Thursday, November 30, 2006

Country Cousin

model: dopplebanger

I've been listening to 9th Wonder-Invented the Remix, there are a few standout tracks on it. The sample on the prodigy song is real nice, I'm not a huge Prodigy fan, but this is good. I love Ether, and this remix does Nas's lyrics justice.
Nas-Ether(9th Wonder Remix)
Prodigy-Keep It Thoro(9th Wonder Remix)

Also, this Talib and UGK track is pretty sick.
Talib Kweli & UGK-Country Cousins

Check out this Crime Mob reggae remix I did:
Crime Dub

I don't know much about Mr. Flash. I assume he's french. These two tracks are both real hot. Arcade Mode has his shit
Radar Rider
Disco Dynamite

Look at all these Nikes that DJ AM has:

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Got that lung

bits of randomness for a week whose highlight will probably end up being Britney upskirt picks. in honor of her rebellion against panties and that one photo where you can see her c-section scar, im parting with the following precious commodity

Kevin Federline - Americas Most Hated (from that concept album about squandering his wife's fortune)

here's a throwback, Jimmy Tamborello has maybe gone downhill lately, but he's pretty undeniable, everyone likes those 3 tracks on the Postal Service album. here's a rare one Count Drugula wouldn't stop playing for me last semester.

Dntel - Everythings Tricks (from the Jukebox 10 7" on belgium's Aim records, props to Keytars and Violins)

And some other cuts I've been mutilating on Traktor instead of reading tantras

Jamelia - Something About You (mr oizo remix)
Dj Deeon - The Baddest Bitch

this one is not a whiskey wednesday (^ . ^ )

Via dopplebanger I got Traktor yesterday. Here's some mashups that I came up with.

Pop Rawkus-Paris=White Gurl
Pop Rawkus-Happy Wamp
Pop Rawkus-Busta's Family

Today, we got our first blog friend and probably first visitor to the blog-Mike B. Good remixes and shit ripped off of vinyl.
I found this track there:
Talking Heads-Once In A Lifetime(White Label Remix)

I been listening to the Balmer Loosies CD by Tittsworth, Ayres and Bamabounce. TTL Has it
Bamabounce-Wu Tang Slide
DJ Ayres-Hyper Ballad edit:link fixed

On the Bjork note, from Palms Outs Sounds a few sundays ago.
Bjork-Hyperballad(LFO Disco Sync Mix)

A couple of classics from youtube:
Bone Thugs-Tha Crossroads
Puff Daddy-Victory -You gotta admit, the video is sick.

After the remix, its probably this...

This week is already long. Shitty. Here's some heat.

Cousin Cole-Remix to Remix of Ignition

An album by Nump (I got Graaaapes)
Nump-The Nump Yard
courtesy of TheSmokingSection

On the Bay note, not exactly new, but:
Mistah FAB-Ghost Ride It

Curtis Vodka-Bollymore

Monday, November 27, 2006

Cool Kids

Inglish. This is ill, maybe the next Spank Rock. Seriously, bomb.
Inglish-Mikey Rocks

My favorite dancehall production team, Leftside and Esco, got a new riddim out-The Top Class Bullet Riddim. Shit is fire, so hot. Dr. Evil's track is dissapointingly homophobic, I was hoping he would just get over it already and rap about weed. So, the two tracks off the riddim I'm gonna post are from Voicemail and Elephant Man. In case you didnt know, in Jamaica the producers make a Riddim and then other artists rap/sing over the riddim-not so much the singer/rapper getting solo production for a song.

Voicemail-Nah Go Get Away

Elephant Man-Bomb Rush Dem

DJ Technics, one of Baltimore's greats just released a bunch of new tracks. Here are some of the bangers.
Beyonce-Irreplacable Seriously, this track kills

Radiohead Remix

Project Pat

Low Budget just dropped this bomb at fathertronix. A nice Teddybears and Justice mashup.
Low B-Cobra Justice

