Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My Style Is Awesome

Damn, a hot music afternoon, lots of heat getting first plays on itunes. Bird Peterson just dropped this banging ass remix of Wu Tang Clan Aint Nuthin To Fuck With on fathertronix. Bird has been on fire recently, and this might be my favorite of his yet, though that Baba O'Riley track is super sick.

Bird Peterson - Wu Tang Clan Aint Nuthin To Fuck With [alt link]

Zombies On The Dance Floor

Just came across this fresh ass Stop, Die, Resuscitate remix by Tacteel feat. Teki Latex, not sure how new it is. I feel like Steven will be feeling this more than me, but its still a banger in my book. Tacteel and Teki's myspaces.

Stop, Die, Resuscitate - Bad Night (Tacteel Remix ft. Teki Latex) [alt link]

A Mix!

So, we got our first ever non-us, exclusive mix for you. Straight outta Baltimore via Grinnell, DJ Gonzo's Dance Party For Dummies, Vol. 1. Straight well mixed Baltimore club music here, all the recent bangers. Dude's been working at Tensdays in Baltimore, opening for the BBC, SPank Rock, Plastic Little and the likes. Gonzo's myspace. Send us some mixes if you got 'em, we know weekly Pussy Wallpaper gets boring.

Download DJ Gonzo's Mix


DJ Jonny Blaze vs. Mike Mumbles- Black Sheep (Dave Chapelle)
Scottie B & King Tutt- Kill ‘Em in the Club
DJ Debonair Samir- PYT
DJ Roctakon- Your Bmore (Singing Sunday Remix)
DJ Ayers- Move on Up
Diplo/Hollertronix- Golddigger (Tugboat Edit)
Griff & Booman- Pick ‘Em Up
Scottie B & King Tutt- The Almighty Unruly Paul Simon Joint
DJ Technics- Cheese Steak Breaks
Rod Lee- Bass Drop
Say Wut- Drop
Doo Dew Kidz ft. DJ Booman- Oochie Wally
DJ Technics- Doo Dew Rock Remix

Al Qaida and Jah

Got some reggae and dance hall for you today. Nothing especially new, just some good songs of the past few months.

This first track is off the hot Al Qaida riddim. Im pretty sure the dude is busting in French, correct me if Im wrong.
Ditzra - Bun Dem (Al Qaida Riddim) [alt link]

These next tracks are from Sizzla. I love Sizzla's voice and it goes really well over this laid back The Statement Riddim.
Sizzla - I Wanna Know You [alt link]

I think Steven, or someone, was interested in some real religious reggae. So, here is Jah Jah Run Things by Sizzla. Its a pretty chill tune.
Sizzla - Jah Jah Run Things [alt link]

And, off the Consuming Fire Riddim:
Sizzla - Put All My Trust In Jah [alt link]

Pitbull and Jim Jones

I like songs about weed, that's what this one is about. I think this collaboration is kinda wierd.

Pitbull and Jim Jones - Sticky [alt link]

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Yep, still no power, almost four days and counting, maybe it won't come back till Sunday! Who knows? It's like Vegas. New SebastiAn, this shit is just so EVIL! Evil like old AFX meets the demented twin brother of Phantom evil. Evil like panopticons and shit.

SebastiAn - Greel
[alt link]

Want to preorder the Ed Rec V2 comp on French Amazon?

Monday, February 26, 2007

Sisypissing in Circles

Ever feel like all you're doing is pivoting around in circles with your nose on the bottom of a baseball bat? It's been like that lately, so today our theme is circle jams. I love dem tracks that propel and whirl and sputter, but never really overcome their own boundary lines.

This song will at least make you levitate without really taking you anywhere. Not that you'd want to. It should have totally been playing during that scene in 400 blows on the gravitron. Hanging out at a rich person's pool on a national holiday:
Artery-Into the Garden (so highly recommended if you've never heard this)

Last year my friend Sean died and my response was to drink a bunch of kratom and listen to music with friend airchron. I heard this song and it made me feel good. Yeah, I said it's alright.
Polmo Polpo-Rottura

Of course, why would one ever want to reach the summit? I mean, you get to the top, there's so little room...who has the balance for that? You always end up tripping on the one jutty rock and roll down, getting tons of cutts and brusses. Oh well, Dreyblatt is the way through the continuum. Nothing ever changes, sugarmoney...
Arnold Dreyblatt-Animal Magnetism


art by Honeyman

More new fire from the Ed Banger front. Just jams at this hour.

