Friday, November 30, 2007

usually i dont do this, but uh...

I'm gonna post someone else's mix for a change. Just got word from Ross Hogg that the "juggling these rocks," I think its called, mix is ready. Now, I'm just trying to find someone who knows something about mastering. So, check back in the next few days for what will definitely be a banging look at what's good outta Jamaica. Crank dat hype machine to find some of the nice blends he's been consistently putting out.

In the mean time, Sal Paradise has been dropping some real nice mixes on fathertonix. Here's the newest one, dude's got some excellent taste in music and knows how to put shit together so it flows all nice. Here is his Blog.

Sal Paradise - House Not House Mix
[alt link]

Bach Prelude - Ornette Coleman & Prime Time
Mode - Polyphonic Size
Man Machine - Kraftwerk
Fantasy - Earth WInd & Fire
Strange Games & Things - Love Unlimited Orchesstra
Moment Of Truth - GangStarr
Notenshun (phil asher 's restless soul drums) - Amarante
Camillion - 3 Chairs
At Midnight - T Connection
Hypnotic Samba - Hypnotic Samba
Time Machine (pablo roma remix) - Adam Byrd
Traffic - Dj Gregory
Mototronic - Blvd East
Don't Leave Me This Way - Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes

On another note, I just wrote 23 pages in like 10-12 hours, and it's all the bomb, baby!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

lab perks

Kaliber has been putting out some hot techno/electro tracks for a little while now, all named Kaliber #. Not sure who Kaliber is, but these are really good songs.

Kaliber - Kaliber 5.1

Kaliber - Kaliber 7.1

Kaliber - Kaliber 15

Kaliber - Kaliber 8.3

Really feeling this remix from Henrik B.

Eric Prydz - Call On Me (Henrik B Remix)

I'm sure this has been posted in other places a while ago, but shit's hot.

Partial Arts - Trauermusik

DJ Umek, a Slovenian techno-god, did the newest Essential Mix. Did some searching and found this nice remix from him.

Speedy J - Krikc (DJ Umek Remix)

Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler (Armand Van Helden Remix) [alt link]

Juvenile and Ross come hard on the remix.
B.O.B., Rick Ross & Juvenile - Haterz (Remix)

We love Mike Jones. "you aint put 5 on it, get off it"
Mike Jones - Crunch n Munch

Not really a new song, but it's always made me happy and I just came across it again while goin through my external.
Dr. Evil - Mary Jane

Robot Koch sent us over a bunch of stuff. Here's one hot remix, I'll throw more up when I get a chance.

Amanda Blank - Get It Now (Robot Koch Remix)

Friday, November 23, 2007

ultimate reality

Our midwest homies Tactic just finished up a tour and dropped this mix and two tracks. Looking forward to working something out with them and Grinnell.

Tactic - We've Only Just Begun

1. Chicken Lips - You Are Not Ready
2. Ark - Booty Shake
3. Twista Ft. Pharrell - Give It Up (DJ Hoff’s Smoove Remix)
4. Klein & MBO - The MBO Theme
5. Etienne De Crecy - Out Of My Hands (Dj Mehdi Remix)
6. Ready For The World - Oh Sheila (Ben Tactic Remix)
7. The Buffalo Bunch - Time Limited
8. Mr. Oizo - Ovoma
9. Unknownmix - The Siren (Jahcoozi’s Paupers Remix)
10. Apparat - Holdon (Modeselektor Remix)
11. Jacque Lu Cont ft. Ce’cile & General Degree - Na Na Na Na
12. Surkin - And You Too
13. Rustie - Pendulum
14. Blaqstarr - Shake It To The Ground (Drop The Lime Remix)
15. Kanye West - Flashing Lights (Junior Sanchez Remix)
16. Tepr - Minuit Jacuzzi (DatA Remix)
17. Daft Punk - Harder, Faster, Better, Stronger (Breakers Break Remix)
18. Tampa Tony - Can’t Juke Without Me (Tactic Edit)
19. Rustie - Diwali Boom Club Edit
20. Blaqstarr - Superstarr (Tactic Remix)
21. KW Griff - I Got It
22. Dj Laz feat Pitbull & Flo-Rida - Move Shake Drop Remix
23. DJ C ft. MC Zulu - Body Work
24. M.I.A. - World Town
25. Jess & Crabbe - Warlords
26. Example - So Many Roads (Herve Remix)

Tampa Tony - Can’t Juke Without Me (Tactic Edit)

Ready For The World - Oh Sheila (Ben Tactic Remix)

Pretty dope remix from The Cube Guys.
Fish Go Deep ft. Tracey K - The Cure And The Cause (The Cube Guys Remix)

Hyper Crush sent us their new banger. Mad catchy.