Kitsune Super Drop

Head over to Sound Gymnastics for dope mp3s by all Your New Favorite Bands

Kitsuné Music.... they be doin it real big

keep those eyes peeled, these guys are the one to watch

Saturday, November 25, 2006

London via Brighton (by way of Devon) - METRONOMY MEGA POST

Of all the acts featured on those BALMER Maison Kitsune comps, the two that stand out to me the most are Metronomy and Digitalism. Metronomy is former rock drummer Joseph Mount, based in Brighton, who is currently dropping some razor sharp jawns, sounding sort of like Four Tet if he knew what the fuck a dance beat was. His debut album Pip Paine (Pay Back The £5000 You Owe) which came out this past summer on Holiphonic is seriously worth checking out, alternating between slower numbers like the serene "This Could Be Beautiful" (check last weeks Klaxons post) and bangers like "Trick or Treatz" that could compete with his remixes on the dancefloor

Some tastes (from Pip Paine)
Metronomy - You Could Easily Have Me
Metronomy - Trick or Treatz
Metronomy - Black Eye/Burnt Thumbs
Metronomy - This Could Be Beautiful (repost)

buy the album!

Like Digitalism but to a lesser degree, Metronomy's made a big name in the remix game. Remixing fatty UK acts like the Gorillaz and Franz "Fuckfaces" Ferdinand has hopefully been good to him. The real treatz are his Sebastian Teller and Dead Disco refits, oh shit also the sweet Infadels track Love Like Semtex, if i can find it

Dead Disco - The Treatment (metronomy remix)

Sebastian Teller - La Ritournelle (metronomy remix)
Franz Ferdinand - Do You Wanna? (metronomy remix)
Zero 7 feat. Jose Gonzales - Futures (metronomy remix)
Infadels - Love Like Semtex (metronomy remix)*

*my bandwith is fucked, ill have to up the rest of these files from campus in the morning, sry kids! we don't have an rss feed, its not like anyones reading this anyway...

metronomy (n.) ---> the counting of time with instruments


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Trouble and Bass

photo from: cobra snake

Drop The Lime is getting pretty big. Dudes on fathertronix are calling him the next Tiesto? He is on a new EP from Trouble and Bass that is coming out soon, Bass Bandits-maybe Bass Bandits is the crew and Trouble and Bass is the EP, I dont know. Anyway, via FlaminHotz Records-here are some tracks and what they have to say about the EP.
"Blending elements of hip hop, grime, dubstep, bmore club and electro, New York’s Trouble and Bass crew is set to drop a speaker shattering ep of remix’s for Flamin Hotz. Drop the Lime and Math Head have selected six of the hardest club ready remix’s that the the crew produced this year. These tracks have been club tested and dance floor approved all over Europe and North America and a ready to make your speakers bleed. One listen will let you know that the Bass Bandits are here and ready to destroy your sound system." website
Ridin Dirty
And, another Drop The Lime track I got from Analog Giant
Died In Your Arms

DJ Excel has been called the furture of Bmore club by Scottie B. That means something, in case you didnt know. Dude has been dropping a lot of fire lately, here is some of it. Check out the website
Borat Comes to Baltimore

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

J'aime faire des croquettes au chien

AFX is a god, and windowlicker may be his greatest banger. The last minute and a half of this song is one of the squelchiest wet dreams to ever come out of my stereo. The video, though no Come to Daddy, is also a sure winner. When I saw Diplo and he dropped this song with Percolator, I was SO pissed that he cut it before the cumshot.
I mean, few tracks have a money shot like this one, only a communist could ignore it

Aphex Twin - Windowlicker

I always figured more DJs would be all over this one, but the only refits I've found of any note are these two, including a pretty rare cut from the always impressive Trentemoller

Windowlicker - Kriece Remix

Windowlicker - Trentemoller Remix

Because I like to make food for dog

South Central?

South Central DJs? wtf? Anybody who knows, knows that the real South Central is the South Central Cartel. These dudes released In Gatz We Trust in 1995, a record I was lucky enough to recently find on vinyl. Back in '95 these guys were holding down that West Coast gangsta sound that everybody loves. Because of some banging bmore mixes that I havent been able to get away from in the past few hours, I havent had a chance to listen to this new album yet. But, I am pumped up for it, as you should be, too. I didnt wanna forget to post this, so I hope this lives up to what I expect.
South Central Cartel-Tha Hoodz In Us

What else we got? How about some bangers courtesy of Palms Out Sounds' Remix Sunday. Direct Links
Eddie Murphy-Party All The Time (DJ Klever Bmore Mix)
Faithless-Miss You Less See You More (Switch Remix)
Kelis & Cee-Lo-Lil Star (Linus Loves Remix)