DJ Mehdi - Lucky Girl
[alt link]
DJ Mehdi - Stick It [alt link]

2 da right

The new Swishahouse mixtape, In The Game 2k7/To The Room 6, is bomb as fuck.

Money Black and Big Barlow - 2 Da Right ft. Beyonce [alt link]

House Music

Not too much to say about these tracks. I heard them when I went to Amsterdam in december.

Pakito - Living On Video (Alex K Klubbed Remix) [alt link]

Jeckyll and Hyde - The Flipside [alt link]

Somebody Takin Something

We taking over, feds taking pictures.

DJ Khaled is great at making epic rap songs. Tracks with banging beats and a bunch of hot rappers. For some reason I even like Fat Joe's flows on Khaled tracks. You throw Akon on the chorus and you've got every element necessary for a good chune. This is off Big Mike's What's Beef 2k7. This track is from the smoking section.

DJ Khaled feat. Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, T.I., Fat Joe, Akon, Baby - We Takin Over [alt link]

Thanks to dude on fathertronix for putting up this DJ Drama track, Feds Takin Pictures. Obviously we know what this is about. Apparently it is the first track off Drama's Gangster Grillz The Album, which could be real hot.
DJ Drama feat. Young Jeezy, Willie The Kid, Jim Jones, Rick Ross & T.I. - Feds Takin Pictures [alt link]


New Emperor Machine samples from DC RECS

The Emperor Machine - Rimramramrim (Ava's uninterrupted version) [alt link]
The Emperor Machine - Labocatocs [alt link]
The Emperor Machine - Labocatocs (polski re-dub)
[alt link]

buy the new Vertical Tones and Horizontal Noise 12"s here

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Dem Tek Heat

DJ Pop Rawkus setlist from last week's Pussy Wallpaper. Shake with that banana?

Nelly/JT/Tim over Ryda Girl
T-Wrecks-Shawty remix
Rod Lee-Din
Scottie B and King Tutt-Almighty Paul Simon
Bamabounce-Ms. New Booty
JT-My love (mark b remix)
Gwen-Wind It up (mark b remix)
Cousin Cole-Good Girls Remix
Leftside/Esco-Till The Sunrise
Bonjay-Staring At The Sun
Rod Lee-Lil Jon Dub
Kano-People Dont Dance No More
Smitty-Died In Your Arms
Kells, TI and TPain - Ima Flirt
Buraka Som Sistema-Gasolina remix
Bonde James Bonde

download here


Get Up, that song T&B remixed, has a new remix. Its a lot slower, more epic sounding.

Ciara and Polow - Get Up (Remix) [alt link]


The town's in a panic, we've got a civic disaster in our mittens. The ice storm took out about half the trees in town and the blizzard covered it all in a foot of firmly packed snow. We haven't had power in our house since friday night and might not get it back till Friday. But the twinks on campus have their own generator, so those bastards are running all kinds of 32-bit shit. Thank Ra for the lounges, I suppose.

Since I don't have access to my mainframe, things are going to get a little predictable on this samuku Sunday afternoon, unless I find some way to invent a battery operated internet/xdrive/motherboad out of potatoes and toothpicks. But hey...

Who knows, right? Well. this is dancing, this is fucking, this is no good tomfoolery: this shit is hot. Diplo's refit of the new VonStroke banger, its all snapping hi-hats and ditto fuck handclap relays, with some bump grunts thrown in for good measure.

Claude VonStroke - The Whistler (Diplo Remix) [alt link]

And if you haven't caught this disc yet, check out the VonStroke remix of W.A.Y.U.H, now. Is fyah.

The Rapture - W.A.Y.U.H. (Claude VonStroke Pantydropper Vocal mix) [alt link]

And, finally, I caught whiff of some new Ed Banger via Risky Bizniz.
When I got Crazy Moth3erFuck8rs the week before it came out, I slept on posting that shit, using the "everyone's heard it, its Ed Banger" logic. Not this time. This is off the EDREC vol. 2 comp, which- unlike the v1 comp- will feature almost excusively new tracks. Get excited, March 12th. They're giving us action.

