a slin 'n side/

Leonard Cohen-Everybody Knows (not my steez usually as I have a massive aversion to the Serge Gainsbourg/Bob Dylan/Leonard Cohen triumvirate, but this one strait grooves)

Baby Ford and Zip-Morning Sir [alt link]

In Flagranti-Bipolar [alt link]

Lindstrøm&Prins Thomas-Nummer Fire En [alt link]

Work It, Work It

Friday night was crazy fun. All the DJs were real ill, especially Tittsworth, who gave the Iowans what they needed in the way of 80s rock and Walk It Out, and killed it on the club tip. Absolutely balmer.

To start this week off right, you gotta get down on all these booty shaking jams.

Huey - Pop, Lock It (Juke Remix) [alt link]

DJ Puncho - Juke Squad Anthem [alt link]

DJ Milton - Them Pantys [alt link]

DJ Chip - Donkey Kong (feat. DJ Thaz) [alt link]

DJ Funk - In This House [alt link]

Traxmen & Eric Martin - Hit It From The Back [alt link]

And, boom boom boom. Some super heat from Florida's finest, Rick Ross.

Rick Ross - Shot To The Heart [alt link]

Now, Im certainly not up on my Enrique knowledge, but how the fuck did Weezy get on this? Regardless, its hot.

Enrique Iglesias & Lil Wayne- Push [alt link]

A little classic Frankie Knuckles is sure to cure any case of the mondays

Frankie Knuckles - Face The Bass [alt link]

Charlotte from Popluxe in England sent us this real hot mix that she and Kat cooked up. We put up a mix from Charlotte a little while ago that was also real hot, so make sure to go back and find that if you like this one. Serial, these girls got some good taste in music and know how to mix it right.

Popluxe - Sweatbox Mix (50 mins)

Bumblebeez - O U No (sample)
Gwen Stefani - Wind it up (Kissy Sell Out remix)
The Whip - Divebomb (Crystal Castles remix)
TTC - Telephone
Utah Saints - Something Good
Basement Jaxx - Make Me Sweat
Robin S - Show Me Love (Extended Mix)
Bugz in the Attic - Don't Stop the Music (Switch remix)
Rihanna - Don't Stop the Music
Ciara - Like a Boy
Fedde Le Grand - Put your Hands up (sample)
Sebastian - Walkman
Yelle - A Cause Des Garcons (Sta Remix)
Armand Van Helden - I Want Your Soul
Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson & D.O.E - The Way I Are
DJ Tameil - Trans-Newark Express (sample)
Justice - Let There Be Light (sample)
Justice - D.A.N.C.E (MSTRKRFT Remix)
Cybotron - Clear (sample)
Numero# - Hit Pop
Basement Jaxx - Hey U (Switch & Sinden Remix) (sample)

Vivek Shraya sent us this catchy track.

Vivek Shraya - I Wont Envy

Thursday, June 7, 2007


HELLS YES. Finally got a full version of this track and its fucking heat. I used to hate Kanye, but after seeing him talk shit to Ed Banger, then dance on stage to We Are Your Friends in a youtube video, then sampling Daft Punk-dude is on some next level shit. I wonder if he actually listens to French electro/house/whatever on a regular basis.

Kanye West - Stronger [alt link]

And, check out the sweet Young Folks flow off his recent mixtape.

Kanye West - Young Folks Freestyle [alt link]

From the window to wall, just get low.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Hot Turkey Jive

Just ate a nice hot turkey sandwich at A & M, it was bomb, cant get that shit in New York.

This track from Papa Rue is pretty fun and danceable. I might think it wasnt so hot until I remembered that this dude was on a Big Tymers or Lil Wayne album from back in middle school.

Papa Rue - Hi Lo [alt link

You know Im gonna post anything BTNH related. Using a classic on the beat so Bone sounds good on it.

Felicia & Bone Thugs-n-Harmony - Out of Time [alt link]

The new New Young Pony Club is pretty fucking good. These are my favorite tracks off of it. The first is hella fun. I must've heard the second song on some mix or something, cause it is real familiar.

NYPC - Hiding On the Staircase [alt link]

NYPC - Tight Fit [alt link]

This Chris Lake remix of Sebastian Leger and Gia Mellish is slamming.

Sebastian Leger and Gia Mellish - Hypnotize (Chris Lake Remix) [alt link]

Don't forget, if you're in Iowa, you better be at Tittsworth in IC on friday night. Doors at 9, not at 10 like the flyer says. I hate to sound like the dudes in the radio commercials, but the Picador is the only place to be on friday.

Here are some mixes from the dudes that'll be there:
Tittsorth Discobelle Set
Nate Unique Rockin Sinden
Steve Blank Makes Cake
C-Minus Set

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Fuck Fi Di Pum Pum

Got some new dance hall heat for you.

Mavado - Touch Di Road (Gully Creature Riddim) [alt link]

Vybz Kartel - Fuck Fi Di Pum Pum (Bill Back Riddim) [alt link]

Busy Signal - Saviour Divine (Swazzi Riddim) [alt link]

In other news:

On The Brink, Hi Jack and Crookers' label, is getting their digital release on over at Juno Download. New Hi Jackin remixes on the mp3 release.

There's some new thugstep out. D12 vs. Lurk'n'Gully (Nappy Refix)

DJ Nappy
Via Rock The Dub

And don't forget: doors at 9