A few more tracks:
Space Cowboy is the shit, check out his webpage Flosstradamus kills it on this remix of Space Cowboy's track, Egyptian Lover.
Space Cowboy-Egyptian Lover (Flosstradamus/Curtified Remix)

A pretty hot, relatively new Young Joc track. He smashes on this one.
Young Joc-Money

And, finally, some bmore. A Debonair Samir track that I can't get enough of. This one is pulled off of Curtis Vodka and Al Ripken's new mix.
Debonair Samir-Charlie Brown

Adderall for yo booty

photo courtesy: Ipod Battle NYC

A klaxon is an electromechanical horn device, everyone likes Klaxons so much because its fun to say klaxon, and because they sound like bloc party on meth and ecstasy. DJs love Klaxons because of those FATTY bass lines they drop in their tracks, and the dude is less whiny than most with a Factory records haunt to his voice. The Bouncer and Atlantis to Interzone have become public property of the remix community.
First Canadian thrash-gurus Crystal Castles laid it down on this refit

Klaxons - Atlantis to Interzone (crystal castles remix)

Which reminds me, Crystal Castles fucking own. Check out this pair of glitch raver jawns (direct links) and look to their myriad network of myspaces, starting here for many more bangers

Crystal Castles - She Fell Out
Crystal Castles - Love and Caring

Along with the CC remix, Klaxon's new Xan Valleys EP on Kitsune features Australian Vanshe Technologic already well-blogged transcendent remix of Gravity's Rainbow.

Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow (Van she tech mix)

I haven't heard much of Vanshe but what I've heard I like (check out their balmer Miami Les Fruits). Here's their sinister tear-up of a Daft Punk standard and an original track to boot

Dangerous Dan and Nicky Van She Technologic - Around the World in 5:07 (direct link thanks to acid girls)
Van She - Kelly (I love this gay fucking song)

Who is South Central? It's probably unliscensed, but this one just WONT quit

Klaxons - The Bouncer (South Central Bootleg)

And, well, it's not Klaxons, but it is Maison Kitsune, and this one gets me every time too

Metronomy- This Could Be Beautiful

That last one should kill you

Monday, November 20, 2006

photo from: dirtydirtydancing

There are a lot of top 40 rap songs, most of them add a verse from Elephant Man and call it a remix. This one changes the beat a little and adds a verse from Elephant Man.
Diddy feat. Elephant Man-Come To Me (Dancehall Remix)

Here's a throwback. The Luniz (I Got 5 On It) and 2Live Crew on the same track. This track is insanely hot. There is another song on this mp3, don't know what it is, something with The Luniz.
The Luniz, Christion & 2 Live Crew-20 Blunts a Day

This video of Full House outtakes will never get old

The seeds of grime? 1985 UK Electro Rock

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Some Music!

photo from: dirty dirty dancing

I'm gonna start trying to do the whole fluokids thing with pictures of hot girls

Here is the remix of Justice's banger, Let There Be Light, by DJ Funk. DJ Funk has that ghettotech/booty shakin' sound down. I've heard mixed things about him live, but I hope he comes back to Iowa, as missed him over the summer.
Let There Be Light (DJ Funk Remix)

So, the new Bloc Party leaked the other day. After a few listens, it doesnt have the same catch as Silent Alarm. Maybe it'll take some time to grow on me. Hopefully we see the same remix treatment that Silent Alarm got. Here are a few tracks that caught my attention:

Bloc Party-Hunting for Witches
Bloc Party-Where is Home

DJ Mehdi

DJ Mehdi is doing it big in France.
Check out this video.

2,200 pounds of bull

Friday, November 17, 2006

We're Going To Cancun For Spring Break

We're Going to Cancun for Spring Break!

Got this new Trilladelphians (Low Budget & Dirty South Joe) track off the fathertronix boards. Shit's fire. One of the funnier Chappelle skits from the third season+some great Lil Jon commentary that makes the track bump. Hopefully we'll be seeing an EP or something from the Trilladelphians.

Check out this youtube vid: A Trak in China

Here's a couple Klaxons songs I found recently. They've been blowing up, but I havent seen too much of their non-remixed stuff, so here is some shit without remixes. These are all direct links:
Gravitys Rainbow
Atlantis to Interzone
Horsemen of 2012

And finally, something off the new Clipse album, Hell Hath No Fury. This whole record is the shit, hopefully it sells. This track has a hellish sounding evil beat.
The Clipse-Keys Open Doors