Feadz - Edwrecker [alt link]

Friday, February 23, 2007


Unfortunately for yrs truly, I'll be on a the bad end of that sort of string for most of this weekend. Pop Rawkus is off to the northern midwest and I'm scheduled to project over 20 shitty flicks at the theater over the next two days. Bygones. We can still get funky, even when we get sad. We can still shake our asses even when the bags below our eyes droop down to our ankles!

This week the steez at 811 (TRP's other mansion) is Factory Records circa 82-85, Les disques du Crepuscule, and the LTM circus, particularly NYC oddball duo Thick Pigeon, ACR, Blackpool thugsynth renegades Section 25, and the proto-everything 12"s cut on FAC by the Stockholm Monsters. Considering that I have last mix on next week's Pussy Wallpaper, I figure I may take the opportunity to indulge in another archival style set (last week was a trip thru the disco-house of Larry Levan, West End and the Paradise Garage, maybe next week will be arty FAC dance-rock, its easier to think in themes, guys)

Thick Pigeon lived off liquid bass and the words that came out of the above mouth: Stanton Miranda's. This description is cute: "a walk through the civilisation of your soul." TP songs feel like meticulously arranged vignettes performed effortlessly, with a great deal of tenderness and a cold, proto-house groove that melts you down, freezes you in an instant, and then goes ice-skating all over your face. FAC 85, Too Crazy Cowboys, was the first Factory US record to be mastered digitally, and its a forgotten masterpiece if ever one was (buy the CD from LTM). The first of these two tracks come from that LP, the third is Miranda's pre-TP version of later TP banger Wheels over Indian Trails, a rare take on an indispensible

Thick Pigeon - Troglodytes [alt link]
Thick Pigeon - Babcock + Wilcox [alt link]
Stanton Miranda - Wheels Over Indian Trails [alt link]
Also, check out the always-sublime and hyperactively cosmic Alainfinkelkrautrock from a few days ago to cop "Subway," a chiming chillaxed storytime romp as only Thick Pigeon could do.

Stockholm Monsters? Seriously, I can't say enough about how amazing this band was. Noel Gallagher said he started Oasis after hearing Fairy Tales, and frankly every time I hear Fairy Tales I too want to start Oasis (^_^). Kan Kill! is the epic, the 8 minute experiment that worked, and LORD DID IT WORK! The b-side off their Factory Benelux classic, the How Corrupt is Rough Trade 12", Kan Kill! is a swirling pastiche of Sinatra, depressive polyrhythms, FAC synths, and an ugly organ that predates that of Ada by about 20 years. More tender vocal interplay (its funny how whether people love or hate FAC, the reason they always give regardless is "its the vocals") and oblique detachment with a drum loop. Chune in on the radio next Tuesday, the reason I'm not upping Fairy Tales and Partyline and Miss Moonlight now is because I try to not blog what I play in mixes and vice-versa, and I am playing the fuck out of this band this coming week.

Stockholm Monsters - Kan Kill!
[alt link]

Finally, we have some cosmic mixes for your weekend chillouts and discoballing. Pop Rawkus, in absentia, can't contribute, but my personal archives contain the following from the 2.20.07 episode of Pussy Wallpaper, aka "PW 3: Drugula is Dead, Long Live Air Horn Misogyny," which I'd be willing to share in exchange for SOULS. No seriously, I need souls, or I'm going to die.

Steven Surrender - INAMORATOS! (40 min)
Mohammed Rafi - Jaan Pehechaan ho
ESG - Chistelle
Asha Bhonsle - Yeh Mera Dil Yaar Ka Dirwana
The Flirtations - Nothing But A Heartache
The Emotions - Best of My Love
Machine - There But For the Grace of God Go I
Joubert Singers - Stand on the Word (Larry Levan Rmx)
Erot - Song for Annie
Sister Sledge - Lost in Music
Apollo 100 - Joy
Electric Light Orchestra - Livin' Thing
First Choice - Double Cross! (Larry Levan Rmx)
Mohammed Rafi - Chand Mera Dil Chandni Ho Tum
The Pale Fountains - Thank You
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Love Rollercoaster

Count Drugula - Drugula's Droppings III (40 min)
This Heat-Horizontal Hold
Roberto Cacciapaglia-My Time (thanks thanks thanks alainfinkelkrautrock!!!)
Beatrice Tekielski-Faire eclater cette ville
Plaid-Dang Spots
Penguin Cafe Orchestra-The Ecstasy of Dancing Fleas
The Exposures-Ein Lied Für Frau Thyssen-Henne
Fridge-Of (dub)
EFS no. 8-Can

Lie A Lot

I like this Talib song, usually I dont like Talib, but this song is pretty good.

