Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Phosho: Tactic Remix

As Brent Tactic says about their new Think2wice artist:
"Phosho is a new electro and juke focused side project of Salva who is an experimental and grime
producer. To date he has worked with Walter Meego (Colombia/Almost Gold), Leo Minor,
Mochipet, Epcot (MC for Tipper and Si Begg), Approach, Mac Lethal and P.O.S. For this release he
pairs up with fellow San Fran resident and MC, Cerebral Vortex who is 1/2 of 215:TFK and has
collaborated with and been remixed by the likes of Rustie, Starkey, Robot Koch (Jahcoozi),
Mochipet, Boreta (Glitch Mob) and Lazer Sword."

The Tactic dudes remixed this real nice. Great afrohouse drums. The B-Stee remix and original's dub are great too, definitely worth buying

Phosho featuring Cerebral Vortex - Control (Tactic Remix) [alt link]

why no restaurants call themselves Pho Q is beyond me


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