Wednesday, March 28, 2007

cRisis and the cadamite

They've given up. The words 'fuck yeah' come to mind...

In other news, 90% of my friends are officially out of their gourds. If only they had that slurp slurp... the thunder generation has issues with positivity. Hang in there Pop Rawkus, keep listening to them are twenties and telling yourself how much you're the shit. Readers: give my boy some love, here or there, he might need it.

Caught Juiceboxxx, Dre Skull, and The Rub last night at dinky ass Webster Hall. What is up with that place? The ground was littered with Dunnys, hipster keychains, dayglo cardboard installations, and a very tall person in a 5 foot wide mutant rabbit costume. Then there was an open bar, but all they were serving was this, caffeinated P.I.N.K. vodka, its like a Red Bull + Vodka, but just in the vodka. What's funny is how many people continued to get Red Bulls and Vodka, even tho the Vodka was already essentially Red Bull. But hey, it was free, so slurp slurp.

"Anyone who's seen me live can tell you.... its ridiculous"
-Juiceboxxx, "Thunder Jam #1"

The manchild from Milwaukee held to his word. He spent the majority of his fantastic set in the arms of the crowd or with his feet firmly off the ground. I enjoyed myself a lot, the Boxxx, he actually has a lot of skill on the mic when the smoke clears from all the gimmicks. And Dre Skull is a fantastic DJ. Support them and buy this lovely 12" and be the coolest kid in skool.

Juiceboxxx - Thunder Jam #3
Juiceboxxx - Righteous Rage

I really want to up a vinyl rip of the Technics remix of Sweat, but alas, my LPs are 1000 miles away from me. Maybe next week. You should just buy the 12". 4 bangers and beautiful art.

Anyway, the dude only spit it for like 25 minutes, then came Ayres and Cosmo Baker, and- though I have INFINITE RESPECT for both of these DJs, and know that they are some of the best in the game right now- it was enough top forty rap to make me throw a d on the evening and peace the fuck out of that place. Anyone else agree that it was super disappointing?!! But hey, George Ellroy, just so you know, this is how I thought they'd be doing it...

DJ Ayres - La Da Dee (Crystal Waters Remix)

what up Crystal Waters! what up NEW JERSEY!?> yerp yerp!
Ghostface Killah - Walking Into Darkness (Cosmo Baker Hip-House Rmx)

p.s. download the fantastic
Dre Skull discobelle mix