Talib Kweli - Lie A Lot [alt link]

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Gods, Sex and Movies

Got some hot bollywood music from this blog. There's some real hot shit on the blog if you're intro bollywood. Steven and I are taking a class about it right now, so we kinda have to be. Check out these tracks from Qurbani, the movie.

Nazia Hassan - Aap Jaisa Koi [alt link]

Amit Kumar, Kanchan & Chorus - Laila O Laila [alt link]

Tunnel Humpin'

Haven't posted any minimal jams lately, if ever, but this was a jam I really got down to last year that I haven't seen getting much l.u.v. Well I have it in buckets. Pretty straightforward tunnel jam with the $$$ sugar coming in at 3ish. It always touches me real deep.
John Tejada-Eurotunnel

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Double Down

Gotta love the honey bear bong.

This probably could have gone in my last post, but oh well.
Devin The Dude is on my top give favorite rapper's list (with Jay, Jeezy, Big L and Dre). On this track he has some of my current favs Weezy and Bun B. Devin is the king of the story song, and this shit is some great story telling, kinda sad shit at times.

Devin The Dude feat. Lil Wayne and Bun B - Lil Girl Gone [alt link]

This other song is so fucking hot. Some French chick can spit, hard. I love the guitar on this beat.
Diam's - Jeune Demoiselle [alt link]

Do The Smurf

I hate college, but they got this hottest college girl contest, so Steven and I have been loving it.

Anyways, The Cool Kids are the fucking shit. We posted their track Mikey Rocks and their remix of that Fam Lay song, and now this. The song is a couple monthes old, sorry for sleeping. These guys are fantastic, some of the best rap I've heard in years. I might even like them more than Spank Rock, not really sure yet though. I was only two in '88, but this song rocks.

Cool Kids - 88 [alt link]

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Big days are characterized best by Pussy Wallpaper and new Spectral Sounds. New audion track off the Death is Nothing to Fear 12" (buy it) OUT TODAY and the forthcoming Mouth to Mouth Remixxes OUT IN A MONTH. It's velociraptor disco. Seriously, this shit could be a t-shirt.

Audion - I Gave You Away
[alt link]

Audion - Mouth to Mouth (Hearthrob's Hot Breath Treatment)
[alt link]

If Heaven is a Bar, What Does God Drink?

Laying in my beddie last night experiencing unknown pleasures with Pierre Schaeffer (who has two tomes that are untranslated in English, why?), I realized that his is music I need to keep in the dark, no candles or nightlights allowed. But what would happen if I owned candles? Well, then I would own a lounge. And what to play in that lounge? Certainly not Pierre and any of his acolytes. No, in Drugula's Den all music must be red velvet cake, coating your throat in a frosting that no liquid will ever totally dislodge. Not for tonight, at least.

Swamp Children would be there. Well, at least Swamp Children of So Hot would be, but I wouldn't mind their subsequent mutations to come along for the journey as well. They're the cream in between an antena/a certain ratio oreo.
Swamp Children-Secret Whispers
Swamp Children-Taste What's Rhythm

You know the first time your mom let you out of her sight and you could roam free in the grass for 2 minutes in complete bliss? Syzygys was there. My dad loves these dodes. He gets, like, REALLY excited when they come on.
Syzygys-Pastoral Cha-Cha
Syzygys-Lotus Rain

Since it's My lounge, Tony Williams would be played on the hour, every hour. Dude totally changed the way I conceived of rhythm and drumming. I was going to save this track for some type of Tony Williams MegaPost (maybe on his birth/deathday), but in my desire to flee from the confines of those French sonic laboratories and plunge into the sweet embrace of my cave (sans animals, sigh), I couldn't pass this one up. One night last summer, I was supposedly the designated driver for my boss so that she could make her grand re-entry on the "LA art scene" (at least there was free tecate everywhere), and when I picked her up, this was playing. And for a moment, things got kinda awkward as I think she thought I was trying to be seductive (which just doesn't happen). Anywho, stupid anecdotes aside, hers the Williams backing up the shiny trombone of Grachan Moncur III. When this jam get played, everyone gets soaked.
Grachan Moncur III-Air Raid