Hyper Crush - Robo Tech 7

Newcleus - Jam On It (Claude Vonstroke & Galen Disco Kryptonite Remix) [alt link]

Somebody put this up on fathertronix
Bumblebee Unlimited - Lady Bug (Larry Levan Remix)

Ludacris comes real nice on this track with the dudes who did Duffle Bag Boy with Lil Wayne.
Playaz Circle ft. Ludacris - Better Knock

Super sick remix from, I think, Mark Ronson. Wale doing it huge.
Wale ft. The Budos Band - Chicago Falcon (Washington Square Lads Remix)

As if you hadn't heard enough calabria in the last month or two.

Pitbull & Lil Jon - The Anthem

And, you know on Thanksgiving, I gotta throw some of my own stuff on here. Two new Spank Rock remixish things I did.

Spank Rock ft. Amanda Blank - Loose (Speedin' Blend)

Spank Rock - B.O.O.T.A.Y. (Pop Rawkus Remix)

Finally, Marcus Worgull has this awesome track out.

Marcus Worgull - Spellbound ft. Mr. White

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Been getting the hook up on so many saucy new tracks lately, I can't hold this shit back. My avatar may be somewhat remiss in it's presence these days, but I'm here, like a cancer or an aneurysm, waiting. Waiting for the day when I return to your world of free-will and ispeak and bring that fire back to what's raw. Hold your breath and you'll die soon enough.

Slam - Azure (Radioslave Remix)
[alt link]

We all must question how men like Matt Edwards find the time to be so consistently balling on that producing/banging/remixing/label owning tip. You gotta hand it to the bastard; he's been rubbing us off for like 2 years straight with No Sleep.

Astra Moveo - Wrecked
[alt link]

Same goes for our good friend, James Holden, who- much like Tokyo wonderfreak Gal Sone- just can't seem to get enough. In addition to remixing/producing/schooling and owning Border Community, is now in a new project that might be a band it seems and hit us up with a taste of the moveo

Vicious - Best Robots
[alt link]

You may not know Vicious, or maybe you do, but if you don't, you will, and if you do, you're still poppin' off. Constantly developing, I always expect greatness from my boy, but this is really something that delivers on a level of mycrosymphonics beyond which I had imagined. Starting off like a simple IDM exercise, this track deftly develops into a suite of strings and bass synths that keeps banging for time immortal. Like AFX and Matthew Dear having a naughty tea party at the Metropolitan Opera, best robots has stuck with my for weeks. Do yourself a favor and check it out, there's something eVil brewing, and it's definitely still pissing.

James Nasty - Fake ID
[alt link]
DJ Metric - These Boots Were Made For Walking It Out
[alt link]

Great new bmore club from James Nasty and club city recs, making moves. DJ Metric holding it down, mad props for the comp man, I am all over this track.

And ditto with the following, a minimix I am really enjoying if only for banging without sounding like everything else these days... fuck homogeneity in dance music!!

Thanks for all the solid drops, keep them coming. Y'all are disco motherfuckers.
"Hey rocks pop,

We love your blog, thanks for all the great music and such.

Waybe you would be interested in posting our new mix. its called 'We'll House You' and doesnt feature any electro-mosh/ed banger shit whatsoever....we're bringing house back.


1. Methasulem - Zombie Intro
2. Scuola Furano - The Good Life in tha Maus
3. Blaqstarr - Shake It To The Ground (Switch & Santogold Remix)
4. Mapei - Pretty Girls (The Infiltrators Remix)
5. Tocadisco - Shrine (Crookers Remix)
6. Hijack - Trouser Jazz
7. Madox - Plastic Fantastic (Riva Starr Remix)
8. Mark Grant Feat Dajae - Say You Will
9. Sandy Rivera Haze - Freak (Bart B More Remix)
10. Samim - Heater (Diplo Remix)
11. Deadset - Tick Tock
12. Riva Starr - Bubble
13. Alter Ego - Chicken Shag
14. DJ Delicious & Rutte - Jaja (Claude Vonstroke Remix)
15. Jahcoozi - Double Barrel Name (The Bald & The Beautiful Remix)
16. Gui Boratto - Gate 7

For more evidence, have a peek at

Yosh! You happy now b-snack?

