Saturday, August 4, 2007


I just got back to Grinnell from a nice visit home to Denver. Got to see Daft Punk at Red Rocks, which was a mixed feeling experience. The Rapture blew me away, great live performance and lots of fun energy emerging from the band. Then, SebastiAn and Kavinsky played, and either they were behind a black curtain or playing from the small ass stage on top of the venue that nobody can really see, regardless I couldnt see them and they put on a set that reminded me of every podcast and mix from anybody that reads discobelle. I was expecting to hear some crazy shit that I hadnt heard before, maybe some old disco or new French shit I was unfamiliar with, but instead it was Oizo remix this, Klaxons remix that. Then Daft Punk came on. Their setup was off the charts, that pyramid deal is fucking crazy, but the music was eh. I mean, it was good ass Daft Punk, but it was all very familiar Daft Punk. Sure, they mashed up some of their own stuff, but it would've been nice to not know exactly what was coming next. Overall, a good time, but the ravers with their fucking glow sticks really started to get at me, for fucks sake, how long can you allow someone to rave their shit 3 inches in front of your face?! I did enjoy watching the heterosexual ecstasy infused backrubs all the guys were giving each other.

B.O.B. - Heavy Breather [alt link]

Calvin Harris - Calvin Harris - Merrymaking at My Place (Mr Oizo Remix) [alt link]

Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (Jackson Remix Do the J.A.H.C.B) [alt link]

Cybotron - Clear (Cobblestone Jazz remix) [alt link]

I guess this track makes a lot of sense, considering Doug is from the Barbados

Alison Hinds - Roll It Gal (Doug E. Fresh Remix) [alt link]

Martin Solveig - Everybody (Solid Groove Remix) (RJones 'Still Lookin..' Edit) [alt link]

Armand Van Helden - I Want Your Soul (Crookers Remix) [alt link]

Nine Inch Nails - Starfuckers Inc.


Anonymous said...

dude i think you don't get daft punk. its not about " i want some new tracks from them" no its a non time epxerience, they are from the past and at the same time they kicks ass to the whole musicmakers of 2007. daft punk live is not about music its about experience. its like scientology science but without the crappy sect way.

Ben said...

I dont get daft punk? You're full of it if you think you somehow have a different, better conception of the band because you like their live show more. You want something you're familiar with, something ritualistic I guess if you're compaing it to scientology, I wanted something different. I didnt say I wanted new daft punk, I said I wanted them to mix shit up a little bit, not do straight around the world loops into harder better loops into technologic loops and back into around the world loops. Im not saying they dont make good music, but they have put out more than 7 tracks in their career and it would've been nice to hear something unexpected, like maybe some bangalter ish. I didnt say the show wasnt good, just that I was expecting a little more. I mean it would be a shitty show if Neil Young just came out and played cinamon girl, cortez and old man.

And your comment about scientology makes no sense. Do you know what scientology is? It certainly isnt about mass communal experience

Anonymous said...

word, whippin the RS theory + methods

fluff said...

I think Sebastian and Kavinsky know they're taking the new electro thing to a mostly uninitiated audience, so they probably want to keep it basic. It is a little weird they don't seem to really have any surprises, though.

These Rocks said...

Yeah, I mean they are really fucking good at spinning what they spin, but I would've sorta expected them to throw in more non electro shit because the crowd is uninitiated. Definitely the most flawless mixing I've heard in a while, I mean you couldnt really tell when new tracks were coming in until you realized it had been going for the last two minutes.
Fluff, I was really looking forward to the after party coming to Denver, what happened?!?

Mertz said...

fight fight fight fight!

i think if everyone took another page out of the candy raver's book, and left behind the neu-raver philosophy, there'd be a lot less pointless fighting.

seeing daft punk is about having a good time. while they are great at digging samples, they basically just find great party samples, make them into better party tracks, and throw a good party.

while i do love the infusion of excitement the neu-rave scene has brought to house music, i do miss the old days when you'd go see bangalter DJ just to hear great tunes, and dance to them, even if you knew them... not ponder how quickly you can get back to your blog and post something.

and that blog comment isn't directed at you specifically. it is more with the feeling that the blog phenomenon has created a more competitive spirit in the rave revival scene, than the communal spirit in the old one.

thanks for the great tunes tho! :D

Matt Maine said...

Can i get a re up on that crookers rmx of i want your soul??

taylor said...

you were @ the red rocks concert?

where were you standing?

seandonson said...

I dont know dude. I think maybe you just listened to their set too much or something. They played bits and pieces of most everything I wanted to hear except for:Indo Silver Club, Revolution 909, Teachers and Digital Love. How about the Together encore as a surprise? A Bangalter and Falcon track? Straight loops? They made brand new tracks out of the loops! Face to face is bonkers live! The Around the World thing is a whole new composition! Anyway, yeah seeing Neil Young play three hits would suck, but this was a 70 plus minute show with a million dollar light show and crazy sound put on by fucking robots! You wanted something different? You knew what they were gonna do before you went, so how could you be disappointed? Woo... Sorry I got so worked up there. Its just that, they changed my life in 96, I waited 11 years to see them, did it twice in one week, and had the best time ever to the same thing both times.

Surrender said...

agreed (^)(^)

These Rocks said...

maybe all the glowsticks just made the experience sour for me

Surrender said...

maybe all the glowsticks gave me sexy radiation poisining

Anonymous said...

Which remix of Crookers did you post? If it's not the Crookers Crunk remix, could you PLEASE re-up it? Because that remix is sensational!

Anonymous said...

EVERYTHING u said about the daft punk show is EXACTLY what i thought too. i flew from Edmonton (Canada) to Seattle to see them. was really pumped for all the artists...but then really disapointed.

kavinsky & sebastian make good tunes...but are boring ass djs.


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