Moving Signals

I'll upload my bombs in the morning, but at the moment, I just want to call attention to the fact that, for the moment, the new Trans Am record is fantastic and ready to stream here. Fantastic? What's that?
Well, that's when one of the most inscrutable yet joyously predicatable bands in the universe cut a scud missle of a new album that totally makes up for the shit they'd been churning out since after Future World. Not that the shit wasn't good, but damn, this new album is like Future World gone Future Days. Yeah, whatever, I can say stupid shit cuz otherwise I wouldn't be on a blog. Anywho, what I'm really saying is that if you like The Emperor Machine and all that comes before and after, hit this.

If It Smells Like Fedde Le Grand

It must be Fedde Le Grand presents The Flamingo Project. FLG's got this new banger, Take No Shhh. The full version is good, but this remix gets to the point, it don't take no shit, if you know what I mean. The other song on the EP is pretty good too, a little more uplifting sounding, shit really hits at 1:35ish. Definitely if you like Put Your Hands Up, you'll like these tracks. If you didnt like the Detroit song, then you will not like these songs at all. I'm not actually sure how new these songs are, can't really keep up with the Dutch scene.

Fedde Le Grand Presents The Flamingo Project - Take No Shhh(Sandy River Remix) [alt link]

Fedde Le Grand Presents The Flamingo Project - Ah Yeah [alt link]

Got a few things to expect this week. Our hottest (chillest for drugula) Pussy Wallpaper radio shows yet, lots a new fire that aint even been in the blog yet.
Also, we're gonna be copying lemon-red and discobelle and start trying to do a monthly or something mix deal. First up is DJ Gonzo from the Baltimore club scene. He's been doing a weekly thing at Tensdays at the Otto Bar and has recently opened for the likes of Plastic Little, Spank Rock and the rest of BBC. Check his myspace here and we'll hopefully have that up midweek.

Monday, February 19, 2007


I'm cutting class this afternoon so I have no excuse not to throw up some fire. But I've been suffering recent blogger delusions, most notably struggling with the question "What is a rock that pops?" Is the answer a banger, because my 4x4 catalogue has already been seriously tapped in the past few months, and I've loved doing it with you, and its not like I'm running out, but I do bounce out to other stuff too. I also think about the good headz over at 20 jazz funk (eternal props), and some of Drugula's best droppings, or the cats I love that are down with our fury (big ups to CC, Catchdubs, T&B, and all the others), and I get that energy back, you know, its just sometimes things can switch up a little and still be poppin. That's all. So lets get funky, ok? These are rocks which pop, Surrender swears it.

Lately, I've been wishing IA were NYC and it were 1983 and I was black and maybe gay, too. Larry Levan's sets from the Paradise Garage are another level, seriously, his mixtapes are one thing, and god bless West End for them, but listen to whole hour completely mixed by Levan and you're in for an ASCENCION, it seems impossible to have spun sets that essentially amount to proto-ambient house without records of that variety; Levan created the sound as a tapestry out of patches of hella cranked-down disco, soul, and funk and sampler bass bass bass. Anyway, these next couple tunes bear Levan's dusty, seemingly insurpassable legacy.

Change - Paradise (Larry Levan's Journey Into Paradise Remix)
Shalamar - Right in the Socket (Larry Levan Mix)

More Paradise Garage love, this is my favorite Frankie Knuckles track, its soaring whisper house, a love poem for NYC disco robots.

Frankie Knuckles - Your Love

Not such a tangent: Don't ever reduce Factory Records to something it wasn't. Don't underestimate how disco FACT 65, I'd Like to See You Again, in fact is, or more generally how funky ACR could be (I may not be the first person to tell you this).
A Certain Ratio - Touch

I'd go further (like, the distance) but it will be more productive to work on tomorrow's Pussy Wallpaper mix instead, esp considering my present bandwidth. So if you're down with these jamz, hold your ears until then.