Monday, November 19, 2007


As is the norm these days, in no mood to wax fanciful about these tracks, 3/4 of which are out of respect to the poor sod who wanted to listen to that Drexciya jammer I posted last month. Some bonus Abstract Thought for you, my aquatic friend! In truth, I just wanted to share this 6Blocc gem with y'all, which will certainly become a vaunted classic in the ThrowbackStep subgenre. Oh lord....



Abstract Thought-Bermuda Triangle


Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Dj Phinesse has been turning out tracks like crazy the past couple weeks. A lot of bangers, and you'll have to do some interneting to find them all, too many for one post. Here's a couple of the heaters.

DJ Phinesse - Fallin In Luv [alt link]

DJ Phinesse - Get My Gun (Fully Loaded Clip Mix) [alt link]

DJ Phinesse - Find A Dream

And, a remix from Curtis Vodka

DJ Phinesse - Get On Down (Curtis Vodka Remix)

Tameil also just released this to the internet world.

DJ Tameil - Shotgun Buck

Not Alan Braxe's best work right here, but considering its a remix for Kylie Minogue, shit is definitely worth checking out.

Kylie Minogue - 2 Hearts (Alan Braxe Remix) [alt link

New Wu-Tang, sounds old and gritty like.

Wu Tang Clan - Take It Back [alt link]

Always nice when R&B artists compete with each other. Here's a pretty nice cover of J-Holiday's track by The Dream. Overall I like the Holiday one better, but the "left right left" part of this cover kills the original.

The Dream - Bed (J-Holiday Cover) [alt link]

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


This is a pretty rad remix of Matthew Dear by M.A.N.D.Y.

Matthew Dear - Don And Sherri (M.A.N.D.Y. Remix) [alt link]

Gonna try to throw up some of the crazy things in the radio station. Here's the first one:

KMFMD - Juke Joint Jezebel: The Giorgio Moroder Remixes

K.M.F.D.M. - Juke-Joint Jezebel (Poly-matrix)
K.M.F.D.M. - Juke-Joint Jezebel (Original Single Edit)
K.M.F.D.M. - Juke-Joint Jezebel (Metropolis)
K.M.F.D.M. - Juke-Joint Jezebel (Paradox)
K.M.F.D.M. - Juke-Joint Jezebel (Poly-matrix X-Tended)
K.M.F.D.M. - Kraut

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Greetings, cronies. I've been inundated with mid-term assignments for the past few weeks. But I've managed to make some music in meantime, mostly sample-based arrangements in Ableton - and now I'm going to share them with you...

Doctor Cuts - "Stained Glass Effigy" [alt link]

Doctor Cuts - "Cold Warriors" [alt link]

The first person to identify all the sample sources will be... duly ostracized.

And playing second fiddle to me today is Glasgow's Rustie, whose Jagz the Smack EP is gaining a reputation for causing parties to spontaneously materialize.

Rustie - "Clipper" [alt link]

Flying Lotus dropped the short but ever-so-sweet LP 1983 on Plug Research last year, and he recently followed it up with the Reset EP, yet another bite-sized appetizer, this time on Warp.

Flying Lotus - "Tea Leaf Dancers (Feat. Andreya Triana)" [alt link]

The new Boxcutter LP Glyphic is also pretty saucy. This dude is clearly among the dubstep cognoscenti, but Boxcutter's protean variations on the style have a fluidity that is uniquely his, and it would be a mistake to regard him as a one-trick dub pony. Glyphic is one of the most cogent releases among the slew of high-profile dubstep long-players dropping this fall. (Burial, anyone?) When a skanky bassline alone can no longer hold your interest, you can always count on Boxcutter to avoid such reductive genre formulas.

Boxcutter - "Glyphic" [alt link]

In other news, the new Box of Dub 2 compilation on Soul Jazz is replete with skanky basslines, but it contains a few tasty morsels, namely...

Cotti - "Tamil Dub" [alt link] and Kode 9 - "Stung" [alt link]

Dubstep everywhere I go. Keep an eye on Hotflush Recordings.

Benga & Walsh - "Military" [alt link]

Spectr - "Motion" [alt link]

Last but not least, here's one from the new Alter Ego LP Why Not?!, which is every bit as raucous as you expected it to be.

Alter Ego - "Fuckingham Palace" [alt link]