Anybody Seen This Guy? Serious

A couple of monthes ago this kid, Paul Shuman-Moore, disapeared from our college campus, here in Iowa. He still hasnt turned up and everyone is getting worried. We decided that since our readers seem to be from all over the place, that you all may have seen him. Please dont bullshit anything, but do look at this website created by his parents, and call the phone numbers on there if you know anything. It's been a while since anyone here has seen this guy, so please take a minute to think if you've seen this music lover at any concerts or parties.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Rock Star

Steven and I were talking about how great it is that Young Jeezy is just as fire now as he was when 101 was released, real hot fire. This track is further proof of Jeezy's greatness. the smoking section is to thank for this track, their loosies files have been filled with heat recently.

Young Jeezy - Rock Song [alt link]


Flosstradamus is kinda whack cuz they cancelled on us, day of show. Whatever, flossy and this track makes up for that. Thanks to discobelle for this one. Three 6/ Lil Jon and Zombie Nation, genius.

Ravestradamus - Act A Fool


As always, me and Surrender had a great party tonight. Its always a banger when people are shaking them rumps till 4:30. And you know its gonna be a banger when the keg aint tapped till after midnight. Well, fuck the Count on this one, cuz this was a electro-bashment-kuduro-bmore-discotech destruction party.
Letside and Esco - Sunlight
Yeah, the dance hall dynamic duo destroyed, as they always do when some new shit is released by them. Yeah, that's right. Download the leftside and esco song from the last post, it will kill your dancefloor, especially if you can get the rest of the soca strings riddim, which hopefull we can get posted up here tomorrow.
Until then, check out this Leftside and Esco video from youtube here.
Surrender's Pick:
Justus Koehncke - Schwabylon
Part of you never expects a German minimal techno artist to utterly bang on a dancefloor in the middle of Iowa, then again, one cannot underestimate the power of really good Kompakt jams. You can catch this on my radio show from last week, 2AM Fuck House.
Joubert Singers - Stand on the Word (Larry Levan Remix)
If you've heard this song you know it. Levan was totally the boss and this is the most ass shaking devotional ever. Period. Check out Optimo's how to kill the dj for a sick edit with whistles and shit. Great basement rave, rest easy Ballerama Beta!!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

We Gonna Party Till We See The Sunlight

I love it how Leftside or Esco sounds like Jim Jones when he says "shiiinen." This track is a total fucking dance hall banger. Off the new soca strings riddim, produced by Leftside and Esco, the two get you fired up to party soca style. We came here to party, that's it we dont care. Don't you just wanna grab a red stripe and shake your ass on the beach when listening to this? Nanboku over on fathertronix posted this because of the snow wherever Nanboku's from. Well, its snowy where Im at too, so this song definitely is getting some play this weekend.

Leftside & Esco - Till Sunlight [alt link]

And, if you didnt check out Cousin Cole's Myspace yesterday, he has another banger up there off his upcoming Flagrant Fowl release. A real nice remix of Black Betty that was on his hour long mix circulating a little while ago.

Second Coming

I don't think we've posted much, if any, Dipset on this blog. Im not sure if that says something about us or Dipset. This track is definitely post worthy. Just Blaze lays down a dope ass orchestral/fighters anthem beat and Santana has some decent lyrics, at least he isnt saying 'baaaalin' like Jimmy. Thanks to the smoking section on this track.

Juelz Santana & Just Blaze - The Second Coming [alt link]


My dog died. Her name was Gracie and she ruled. I've been real bummed out. I've been laying in bed listening to Eliane Radigue's Tilogie de la Mort. For me, this is mind-body parallelism incarnate. It's far from melancholic, but instead apes the transcendental for 3 hours. Really one of the best things I have, though I have yet to listen to any more of her corpus and I haven't gotten that Lappetites shit yet either. Oh well, this is mourning music. Again, I repeat, this is life music and everyone should download this, even if you're only here for Lindsay Lohan or Jeezy or cum bubbles (which are fine reasons in themselves). Radigue is #1!
Eliane Radigue-Kyema/Intermediate States
Eliane Radigue-Kailasha
Eliane Radigue-Koume

After you get through the x stages of mourning, this is the jam that's awaiting your return to meaning. My dad got N'Dour's Immigrés when I was 6 or something and I didn't get it. But now I do. Oh well. I wish I could find a pic of the album art cuz it always made me too happy. This is the happiest song probably ever.
Youssou N'Dour-Bitim Rew